Delhi Cop Dies as Rioters Launch Attack with Stones and Sticks

Delhi Cop Dies as Rioters Launch Attack with Stones and Sticks

Delhi Cop Dies as Rioters Launch Attack with Stones and Sticks

The 2020 Delhi riots, which involve violent and often deadly clashes between the city’s Hindu and Muslim communities, have been reported on at Best Gore before.

In a new video from Delhi, the mob of rioters is shown overwhelming a unit of police and launching an attack with stones and sticks. Indian media reported that one policeman was killed by the rioters, and one injured in the attack. The killed policeman was identified as constable Ratan Lal, the injured as Amit Sharma.

The bird’s eye view footage of the incident shows that some of the women participating in the attack wore burkas, suggesting the rioters were Muslims. Unless of course Hindus took the advice from their BFFs the Jews and pulled off the old Jewish trick akin to the King David Hotel Bombing, whereby a group of Jews murdered 91 people dressed up as Muslims while screaming Allahu Akbar.

In the video, I don’t really hear anyone scream out “Allahu Akbar”, which would be strange for real Muslims to “forget“. Unless what we really see in the video is both Muslims and Hindus uniting against one common enemy – the enforcers of tyranny, aka the police.

Props to Best Gore member @dannic15 for the video:

Here’s a relevant video by Larken Rose touching the topic of shooting the cops and when it’s not only OK, but necessary to do. Warning, the video is rage-inducing to NPCs:

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  2. These Muzzies need their heads cracked open with batons. They should be thankful that they are even allowed to live in India after all the shit Muzzies have done over the centuries. I can assure you that Hindus in Pakistan get nowhere as much freedom or tolerance as Muzzies get in India.

    In any case ,India has done nothing to inconvenience “native” Indian Muslims ,all it does is say no “new” Muslim immigrants will be given citizenship .Noone can force a country to give citizenship to anyone , so fuck off! America doesn’t,Germany didn’t for probs until late 1990s! These Muzzies are just butthurt that it will be harder to flood India with more Muzzies and make it a Caliphate … again.

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  5. you can shoot a cop..but make sure you don’t have any family or friends that are important to you and you do not wish to see them punished for your actions

  6. I don’t know why admin is always upto Jews but, Here the whole story
    1-Hindu nationalist govt passed a bill which allow non muslims to take shelter in India “easliy” from 3 Islamic republics where they had been and being persecuted.
    2-Over all ,2-3 new laws combined do created a problem for muslims (which I’m happy about).
    3-asusual they are Up in arms against proud Kafir govt which continuously doing Hindu favourable jobs.
    4-nearly 50 killed(nearly 3:2 ratio of M AND H)and hundreds are injured in delhi where a large and famous protest of muslims was going on
    5-same party members did some jobs to fuel hindus ,you don’t need to fuel muslims as they are already
    6-Fuck Your biased english channels who are calling it Anti Muslims riots (AN INTELLIGENCE BUREAU HINDU OFFICER WAS KILLED – 400 STABS WOUNDS
    8-No possible Jews connection
    9-Relax admin

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  7. Zionist are pulling off a divide & conquer tactic on people in India pitting them against each other funny how trump visited the country on same week riots began just after his departure from the country when citizenship will be approved for certain people but not Muslim refugees, yup this sounds like a work to me.

  8. Lol I like that secound video “There would be alot less gore in the world if there was more cop killers.” lol yup two negatives make a positive gore+gore=Happiness lol I agree I am not kidding or saying its a bad idea it’s true and yet false at the same time I think cause if there was civs killing the dictators and cops then I would guess less fear mongole would be around and then the civs would be the ones brutality atking the government lol . Cant we all just hug it out and not try to stab each other in the back ? lol SIKE keep on the with the gore leave the hugging to the pups on the porch !

  9. I hate Muslims. They missed Hitler. Too bad. He had the right idea, shoulda got the ragheads too. America Should do what China does and cap them in the back of the head and charge the cost of the whole thing to the family. Fuck Muslims. Neanderthals

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