Group of Women Beat Two Flip Flop Girls with Sticks

Group of Women Beat Two Flip Flop Girls with Sticks

I have no backstory on this. Maybe filmed somewhere in South America? No clue, so I’m hoping somebody who recognizes the accent can clue me in.

Video shows a group of women beating two flip flop girls with sticks. The beating is fairly light and even though all abuse of this sort is traumatic, the girls probably got away with hardly a scratch. You just can’t beat the privilege of being born with a vagina.

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

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123 thoughts on “Group of Women Beat Two Flip Flop Girls with Sticks”

        1. Not me. I couldn’t beat someone with a stick. I mean, the most that could happen with me is I might get super super mad and hit a person one time, but once I saw it hurt, I wouldn’t be able to continue. I have a little girl, and I spanked her one time (One swat) a couple of years ago, and it bothered me so much I could never do it again.

          So, no, not everyone is sadistic and have days where they would love to hurt people.

          1. I could absolutely beat the shit out of someone with a stick, bat may pose a problem but a stick? most definitely.
            I envy you, you must not interact with the populous whatsoever

      1. Fight or Flight bitches!!! Maintain true to your nature other wise be extinct.
        All it would take is one single person to step in with great balls of fire and everything stops.
        One person does make a difference!

  1. Blondie’s beating was pretty sexy. The brunette got a more savage beatdown from the fat Mamacita. Didja see when dark hair had enough she lay down and splayed her underside in a display of classic submissiveness the beating stopped? Cute.

    1. @Wendigo.
      That is a very good point. That did indeed happen, she was banking on it, as all the beaters
      were female, and it is taboo to beat a girl across her chest.

      The brunette was not given the same level of pasting as the blonde though (I think they are more jealous of blonde).

  2. ..They found out that the girls lost their virginity before marriage, and according to local customs now they are beaten up by the jealous and older cunts of the village..sad…this is not fake news.

  3. They let lose all the hell and yet hardly a scratch shows .
    The chick in green is made of steel and she takes it like a champ but the other one in grays cries out aloud ………..
    The punishment awarded could be to do with adultery committed by these two with the men of the ladies who went buzzing like hornets .
    They gotta improvise using batons instead of those lousy cane sticks .

    1. Yeah, the girl in in the green shirt is a badass. Took a beating from the fat girl who was probably more angry than the rest of the girls for making her put down her snacks and get up off of the couch, or crate or whatever they sit on down there.

      1. LOL @ Dan-A-Conda.
        Good point, but I think that the fat girl is the wife of the man Ms Green Shirt was shagging.
        Similarly the other fat girl at 0.08 is the wife of the man Ms Brunette was shagging.

        It’s a tough life when you’re fat.

          1. Hmmm…nope. I’m sticking with the snacks. She was mid HoHo when she was interrupted. No man involved.

        1. Sitting on your butt is not as easy as it looks lol goes right up your ass after awhile. Then you gotta hope your legs have the strength to jack yourself up out of the potato position. Sometimes the TV remote falls and you might have to reach for it. And occasionally you might knock over your bowl of flaming hot Cheetos. Tough life indeed

          1. Lol!!! Your butt goes up your ass when you sit on it? And it drags the remote in with it? That’s like a black hole anus.

    1. Tell that to that Dykasaurus of a woman Billy Jean King.
      I’m sure she’d come up with some excuse or other for the women being on equal terms with the men financially. After all, they work just as hard for their money.
      Like fuck they do. And like fuck are they ever going to be equal, given their physiology. Which, by the way, is fine, but your average she man just can’t see the forest for the trees.

  4. The fat bitch in pink at 0.43 hitting the first girl….and the not-as-fat bitch in denim shorts at 0.08 hitting the second girl….let’s face it…that’s the only exercise the fats cow have had in ages. They must be out of breath, LOL.

    Yeah. Major pussy passes granted.
    Actually I wish this was done to me, I’d probably enjoy it 🙂
    As long as it wasn’t done by fat chicks, coz they can hit hard, there is a lot of weight behind their arm.

      1. I get over lots of stuff, lots but never will I forget NEVER ever N E V E R
        (still glaring, don’t look!)
        ever forget (quick headspin , yeah you..)
        not you @dan you’re forever awesome. but yeah You

  5. Would someone please put down a tarp and slather these girls up with some coconut oil. Especially the big one!
    Vag on Vag violence is best when oiled up.

  6. although I was unable to view in seemless motion I really did appreciate that pretty sky was so pretty, had air of nature documentary till camera panned to ground and you had to look at habitat. what a bizarre scene. around 33seconds when that chicks stick is beyond bent so she delivers those weak backhanded slaps, thats some true hate. very telling,if not poetic

  7. uhmm… girls in shorts, tattooed shirtless guys, flip flops everywhere, rural-like landscapes, and people behaving like animals (or worse)… what’s your guess? and yeap, somebody commented, it’s portuguese accent.

  8. Nice. It takes a village to teach two ho’s to follow the rules and do as your told. These two tight little twats are being prepared for marriage. They are being taught what will happen if they are not found in the kitchen cooking or cleaning when the husband gets home. These village people certainly want these two cum slurpers to do well in their new residence. It’s great to see a whole community come together and guide the two young cunts in the right direction.

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