Gay Looking Man Gets Stomped Unconscious and Stripped Naked by Mob

Gay Looking Man Gets Stomped Unconscious and Stripped Naked by Mob

Gay Looking Man Gets Stomped Unconscious and Stripped Naked by Mob

I got no backinfo, but the language in the video sounds Spanish to me.

The video shows a very gay-looking man hiding under a parked car from a mob. The mob, after the driver moves the car, gets a hold of the guy and delivers beating to him.

Whereas he mostly remains on the ground, much of the beating consists of kicks and stomps, although somebody also tries to stone him with a rock, but that rock throw was more gay than the victim himself.

Eventually, after several head kicks, a sequence of a few headstomps appears to leave the guy unconscious. At that point, the mob strips him naked and leaves him on the road. No idea what this was all about.

Props to Best Gore member @lindalovelace for the video:

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99 thoughts on “Gay Looking Man Gets Stomped Unconscious and Stripped Naked by Mob”

    1. This is from Mexico’s capital state of Mexico.
      The way they talk is the way “Chilangos” talk.
      They’re from the same place where the people on the combi beat the fuck out of the thief for several minutes then threw him out and left him naked too.
      I read on a Facebook posting that the thief had succumbed to the beating.

      1. Are they stripping the gay guy’s pants because they like other people’s penis too. If there is a point of view that wants to see someone else’s penis, it is no different from a gay person. Most people have a homosexual rate. Just don’t dare to admit it for yourself. Is there any man who dares to deny that they have never enjoyed seeing someone else’s penis?

  1. That accent is from the mexican capital carnaaaaal, they are chilaaaangos carnaaaal. They beat that guy because he is a thief, they call him “ratero” which means thief. He deserved it, those fucking thieves are merciless when robbing you, if you resist they stab of shoot you. Now he will be ashamed when going back to his rat nest all naked like that.

          1. I not sure about going to NY this fall, my daughter is about to have a baby, so I’ll be a granddaddy for the first time. Where does the time go? Do you have kids?

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  3. The Mexican pride day !!! Sory , but this is nature ! Those who won’t produce, nature have many different ways to get rid of ! Most of , like a mule, who made by a combination ov a horse and a donkey, he cannot reproduce, and he will gone…
    I only feel sorry for their parents, they will suffer for all life , no matter how it seems” happy” and “fine”
    Even they by their own dont wana have one like them, it mean to have allmost all ways a bitter end for life…
    Couse the truth will never gonna get tired to wait…

    1. You sound stupid cause it wasn’t cause he was gay it was because he tried to rob a women!! Don’t claim Mexican pride bro! Regardless what you the media says about us we are good humble people! Only places like us and uk have snobby piece of shit people trying to be like us but truth is poorness raises humbleness and I am humble to the point that if a faggot wants to suck a dick that’s his problem!! Not mine! God bless you bro! I can tell your ignorant as gets pussy

      1. You bucket head ? ; this is best gore ! Most of here is free from public media limitations !!
        It was written here that way ,
        And they called him that way ,
        Second= i know Mexican very well , i was working with them
        , i have Mexican friends also..
        Dont say pussy , you ignorant cuntass befor you can combine between artical and my comment…
        And by the way, there are a lot of cases that those ” community” members get destroyed in Mexico , but i dont give a fuck , i dont mind about that , and even if it happened in front ov me , i wouldn’t do anything…
        Of course that those who robbed , attacked , and hurting old women, deserve a street justice..
        And i m not from u.s or u.k .

      2. If he did try to Rob an innocent women then he deserved punishment! Did he deserve what happened in this video…I don’t know ‍♂️! Sometimes street justice can get wayyyy out of hand. He could end up with a lot of damage (maybe even brain damage) while taking a beating. So what justifies the people beating on him ? Are all those people innocent!? I don’t know anybody that never sinned in any way shape or form. We are all guilty of something! Anyways my other point is of course Mexicans are a good people but you can’t say that u.s. and u.k. aren’t ! They’re is some nasty ignorant people in all ethnicities in all countries! Stupidity dosent discriminate and isn’t racist ! Lol.

