Guy Loses Consciousness from Punches in Face While Being Strangled with Own Hand

Guy Loses Consciousness from Punches in Face While Being Strangled with Own Hand

Guy Loses Consciousness from Punches in Face While Being Strangled with Own Hand

A man is pinned down and punched in the face while being strangled with his own hand. As blood-flow to his brain is restricted, the series of punches make him lose consciousness for a while.

I don’t know the backstory, but it’s possible he was being dished out street justice after being caught stealing. The language sounds Spanish, so I presume it’s from Latin or Central America. I have no idea where exactly.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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161 thoughts on “Guy Loses Consciousness from Punches in Face While Being Strangled with Own Hand”

      1. I was exchanging nudes with a young Mexican girl in her late teens online a couple years ago, her mom and dad found out and she was in all kinds of shit after that. Her dad literally wanted to kill me lol.

      1. The Military has blood chokes in it’s hand to hand toolbox. It boils down to that elbow V right in front of the windpipe and the other arm behind the head, then making a bicep curl motion to put the pressure on both sides of the neck. More or less how the 1 arm versions applied here. And of course part of learning to do stuff like that is knowing what it feels like when its used against you, and defense against it. Surprisingly you usually can breathe, it’s gasping but still drawing air. But when bloods cut off from the brain when you do this, things happen fast, and people get put out in seconds. Nothing near the time it takes to choke out someone by just blocking their airway or breathing. And nowhere near the pain and frantic attempts to draw a breath. If your looking straight ahead you don’t feel pain or panic, the edges of your field of view start graying or blacking and it starts creeping inward quick until you get a tunnel vision that meets at the center of your fov. And as it moves to center, it will be like a dimmer switch until it all goes black. The problem with doing this in training is the speed this all happens at. The line of where this is safe to practice on each other and the point where brain damage or death will occur is very close. Even with close supervision and a very controlled enviroment, injuries from that kind of move happen more often than you would think.

        1. Oh when you come to everything jumbled and confusing Like a clearing fog. I never thought of it before, but might be pretty terrifying to be told were going to choke your ass out, then start doing something small to set the tone. Say a bit of a pinky and a light beating. Let the guy wake up into a world of pain. Put them back out and take off an ear or some teeth. Let them come back into the world. And just progressivly working up the damage ladder, and letting them come back into the world to find new painful and creative things done to their body. A round or two like that and the thought of continuing to wake into a growing nightmare might convince me to do or say whatever they want to make this stop.

  1. I don’t know where else to put this so I’m gonna just say this here. I really don’t like life and I don’t like human beings in general. All the racism and hatred over politics seems so absurd to me especially on a site like this where we can all see that we are no different beneath our skin. I get extremely violent thoughts all the time. Only time I feel good is when I’m watching others suffer.

    1. @NTW,
      I am and feel precisely every word you said. I don’t even go out anymore unless I have to because I hate people and I get bad anxiety when I am in a crowd. I find that these days most people are rude and full of hatred towards others. Things are especially bad here in the city where it’s over crowded and crimes like robbery, rape and murder are a regular occurrence. Sometimes I think I am just waiting for the day I die to come… and the sooner the better.

        1. I have always fantasized about dying in a plane crash. I think it would be an exciting way to go. Being at 30,000 plus feet in the air and a sudden massive decompression by a bomb or a door coming off and the oxygen masks dropping as everyone on the plane screams for their lives just before the plane nose dives in a spiral then inverted plunge all the way down to a shopping center or school.
          The more it takes out the better.

          1. That’s nice. Though I think I would prefer dying in a gunfight. I could see hundreds of people laying dead on the streets and I wouldn’t give a shit because humans hurt me so bad, I have no faith in humanity anymore. I wanna fucking chop off some guy’s penis just to see his reaction to it. I hope more people like us could form a group or something and then just commit a mass suicide. The pain is less if there are more of us.

        1. Ditto. It’s obvious that most of us who frequent here are misanthropic, and do not want to be around people…of any color.
          I love where I live; I might as well be on an island it’s so out of the way with only one road in that dead ends at the ocean.

          1. Yeah, I live rurally to avoid even having neighbors. However, my job does require me to use expert acting skills to convince people I give a shit about all of em. Even the really fucking stupid and annoying ones.

          2. @xavior99
            Yep, your job requires it. LOL..I had the image of you saying, “what the fuck is wrong with you?”
            I even work for myself, so I can choose who works with me. I do have to be nice to clients and it’s a challenge sometimes, but they write the checks so I usually keep my tongue in check.

      1. Well I thought I was d only one thinking all of that.. People’s anger is increasing day by day.. So Much hate that they can kill others in a heat of a moment.. Death doesn’t belong in unlucky category anymore.. Who dies first are the lucky ones now.. N it Won’t Gonna Change for Better.. Just spend ur time with ur family & loved ones because one day everything will go down to Shit.. Make most out of it..

