Four Men Accused of Planning to Kidnap Children Lynched in Hidalgo, Mexico

Four Men Accused of Planning to Kidnap Children Lynched in Hidalgo, Mexico

Four Men Accused of Planning to Kidnap Children Lynched in Hidalgo, Mexico

In Metepec, Hidalgo, Mexico, four men were delivered street justice by a mob of about 200 people who accused the four of planning to kidnap children. One of the four men died.

Apparently, the men were seen taking pictures of children, and the word spread that they are abductors so the mob formed and the rest is history.

Props to Best Gore member @jaun for the video:

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83 thoughts on “Four Men Accused of Planning to Kidnap Children Lynched in Hidalgo, Mexico”

    1. Moral Lesson: Don’t take photos of kids.

      I was banged up with a Dutchman accused of “Child Pornography”….
      The only evidence they had against him was his camera drive had (among other decent things) photos of children on the streets from when he visited Asia. And he’s a man of the cloth. What could be worse!

      Avoid taking photos of kids. Period!

        1. haha! true I have Scandinavian ancestry but I’m not a girl.
          Far from it, I’m the most heterosexual masculine male there is… Now you see why they want me dead. Like I always say, heterosexuality is outlawed in the western world.. you often hear testosterone rebuked rather than celebrated. You have to show a threshold of femininity to fit in as a civilized person. What a waste of men.

          What we have learned from this process is: Strengthening women inevitably weakens men. It’s the balance of nature played out one way or another

          1. There is a scientific study that tries to explain why more feminine behavior among men is becoming more and more prevalent in the modern world.

            I’ll try to explain it in short:
            we have evolved past the time when men needed to be strong and intimidating to survive. We don’t need to hunt or kill now (most of us). Instead, to survive, we need to form much more human connections and become much more emotionally intelligent than our predecessors – to get a better job, to impress people that can help promote you in modern society, e.t.c, which equals more earning potential = more survival ability.

            So, men are evolving to inherit some feminine features that would make them less masculine and intimidating, but more emotional and caring. You can see this the most in eastern asian races. There’s some videos on youtube explaining why asians are considered cute and more feminine, even among males.

            Here’s one if them:

          2. @ankun256
            Brilliant way to put it. I used to believe science before I realised their source of income is not independent of the schemers. It’s the same source for mainstream media, entertainment and everything in the mind re-engineering industry.

            “we have evolved past the time when men needed to be strong and intimidating to survive. We don’t need to hunt or kill now (most of us). Instead, to survive, we need to form much more human connections and become much more emotionally intelligent than our predecessors – to get a better job, to impress people that can help promote you in modern society, e.t.c, which equals more earning potential = more survival ability”

            I would suppose women are in this same boat in a modern world. So why are they becoming more and more masculine? more mannish and aggressive? why is true femininity (which includes the emotional intelligence you mentioned) fading away from modern women? why is the number of hateful and intolerant butch dykes increasing? There are many phenomena for which science either does not have an answer or does not dare to tell you. The truth is: there is a process of social re-engineering which is deliberately designed and applied on us by the people on top of the pyramid. Nature reacts appropriately to such programs.

            As far as the western world is concerned, Feminism emasculates men in their process of “empowering women”. The aim is to establish a New World Order of interchangeable sexes in society. That’s the plain truth

          3. It is very much what you have said. Western Man has got it too easy from the view of longterm survival in evolutionary terms. Men do not need to kill or hunt to ensure they and their family survives anymore.

            I actually mentioned a study on Native American Archaeology in the fora here . The conclusion was that in time of stress or hardship ,the Indians had much more manlier men and more feminine women . In times of plenty, the skeletons or men and women became a lot more similar. The heights ,density of the bones etc of men and women were increasingly similar.

            So yes, once persistent war or climate change or famine /plague occurs ,you will see more manly men and feminine women. Obviously ,it takes two or three generations to show through!

            Eg the effeminate men are killed off early in pitched battles whilst some survive as shamans etc. Think Eugene in “Walking Dead”.The masculine women die off as they are less fertile ,less able to please a man in times of stress and are simply killed off as they have no worth as sex- slaves. Sad but true. Look at ISIS killing all the grannies and middle aged /ugly women.The manlier men,survive war and disease and thus get more women to have their children which will probably match their fathers in being manly. The feminine women will survive due to their sex appeal ,ability to bear children ,cook etc.
            God /Nature has it all worked out!
            Just look at testosterone/ sperm count in men in sunny climates. Much higher than In Western Man because they get more Sun,Vitamin D ,still eat unprocessed foods and wear “dresses”keeping the testicles at the right temp!

      1. Were those kids on the streets of Asia naked? I assume that if he took the photos in some ghetto where kids are too poor to afford clothes, there could be some naked photos sneaking in.

        But of course, fuck those starving naked children, they can die and rot for all we care. The important thing is to waste thousands of dollars (which could be used to feed the children and buy clothes) to prosecute the man who took photos of them!

        If they were fully clothed however, this makes no sense.

        1. You guessed that right. Some were dressed in rags, others naked swim-bathing in some dirty canal as I remember but there were many other decent photos in the tour collection…

          He got 24 months just for possessing photos. Or I guess the nail on the coffin was that he gave money to help those poor people… But the prosecutor said the money he gave the kid’s family was some kind of bribe… It’s a bit murky but people do this all the time. I didn’t know it was a crime . Be careful when you visit countries like the Philippines… there will be many poor kids on the street begging for money. Dont give anything

        1. haha! I was banged up for similar stuff like the Kavanaugh drama. Finger-pointing from the female and that was enough to throw me in the hole. I did nothing wrong so I refused to post bail… ended up spending months in there before being declared innocent and cleared. I filed to sue the female but the prosecutor is not taking up the case because she has anonymity rights from the one she filed, and some other shitty excuses. My lawyer is going for settlement instead.

