Female Criminal Stoned and Set on Fire After Naked Parade in Africa

Female Criminal Stoned and Set on Fire After Naked Parade in Africa

Female Criminal Stoned and Set on Fire After Naked Parade in Africa

In an undisclosed location in Africa, a woman who was alleged to be a hardcore criminal, was lynched after being paraded naked.

The video shows the mob stoning the woman and setting her body on fire, although that fire didn’t last a whole lot. I wonder if she was a victim of finger pointing or an actual criminal, cause lynch mob have the tendency to kill people upon mere accusation.

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

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172 thoughts on “Female Criminal Stoned and Set on Fire After Naked Parade in Africa”

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  1. Jesus Christ, look how many of them there are just massed around, joining in, dressed in the finest clothes that Western ‘donations’ and taxes can buy.

    Blinkered ‘save the world’ ‘liberals’ need to be made to watch all of these videos.

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  2. As long as this kind of behaviour is confined to Africa, WHO GIVES A FUCK?

    Black people killing other black people is always fun to watch. It would be great to see someone pull out a full auto AK47 on this crowd

  3. Authentic mentality covered with fake anger. They are just happy to do this and of course, they traumatize good ones in society who are to scared to try anything.

    I am old enough to get to conclusion that Blacks and Muslims are without any doubt the most savage and primitive people in this world.

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  4. odd to watch these videos… they are dressed like humans, but they act like goddamned savages. do they have no police force? jails? or is mob justice always a thing? and why always with the nakedness? yuck.

  5. Huh….my world views have just been brought into question.!
    I like to believe in “live & let live”… Etc.!
    “let’s all get along”,etc
    But after watching this… I can’t think of one reason why every person in that video should be allowed to live.
    The whole of Humanity would be better off if they just didn’t exist.!
    I mean.. Do you want to live in the fucking dark ages.?

    1. Needs to happen to more bitches of every race. Women get away with anything by acting/being weak. Punishments for men are generally much more severe than those of women regardless of what country it is.

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