        1. Suicide rate, depression, anxiety everything is rising rapidly. I blame internet and technology partly. There is just so much stress, so much lies, so much to prove, so much information, so many opinions. We can’t process it all. I have rapid mood swings, channeling between emotions from anger to somber to happy in a matter of seconds. It’s aggravating. There is no stability. I hate more things than I love. We have just gone too far ahead for our own good. Only solution is to just have one more nice big world war so we can feel alive.

    2. Stay on this site. Do not kill yourself or others and you’ll live longer to see other people suffering. Unless you truly want to “off” yourself because you will go to hell and have a front row view at watching the suffering. Bonus .. Bring buttered popcorn but don’t forget to have someone post your suicide here for all of us so we can live longer. Just sayin’

      1. Hell isn’t real. If there was a god then there wouldn’t be so much evil in this world. Only when I sleep or smoke I am at peace, otherwise I’m just preoccupied with my thoughts. I’m really sick of humanity. When I was a kid, I used to think about what must go through the mind of people who commit horrific crimes. I used to see them almost like aliens, like they weren’t human or something but as I grow older I understand why people do the things they do.

        1. Just curious, why do you stay in the city? You have the resources to move somewhere less crowded, and somewhere warmer! I’m always blue this time of year, short days, cold etc…but at least I don’t have to deal with all the fucking people, that would be straw that breaks MY back. 😛

          1. @illegalsmile55,
            I’ve lived in the same area of the city my whole life. Grew up a few blocks away from where I am now and when I was married I spent 12 years also in the same area. I stayed close because my kids were young and they were with me for half the time. Now they are grown up… graduated college and have their own lives… out of the city. Now it’s my time.. so I’m planning a move soon… not sure exactly where yet but far from the city that’s for sure. I will keep going until I see wild horses… then I will pitch my tent… so to speak.

    3. I like seeing white gore of self righteous whites, then seeing dead niggers, a few Indians to spice things up. A couple flip flop Brasileiros out on the road in pieces. I hate everything and everyone too and wish death on all humanity. What’s left of it.

    4. There still are people who want world peace and to live in harmony with everybody around them. It’s just the 1% that controls the whole world that is pure evil and is ruining this planet. Humans are disgusting creatures and we are the end of this planet. But like I said there still are plenty of good, sane people out there, problem is the 1% will never be defeated and we are slaves to the system forever.

      1. we’re just too intelligent that’s all. If u could travel thru time and space to trillions of other planets with life on them you’d see a pattern. When a freak occurrence happens and mammals develop extreme intelligence out of necessity for survival, mixed with exponential growth of said intelligence and technology, they are dead within a few thousand years. Every time. When they don’t, the animals and planets die naturally.
        A baby grabbing your nose, a lioness cleaning her cubs, a beautiful girl dancing in the rain, that’s the universe. Everything else is just physics and chemical reactions. Everything tiny is dumb, everything huge is dumb, the stars will never know they created us…

        1. Same thing is happening here. Technology has advanced too far too quickly. Even just back a 15 years ago when I was a kid, having everything at the touch of a button at your smartphone felt like a distant dream to me. We have advanced too quickly in no time. Our brains have developed gradually for thousands of years and now they are about to explode. I just can’t handle my own thoughts anymore. I wish someone would just hit me in the head as hard as he could so I forget everything.

      2. This is not true. If by 1% you just mean the Rothschilds and the politicians that are evil then you are wrong. Most human beings are evil and selfish. Just look through this site, do you see rich people in power doing these things? No, they are common people just like you and me and they have no problem chopping off a man’s hands and legs or beheading a man infront of his son. We are no different. People say humanity is dead but the truth is that this “humanity” never existed. Humans were always a bunch of savages that have tried to hide their animal instincts for a while since the rise of civilization and society but when you watch the news, you can see the humans in their natural habitat, savages to the core.

        Now, with society and a legal system they can’t fulfill their urges to kill and torture one another so they have resorted to other methods such as bullying. Humans will always find a way to put others down. It’s their nature.

    5. @nukethisworld

      “I don’t know where else to put this so I’m gonna just say this here. I really don’t like life and I don’t like human beings in general. All the racism and hatred over politics seems so absurd to me especially on a site like this where we can all see that we are no different beneath our skin“.

      “When I was a kid, I used to think about what must go through the mind of people who commit horrific crimes. I used to see them almost like aliens, like they weren’t human or something but as I grow older I understand why people do the things they do“.

      You don’t really. Your first statement conflicts with the second. It would appear then that you see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear.

      People who commit horrific crimes and racism and hatred over politics etc are far more similar than you think in that all actions are the result of self experience and self perception vs external reality and external influence.