          The west is very scary these days. If a woman so much as points a finger at you, that’s it. In places like Brazil it’s a death sentence by street justice (as we’ve seen in many videos here). In the US / Canada / Sweden and the rest of the fuckin excessively gynocentric shitholes, you’re denied due process when you’re accused by female. It’s no joke, for as long as you have a ball sack between your legs, this could happen to you no matter how careful you are. The rate of false sexual misconduct allegations is alarming

          1. @hopingfornemesis
            Exactly. Your story is the reason why men should never jump into believing them. These days women don’t even take the word “rape” seriously. To them it’s just a means to an end, or an attention tool.

            A woman is 100% capable of faking emotions, in fact, it is her nature… the only weapon god gave her to protect herself, as she has no physical strength to fight her way in / out of situations… so she deploys those fake emotions to get her way. I wonder why western men are too stupid to get it…

            I watched the whole Ford vs Kavanaugh testimony drama in the senate yesterday and it saddened me how many people believed the bitch. Besides being female with an innate ability to portray touching but fake emotions to get her way, she also happens to be a psychologist who knows exactly how to target and amplify that emotional weapon for the maximum effect… Which makes her nothing but a con woman

            First of all, she enjoys her life for 36 years with no problems then suddenly “she has been traumatized for all these years”. Secondly, no one is asking her what she expected would happen in a frat party and why she chose to put herself there with the boys. And no one even raped her yet somehow her experience is so terrible. Americans are sheer idiots!

      1. Yes, these piece of shit Republicans like Trumps Kentucky campaign chairman, and former judge, Tim Nolan who just recieved 20 years for sex trafficking children and the former Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey, who recieved 15 years for the same charge.
        Where are the missing children now that these piece of shit republicans have “lost” 1500 more of them, it never ends.

    1. I’ve been to Metepec, outside of Toluca, where the pool halls serve ice cold Coronas and the mall has a lot of chicas in shorty shorts and they have first run movies with Spanish subtitles and life is good. This is some kind of crap.

      1. @BeniTo carmeLa Parada Nobody fuels your violence besides your DNA. You’ve got bad genetics which makes you a savage. It’s just in your blood puto. White trash are the same as you.

        My comment was in favor of arming the decent Mexicans… by 2020 they’ll most likely all be dead by each others hands.

        1. Well said @jadedcunt
          To @benitocarmelaparado
          Blame everyone but the festering boil called Mexico. Where all cops, polititions, etc are corrupt and turning a blind eye to filth that saw heads off and flay teenagers alive!
          And you have the nerve to blame us for your violence!
          Go sing your praises to El Chapo MFer!

          1. @Zippy But, White trash Americans MADE us Mexicans skin some poor Mexicans alive. RACISM in America FORCED us to behead and say “puta madre!” repeatedly during our murderous, savage acts. It’s ALL White Trump supporting fat Americans’ fault! Muh!

          2. USA is THE BIG CONSUMER of ILLICIT drugs, and when drugs/money is at stake, corruption, murders,etc follows, and people like el chapo existed BECAUSE YOU AS CONSUMER(insert any drug name here) KEEP FEEDING IT, SO YES I DO BLAME ANY DRUG ADDICT, CONSUMER for helping feeding money to the drug lords, so they buy guns, policticians, money laundering, murders, etc.

        2. and if you are BLACK is the same thing, you are the ones who even make it “appear cool” in the media to do drugs or to sell drugs, like is a university degree but in reality you are FEEDING ALL THE VIOLENCE SOUTH OF THE BORDER, but your retarded brain can not understand this, hahaha

          1. The Captain: Do not fear, the book will be released soon. Then you can sit up straight against your headboard at night with your little AAA flashlight and read it. Read into it. Study it. Know it. Masturbate to it.

  1. And thats how ancient mayas invented soccer, not like the movie Early Man with a fucking meteor… soccer was created with the flesh and blood of whomever was lynched, beheaded and then having his/her head used as balloon, how did they manage to play with them without breaking their toes has been puzzling anthropologists trough the centuries.

    1. @xunseenx I like it when they behead the other Mexicans, even the White Hispanic Mexicans (The Mexicans who have lighter skin due to the White European Spanish influence that Mexicans have in their DNA) in front of the children then cut the children open while alive and tear out the organs. That’s some sexy Mexican love!

    1. @Road Pavement Or some Mexicans will simply behave like the savage Aztec DNA code instructs them to do and behead dads in front of sons then cut the sons up and shit. Also, many Mexicans will get angry over being Mexican poor beaners and cut up another beaner just for pleasure and ‘machismo’. It’s part of their chemical makeup, they can’t help it.

      Spaniards are white and good looking (men and women). White mexicans should be thanking the conquistadors for their good looks. The native of mexico or elsewhere looks ugly naturally unfortunately.

      1. WTF? You never really hit puberty? If you get in a fight with Mexicans and any other race they will beat you to near death. Even if you get thrown into state prison it’s an entirely different world then the one your use to, Once in state prison you have to stick with your own kind or you’re a dead motherfucker.

        Same thing outside of the prison system if you do not stick with your own kind your still a dead motherfucker

  2. It wasn’t only the photos that incited this beat down. It was also the dungeon lair where they found a dry erase board with their names written on it and depicting drawings of large stick figure people throwing small stick figure people into a van.

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