    1. Wearing shorts like that, I promise you that’s not the first or last time another man strips him naked and has their way with him.

      Who wears short shorts?
      We wear short shorts
      They’re such short shorts
      We like short shorts
      Who wears short shorts?
      We wear short shorts

  4. What a pack of fucking scum. Even dogs in the wild don’t treat one another like that.

    And after stripping him not one of them kissed him, wanked him off or even bummed him. No oral and no fucking foreplay. They all liked the idea of “hunt the terrified straight guy and then fuck him in a gangbang” but when it came down to it, they were too scared to go through with it in front of their violent gay gangbang friends. So they all went home to their Mums.

      1. @mole Exactly Moley Mole! How difficult would it have been to have delivered the poor terrified straight guy a half-hearted wank and a five minute rimming after all that sexy foreplay? I mean this is Mexico for fuck sake, his fucking arse would have tasted of Chilli, tacos and shit which is basically the Mexican National Dish. That Gaysex Mariachi Street Sexgang were sooo fucking anxious to strip him and see his cock and arse but then they fucking walked away? What a painful rejection! Sick cunts!
        That poor straight guy probably had to go home and masturbate for hours to get rid of his spunkrushed erection and sudden weighty jizz load. Because I think the straight guy (let’s call him Miguel) under the car had gradually warmed to the Mariachi Sexgang’s romantic overtures and had succumbed to the old Mexican adage – “I’m only Gay when I am naked weeth other men!”.

  5. KHello, I can give some info, This happend in México City, This is the aftermat of an asshole trying to steal a young girl’s cell phone, she confirms the assault attempt in minute 1:25, the spectators ask the mob to leave the rocks and stop the punishment, while they tell the thief that “Things are hard to earn” finally one guy tells them to get him naked.

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    away and doeth one, spastician of venus.

    1. YOU would know. You thrust your peen into gay-man-butthole all the time. And you like it! If you didn’t like it you wouldn’t keep doing it.

      Haha. I’m going to throw a party to celebrate how awesome I am. It’ll be the most luxurious celebration of all time. I’ll invite everyone … but you.

      You are not elegant enough or Spanish enough. Let this be a lesson!

        1. Oooh I like you and I always fancy a game. I guess we need to settle this with an arm wrestling match. And by arm wrestling match I of course mean waxing my carrot while watching hot oil mud wrestling with voluptuous lesbians.

  7. Them and their favorite swear words “Puta-Madre, lol they make me laugh.
    In French it means Putin De Merde,,,
    In English, it means, ya Whoring Little Shit, lol. 😉

    I Never was Big On Gays transgenders, or the like. But unless he diddled a little kid or raped/killed somebody, i have always found that they just take-it way too far just for being A Fucking Gaylord. Like C’Mon man. 🙁

  8. I can clearly identify this as the center of México, maybe Estado de México, or México City. This is not a gay man, its a thief. You can also hear in the background that theres a young woman saying this man tried to steal her phone. Thats why theyre beating the thief.
    In Mexico, especially the center of the country, its very popular that the people beat a caught in action thief, people is tired of the police letting the thieves go out after a few days in jail, so the common people take justice into their own hand. Sometimes they beat the thief to the death.

  9. I can’t tell exactly what’s going on here, but I don’t think he was just a common thief. It’s obvious that these guys are all queers. The mannerisms, the tight pants, the pink/yellow shirts…
    If you want to kill a guy because he’s a thief, fine, then just kill him. Why would they yank his clothes off like that? Because it was personal. They’re faggots and that excites them…

  10. Just another thief handed down by victims, cause police in México ars shitless cowards who care more for criminals than vicims. For the accent it was probably in México City or Estado de México area

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