      Serial killers are quite rare in the first world for example because the external reality and external influences that create them are quite rare in the first world as well and this is why we first world lot are shocked and appalled when one comes along whereas the third world population would take it as granted.

      Racism and hatred over politics however should be easily understood by every first world person with ease.

      You have large scale immigration and socio-political advantages/disadvantages applied to every person dependant upon the above.

      Niggers are wastrels, not to mention stupid as fuck, but get given preferential treatment throughout the first world. The East Asians despite tending to be brain boxes get told to score far higher than anyone else to achieve the exact same results and the indigenous population often get sidelined and pushed to the back of the line for the fresh off the boat arrivals.

      Of fucking course there is racism and hatred over politics. Why the fuck wouldn’t there be considering the heavily biased and unfair nature of “opportunity” and “achievement”.

      You really cant blame people for being racist and hateful then when society pushes them in that direction.

      1. I’m just saying that people hating on one another for the colour of their skin is really petty and politics is a game. It’s rigged. You have to be dumb as fuck to believe the republicans give a shit about you because you are a white Christian conservative. No one gives a fuck. These things are really petty and stupid and insignificant. There is too much misery in the world to worry about these things.

        1. @nukethisworld

          You are still ignoring the actual racial differences.

          Skin colour is not neutral and never as been. Black people tend to be superior physically speaking but inferior intellectually whereas White and Asian people tend to excel intellectually rather than physically.

          The first world in case you hadn’t noticed is a world of academic achievement. Black physicality therefore takes a back seat.

          You would have to be dumb as fuck to believe that race is just mere skin colour despite thousands of years of evolutional separation between distinct racial groups.

          We are physically and factually different then. Make of that what you will.

        2. @nukethisworld, given the right environment, people are fucking awesome! There is a virus that has taken over the planet. We are victims of mind control. I could go on and on about it, but if you haven’t already, you should watch this documentary. It is one of the first I watched at the beginning of my “awakening”. The people running shit want you to feel the way you do. Please don’t let them.

          1. I just finished watching the documentary you linked and it was really good. We know how the system works but we still can’t do anything about it yet. We are trapped. Look at how the suicide rate has skyrocketed in just the past 5-10 years. There are 8-9 year olds taking their own lives. There is just too much mental pain among people these days.

        3. Yo mates, not Mr Freud speaking however i discerned that you, like many others fall under an umbrella that many people who watch this type of content have witch is a self loathing, sadistic narcisst sociopath (antisocial). The comments about race or sexuality are just used as a coping mechanism for people with sadistic tendencies, to be able to enjoy someone getting brutally killed without suffering any guilt – and justifying it by saying that such person is unworthy living.

      2. “You can’t blame people for being racist” whew the ignorance is seeping through this statement. You CHOOSE to have hatred in your heart. No ones forcing you to do or think anything. I think 90% of racism and hatred comes from pure ignorance. If y’all white people would just sit down and have a nice talk with a non white person, your opinion would change drastically. For example, there was a documentary I recently saw about the KKK. The interviewer was Arab and a Muslim. She asked them questions about their beliefs respectfully and never got upset even though they said her people should be killed. Eventually at the end of the film, the interviewer asked one of the most racist men if he still hates Muslims and Arabs and he changed his mind and said no. He said he considered her to be a friend after all the time they spent together. This is just one example. Being exposed to other cultures lets you value you them. And if you still hate them, then you’re the problem. Not them.

        1. “You can’t blame people for being racist” whew the ignorance is seeping through this statement.

          ………………………and then you commence into a statement seeping with ignorance. What a fucking saint you are.

          “You CHOOSE to have hatred in your heart. No ones forcing you to do or think anything. I think 90% of racism and hatred comes from pure ignorance“.

          Yeah, yeah fucking yeah. What about all the statistics that differentiate us via recorded evidence etc. What about the per capita differences between rape, theft and murder between racial groups for example. Suppose that’s all just a whitey illusion eh. Fucking Mongoloid.

          “If y’all white people would just sit down and have a nice talk with a non white person, your opinion would change drastically. For example, there was a documentary I recently saw about the KKK. The interviewer was Arab and a Muslim. She asked them questions about their beliefs respectfully and never got upset even though they said her people should be killed. Eventually at the end of the film, the interviewer asked one of the most racist men if he still hates Muslims and Arabs and he changed his mind and said no. He said he considered her to be a friend after all the time they spent together. This is just one example. Being exposed to other cultures lets you value you them. And if you still hate them, then you’re the problem. Not them“.

          No, cock lips. You created an extreme situation, an extreme racist and an extreme argument to compare with and then ended on an extremely unusually ending to prove your extremely biased point.

          How about asking a average normal person, non KK fucking K, who has lived around niggers before to resend their thoughts of them considering their own lived through experiences and all the various worldwide held statistics backing those experiences up.

          Good luck with that one you snowflake safe space loving libtard.

          1. Ok white people have committed HORRIBLE crimes so does that mean I should hate all white people? No because that’s ignorant and they all aren’t the same. By your logic, everyone should hate white people because the Nazis killed millions of people. White people also colonized countries, killing most of the indigenous people. Many white European countries and America are killing innocent civilians in the Middle East. Y’all are just as “bad” you just get a pass for it because you’re white.

        1. Sphincterpiston #59535
          Yea,,, You, And I Both Brother, @Sphincterpiston#59535 You Should Talk To Mark, and ask if you can Come With Us All Over Europe Again This Summer. But if you come wont Rent A Porsche Again cause as you know 2 Seater. So I’d Get A S.U.V. Instead. Either a Lexus, GX-460 ‘SUV’ ,,, A Mercedes Benz G-550,,, or,,, If They Have-It A GLE Model. 🙂

      1. Yeah because racism is incredibly stupid since we are all the same bacteria walking this earth, just in different shades of color. Anyone who thinks they are superior because of their skin tone is dumb as fuck. Violence is in human nature and it is a good way to solve our issues.

          1. I’d rather not talk about it. It’s nothing major just mostly psychological stuff. I seem to get offended at things that many would not. I get anxiety when I think of some of those things.

        1. @NukeThisWorld
          You’re Right Brother, cause i find the words,,, “Racism”,,, & “Antisemitism” Are Loved By All Adolf Hitler Haters. As They,,, For The Most Part Are Fakes,,, Using Fake Names, And Never Showing Their Faces. They Are Part Of The Controlled Opposition, That Spies On Best-Gore For Shekels Brother.

          Our Brother Mark Wrote This,,,
          It looks like the public at large is waking up to the controlled opposition shills, & the enemy has shills in the most unlikely places. One has to keep their eyes peeled open at all times.

          So look-out for Da-Shills-Man cause they are on T.V. Internet Type Interviews, and right here on Best-Gore, so always keep an eye-out! 🙂

  2. how the fuck can you strangle with your own arm ???

    unless you broke your whole shoulder, its technically impossible to be done.

    aggresors like :
    “yeah, let’s do this ! so then we can pretend that he suicide himself by strangling himself with his own arm”

    monkey style video here lol

    1. @hollyeat
      **how the fuck can you strangle with your own arm ???** You Ask??

      **You do exactly like the puncher did to him with his arm and you got-it.**

      I Know,,, I Know,,, I’m a fucking Smart-Ass my Good B G Sister, lol. 😉

      B.T.W. Iv’e been meaning to ask,,, Where Are You From???

      From Canada,,, The U.S.,,, From Europe,,, From Ethiopia,,, or From Hollow-Earth??? 😉

          1. @hollyEat

            Oh,,, You’re Back i thought you were gone to bed so i guess i got caught asking if you were a puffer, lol, and pillow biter, ha, ha,lol.
            Es’que tus est nee en France mon bons Francais de France. J’aurais dit te demander si tu etais un francais avant de te parler en Francais,,, Merde. Maintenant vous aller vouloir me foutter la botte au cul, oui, lol he, he! 😉
            Salut mon homme

          2. yup, born and raise in france 😛 (not very proud based on france reputation)

            your french is not too bad, but not good either XD. its funny to read tho…

        1. He is??? Jeeeesus-Cke-rice-st Man, i am having a hard-time with Gender Identities Without Faces,,, Userames,,, And Yes Me I Knowsss My Memory Too,,, FACK!!!! I Am so sick of it Sister it’s driving me Nuts. Or,,, Nutser Than My Usual Retarded Self That-Is.

          Thanks Lisa. And At Least I Get To “Crack-You” Somtin Muffin, lol, bwa, aha, aha!!!
          See,,, seE,, Me Nuts, & Ballsy Too Friday Tis-Mornin. 😉
          And If i could make dat-tongue sticking out Smiley-Face i would too, ok so be careful,lol 😉
          Oh Yea,,, And Since (i think he’s gone to bed) i can ask you,,, Do Ya Think That He’s A Puffer?? A Turd Pusher??? A Pillow-Biter??? you know what i mean right??

          1. Oh you’re hilarious they come from France but are Canadian citizen that explains it all Sis, lol. 😉 What do ya think his username means my Veteran B G Sis??
            His girlfriends name, and he eats her,?? If so he’s got it upside down, he better be careful cause he’ll end up eatin her arsehole,instead bwa, eha,,ega-caca oui oui Lisa??

          2. Which pooch bailed on you the cute toothless one in the picture?? At least if he ever panics one day he can’t/won’t bite you, cause he’d end-up just spitting on ya instead, if he ever tried, lol, poor,,,, actually no “Not Poor Little Pooch”, cause he gots a good life with ya cause he gets to watch best-gore with you, cause after being in that car-accident and seeing bodies from that accident he’s used to it now, when the other little dude would probably puke if he saw a beheading, lol.

    1. Ha! 🙂

      He might of been a fisherman calling for a Re Bait on the Tackle he received. But ended up being put on Choke Hold, for staying on the Line too long. He’s lucky they didn’t cut off his dick, for having to Weight for his Bobber. Besides, no one knows how to Fly Cast over there anyway. If he was prepared to set the Drag and was homeless, he would of been granted a pussy pass and left A Loan.

      This is a Reel story btw!

    1. Fuck i don’t know how you did-it broke but i Sincerely Salute You Brother, as The Sweats,,, Feeling Always Super Cold,,, Shitting/Pissing Dark Yellow Bile That Looks Like Dehydrated piss,,, Along With Being Unable To Sleep is one of the hardest things that anyone can go through in life.
      Have you been getting some Feelings Of Depressed also @Brokeback Brother???

      I Hope That They Gave You Some Lyrica, along with a sleep-Aid At Least to help you through the first week at least bud. I Heard that Testosterone cream That i rub into my shoulders or my belly under my belly-button like the stuff that i have, helps increase your energy levels, and making your Withdrawal symptoms much more bearable, & much less intense. If This Is Something That You decided to do on your own broke then Kudos man, as i am very proud of you, cause i could not handle that right now, i am just not mentally, or physically prepared to handle something so dreadful, and tough to handle. You’re The-Man!!! 🙂

      If i can help in any way with anything brother just let me know!

      1. @Dre,
        After about ten years of abusing Opiates I finally reached my “Rock Bottom”. I had been going through my months supply in just over three weeks and then almost a week of living through horrible withdrawals. This was a cycle that I had been repeating every month for about a year. It recently got to the point where I ran out after just two weeks and my family knew something was going on with me since I was sick every month. This time two weeks of withdrawal almost killed me and I had to check myself into the hospital. It was the worst two weeks of my life but after that the physical part of the withdrawal symptoms had pretty much past and I was no longer dependant on them. I talk about it openly with my family, especially my kids because I want them to learn from MY mistakes. I hadn’t known but they told me that they were aware of my problem for years and that I had become very antisocial even with them (my son and daughter are both mid 20’s and live on their own). Anyway it’s only been a few weeks now but I am feeling much better these days and I’ve also stopped taking the antidepressants that I had been on for a long time. I’m much more clear headed and focused now… also the years of constipation due to the Opiates has been replaced by a mild case of diahrea… or maybe this is what it’s like to be regular.
        Anyways thanks for the kind words and support..

        1. @brokeback

          I Am so happy that you wrote back brother you’ll never know. (“YOU” Are My Lifesaver).

          Cause i have been having problems with my pill intake on some,,,, (No,, On Most Days) not some, i don’t want to lie to myself or more “Importantly Yourself” and i end-up also finishing them too early. It’s a damn vicious circle these Hydromorhone, & Dilaudid. And I Then start getting so sick brother, that like “Yourself” feeling like your going to die. 🙁

          You just gave me the Courage to open-up, as you guys here Probably, NO ‘Surely’ Noticed that my comments many times are very screwed-up eh bro? It plays with my Moods, and feelings so much that i too stopped talking to most of my family, except my kids, but they all know that i have been on them for about 20 years, and have problems with controlling the amount i take. Your Body gets so immune to it quickly that you take double the amount to take care of your pain, but often times for the emotional pain in your head also.

          What are you taking for pain now Broke, or would you rather keep that to yourself? Cause if you want, or could, could i give you my phone umber and you could call (Me Collect) At Your Time, And Convenience, this way here while going through The Operator Collect your phone number will not show-up for your privacy. But, just make sure that you ask her anyways Cause i would love nothing more then to talk to “You Privately” about the alternative pain medications, but the best part is that we would finally hear each other’s voice bud, lol. I Know,,, it Sounds Gay, but i assure you man no gayness here brother lol. 😉

          It’s going to Be like the first time that Mark called Me From Dominica, a few years ago, and Way before the storm, i heard his voice with the Cool Slavic Accent for the first time. Texting does me no justice brother, as i suck at expressing myself on here, getting taken the wrong way because of it.

          Please think about-it and you can sleep on it, and this way You could decide tomorrow if you want/Can Call me. And Broke,,, please DO NOT Feel Bad If You Do Not Want to call as i understand perfectly.

          YOU Just took a load of my Shoulders just knowing that you did-it, it gives me hope after 20 years of struggling with Prescribed Opiate Intake, and Abuse. 🙁

    2. Good for you! Do you no longer need them or were you taking them recreationally? I’ve been on shit for years as prescribed by pain management (I have Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome and Degenerative Disc Disease along with a couple other debilitating health conditions) but I’m exhausted all the time and I feel like if I quit or at least cut back maybe I’d have more energy. I still manage to work 40+ hrs a week at my job but I’m exhausted and popping caffeine tablets like candy just to get through the day.

      1. I broke my spine about ten years ago and since then I was on a very high dose of Opiates (Oxyneo formerly Oxycontin) but even previous to that I was taking various pain pills “recreationally. I have tried quitting many times and always relapsed after a few days of withdrawal. This time I ran out of pills two weeks early and that was it for me. Opening up to my family was the best thing I ever did. I think they all knew I had a problem but didn’t know how to confront me. Once I made the first move they were all really supportive and I have them calling me every day now to check on me to see how I am doing. It’s bad enough living alone but being partially disabled and staying at home every day sucking back on Opiates all day long was no way to live. I was fucked up for years but now I am actually looking forward to getting out and doing things once the winter is over.

          1. Congrats on quitting the pain meds & Happy Vagina Escape Day !!!
            Smoke one if ya got one.
            And have a shot & a pint as well.
            I’ll have a snort of Windsor In Your Honor.
            Fkn blizzard here in lower Canada (minnesnOwta)*
            -38°f currently
            Nw. Wind at 35 mph.

          2. @BOASP,
            Thanks man. This freezing rain we’ve been getting all week really sucks the big one. It’s keeping me indoors more than I usually am. My kids are coming down here for the weekend and they are taking me out to celebrate my B-day so I really hope the weather gets at least a little bit better. I absolutely hate the winters here.
            BTW, in case ya don’t already know I’m in Toronto Canada.

          3. Rollercoaster weather here in Mn.
            Last wk was 45 below & last weekend was 40 above & rain/ice mix, then 1ft. Of snow tues.
            So I’ve got chains on all my equipment , truck , tractor & skid loader for plowing snow, yesterday got 8″ more and now full blown blizzard 40 mph winds. No travel at all just hibernating.
            I hope you have a great weekend with your kids to celebrate your Happy Birthday !!
            and yes I’ve known your a canuck a looooong time , … reading your Bg comments for many years now.
            I was actually conceived in Winnipeg, but born in minnesota %$#@!

          4. @brokeback
            I Hope You Have Yourself (*A Very Happy, & Clean Birthday*) my Good B G Brother.
            I’m Sure that You have The Very Best-One In Years With Family, & Friends. 🙂
            But Only Later-On today after some sleep.

            Your Kids,, Well You Whole Family Actually Must Be So, So Proud of you,for taking that first (The Hardest) Step, in getting better. And They Must Be So Happy To Have You Back in their Lives because of it! 🙂

            So Again,,,
            **********HAPPY-BIRTHDAY BROKEBACK, SIR***********

          5. Happy Birthday buddy, enjoy…. and congrats on your new life. Narcotics are not a sociable drug, especially after taking them for years. Who wants to share their drugs? Mine, mine, mine. 😛

        1. @IveGotIssues
          Since i have been on Opiates i have had my Testosterone levels go down to 1, when a man in his mid-fifties as i am is supposed to be at between a 5 or 6. A Young Man in his 20’s or his prime has a testosterone level of 8 or 9 the highest. But i did not know since i got a pain-management specialist that Opiates decrease your Testosterone levels, as it is one of their not talked about side effects, because it is not dangerous to the point of killing you, it will just make you week as hell.

          See what the opiates do is give your body part responsible of creating testosterone to stop production as The Opiates Themselves i’m sure you’s noticed, gives you tons of energy, and make your tongue fly (like mine does at 100 miles hr.) and therefore talk like crazy while on them, lol. But Yea Brother get a blood test from your Doctor for your levels and i’m positive that your number is at 2, or 3 and too low, it will change your life, make you super strong, and full of energy.

          If we talk tomorrow, and you are up to it, maybe we could make arrangements for myself to drive up to Toronto, and pick you up, if you would like. The Wife works all day and i am also home alone, and super bored everyday. We have 2 beautiful fully furnished extra bedrooms that you would sleep good in. You could stay a week if you like and we would have a blast touring around, or watching movies,,, Or whatever. I Know that You Would Eat Like A Pig, lol, as I Also Do. It Does Not Help That I Am A Great Cook and we eat super well Also Do. We could both shoot the shit with Mark on E-Mail, and i would show you my 300 pictures of Mark, & Are trip together last Summer In Europe. 🙂

          1. @Dre,
            Thanks for the kind words bro. Tomorrow (today) is gonna be a busy day for me with my kids coming to celebrate my B-day and with family and friends dropping by and shit but we will chat soon. I didn’t even know that you had a problem with pain pills until now. Addiction is a lifelong struggle and even though I haven’t taken any in about three weeks they are on my mind every day. When 10 years of your life is spent reaching for those pills several times per day you don’t forget about them… you just gotta remind yourself what life was like as an addict. Anyways we will talk soon.

          2. I’m a woman so testosterone isn’t something I’m necessarily worried about. I’m more concerned that I feel soooo tired and my liver enzymes were elevated last time I had a round of blood tests done a few months ago. I knew I was depressed and assumed that and the hypothyroidism I have were the cause of my exhaustion but I’ve got both those things well controlled now and still feel like I’m living in a bowl of jello. I take oxycodone for breakthrough pain the minimal amount necessary to make my pain tolerable but I’m still on ms contin 24/7. I’ve tried in the past to go with lower doses but was unsuccessful. I wish I could give medical marijuana a try, I’m in Pennsylvania so legally I could now, but my pain management doctor doesn’t prescribe it. There’s 1 who does but they aren’t taking new patients. I’ve never been into pills, they don’t make me feel great, so this isn’t a matter of just quitting. I still have very painful conditions to cope with and pretty much no other options for treatment right now.

        2. I knew about your back so I wasn’t sure if it was a matter of treating the pain from that or of it was just a good time. I’ve gotten stubborn and refused to take my pain meds in the past, withdrawal is something I can handle because I know eventually it will stop. Unfortunately I still have the underlying painful conditions that leave me in such agony I can stop writhing in pain and want to kill myself. I’m unable to function or even have some quality of life without some kind of treatment for my pain. I wish I had another option but at this time I’m not able to find a safer way to treat my pain. Do you no longer have pain or is it tolerable without medication? I could handle the Degenerative Disc Disease pain without meds but the Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome is a whole other beast.

          1. @IGI,
            If you don’t already try smoking a little pot when you are in pain. It’s done wonders for me as far as treating my pain and depression and is way safer than any pain pill out there.

          2. @Ive Got Issues

            Since you are fairly new to the site i will explain why i have memory problems, and mood-swings (Male P.M.S.) Causeyou need to know where i am coming from hun. 🙂

            So First-Off,,,
            I Am sorry For Calling You A Guy Girl. But ever since suffering a Heart-Attack 11 or 12 Years ago caused by a 100% blockage in My Hearts widow-maker artery, my brain was starved of Oxygen Rich Blood for just Over 1 hour, and until they Finished Stabilizing me at our small rural hospital, and then they got me ready for Transport. So They quickly transferred me on An Ambulance gurney, and Rushed/Transferred me By Ambulance (At A High Rate Of Speed c/w Sirens Blaring) all the way to *The University of Ottawa Heart Institute* that usually from Kemptville Ontario Canada where we lived at the time, would take about 45 to 55 minutes to get to. But I Swear that the Ambulance Driver Hopping Curbs, lol, made-it To The Heart-Institute in 15 to 20 minutes, and that was close to the evening rush hour.

            So He Backs-up to the hospital double doors, and the second he stops a couple of Guys,
            Open The Ambulance doors,,, grab the gurney, and pull it out as the wheels drop, and lock by themselves. And while these 2 guys one on either side jogged off with me, for a short trip down the hall,,, This super short Chinese Man in full Surgical Dress, Who i found out seconds later (Ended-up Being My Surgeon) was also trying to keep-up with the gurney, lol, as he jogged beside-it Informing me that he was my Surgeon, and for me to Remain calm, and Once on the Operating table told me that it was Paramount that I *Not Move* During The Whole 30 to 40 Minute Procedure, & Assuring Me that i was going to be ok, as,,, “Smash”,,, they slammed into the double doors with The Ambulance Gurney, and into to the Surgical Room Operating Theater with about 8 to 10 people in full dress around this huge table with the brightest set of about 20 lights in a circular pattern above-it. That Is When I Started Shaking Big-Time, as the pain in my chest increased by 100% due to being terrified not knowing what was going to happen next, like were they about to crack my chest open, or what??? 🙁 🙁

            So They Started Performing this Life-Saving Emergency Stent Placement Surgery, With A Nurse Quickly Cutting-Off My Blue Jeans, while i could hear what sounded like cutlery clinging together, and everybody talking loudly together with everybody moving around and performing their own organised duties. And Because these Stent Placements are usually done under General Anesthetic so they can place-it in your Heart At The Exact Perfect Location Cause the patient is sleeping and completely still, they go through your necks artery.

            But they cannot go through your Neck if you are awake, as it is extremely Painful, and very dangerous for a bleed-out if you move an inch. So Because it was done in an Emergency Setting And in a large Operating Theater, there *Was No Time* For Freezing or Anesthesia Because i was in “Critical Condition” and Second Counted, as i only had 17 beats per minute For Just Over 1 Hour , and that i had already passed The crucial *Golden Hour* Where brain damage starts occurring due to lack of oxygen rich blood.

            I was Terrified as i saw (like i said above) like 8 to 10 people in full white garments and masks around the operating table that a quick 1,,2,,,3,, and they threw me onto the table as (like a said above) a nurse quickly Finished cutting my Jeans-Off. Next a doctor started cutting into my leg saying OK,,, *DO NOT MOVE* as a nurse was softly telling me that i was about to feel a Quick, but Sharp Pain in my leg, followed by this warm, but wet feeling. And man was she right, cause that pain when he cut a couple of inches with zero-freezing deep into my leg, and pulled my Artery-out i cannot describe, but i let out a loud Ahhhhh! 🙁 Then like she said i felt super wet, and warm feeling as i looked down a bit as the nurse said no no and pushed my head back down saying Look At Me Hun. I Saw Coming From My Leg 2 squirts about 2 to 3 feet high as he was inserting the tube into my artery.

            So This Nurse with the most Stunningly Beautiful Blue Eyes (that i will never forget) Placed her 2 hands on either side of my face and Explained To Me Every little detail of what they were about to do to me, so that I Did Not Panic,,, Jump-Up,,, or Jerk,,, During Surgery. So I Knew What they were about to do to me, Step by Step, & right before they were (The 2 Surgeons) were about to Perform The Next Procedure. She told me to Concentrate on her, and that everything was going to be ok, as she softly rubbed my face and cheeks while smiling. Even though she had a surgical mask on, i could still see that she was smiling behind-it, by the raising of her cheeks, and the wrinkles that would appear when she did so right under her eyes. I Now Refer To Her As My Little Angel, every time that i recount this story, cause on that day she made All The Difference in keeping me calm, with this safe feeling, during the whole time.

            Now this was done by them cutting into my Right leg and near my groin, and then cutting my Major Artery to place inside of it, a hollow plastic tube that was a couple of feet long. Now once the tube was set into place one Surgeon was stitching-it to my artery, While the other Surgeon started inserting a long seemingly bendable metal rod that had at the end of it, had a tiny clamp with a spring like metal mesh (A Stent) at the end of it.

            As he was pushing it up into my body, and all the way up into my chest, then heart it felt so weird and at times it tickled inside and at other times it hurt for a second as i would jerk a bit cause it hit a split in the road, lol, where the artery goes two ways. He would back-up and go again the whole time looking at a T.V. Monitor to see exactly where it is going. So Like I Said,,,I Could Feel it going up my leg,, into my stomach area,, and then squirming it’s way up into my chest from that little bendable metal rod inside of it that moved separately from the bigger plastic While Fully Awake, & Aware.

            And Then It Happened. I Felt this head rush, and instant heat in my head as I Had stopped breathing, and i had, and i felt my heart stop with extreme pain that i do not wish on my worse enemy. So I Jumped and sat right-up for A Split Second as 2 to 3 people yelled NO,,, NO Do Not Move and they pushed me back down. One second later I Heard Yes,,, but it was very cloudy and echo sounding, as the next thing that i felt was just as if somebody pulled the plug in a sink full of water and Took A Huge Breath of what was the most beautiful Fresh Air That I Ever Felt In My Life. Cause after having the extreme minimal air for over an hour you have no idea how good it felt. The Doctors/Surgeons were all bunched-up around the T.V. Monitor shaking hands and all super happy. That is when i realized how close to death i must’ve been for them to be so happy and amazed at what these 2 doctors had just done.

            The Nurse (My Angel) had such a big smile on her face that i honestly thought that her face mask straps were going o let go. She came mere inches from my face, looked me in the eyes and said you are going to be ok hun, they just saved your life. That is when All
            Of My Stress,,, My Pain,,, went away and i realized that I Truly Was Going to be ok, as i started to Cry. The Nurses Eyes got all watery herself when she came back with clean-ex and was wiping my tears off.

            So today i have severe memory loos, my short term memory is bad, and getting worse as i continue to age, my mood swings once in a while if i get stressed-out, or if i am exhausted, but besides that,,, my heat is pretty good even though i still have 3 other blockages because they are not in the main artery. 🙂

          3. @thedre Glad you’re doing well! You’re lucky to have such a talented team and wonderful nurse to care for you during that! No biggie on calling me a guy, it’s not easy to tell on here and to be honest I frequently assume people are men on here too lol Since you have trouble with your memory you probably don’t remember when I was a frequent visitor of BG a few years ago. I’ve just returned after battling Major Depressive Disorder (or MDD) hard enough to regain interest in things I enjoy. My mother has a paralyzed diaphragm so she also has some long term complications from lack of oxygen. She is quite moody and forgetful at times. I’ve learned patience and understanding because of this so don’t sweat it if you have any trouble when communicating with me.

            I also want to mention you’re a great storyteller. Reading your description of what happened to you that day made me feel like I was there with you!

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