Head Kicks Send Thief in Brazil to Full Retard Mode

Head Kicks Send Thief in Brazil to Retard Mode

On a lovely day in Brazil, a thief is caught attempting to steal from someone’s aunt. The alleged thief denies the accusations from crowd. He tries to look cool after a few blows to his head until he finally reaches full retard mode. I guess favela rules maybe more lenient than street rules. I would like to point out, ‘common’ people can be more vicious than drug dealers.

After Mongol posturing from accused thief, people defend the boy -“See? Now you killed him.” Looks to me that the young punk has an ankle bracelet that didn’t do it’s purpose but now will pair nicely with his #toetag.

Props to Best Gore member @masterplan for dialogue to video:

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    1. Trust me , if i was there , probably i will shoot them all and make them suffer pain , make them suffer a real pain I would cut their arms with 50 CAL , trust me if i was there.

    1. Fuck you! Then who da fuck is give me Brazilian every night maaafacker once Brazilians are gone?

      Don’t you understand I need Brazilian gore at least once a day? And for that they must exist. Go exterminate Hondurans instead. Leave my Brazilians alone. I need them.

        1. INow you talking!! Meant no offense. But the feeling of no Brazilian being gored to death clouded my reasoning.

          Those shitholes are not putting out shit like Brazil… Instead of crossing the border they should end up in bestgore.

    2. Obersturmbannfuhrer maybe we should kill you first and put it on Best Gore. I would love to watch that.
      But let’s put hate aside for a second and be more reasonable: just watch the fucking video and GTFO. Saying that Brazil or Honduras have to be wiped out just makes you look as bad as that awful lynch mob.

      1. The comment section of Best Gore is the place where all depressive faggots hang around. I’m pretty sure that you are skinny little bitches that have no way to defend yourselves from another human being. I’d be happy to meet you personally and give you a proper beating to end your miserable life.

          1. I like how he commented about how commenters on Best Gore are “depressive faggots”.
            As a hetero, I respect your right to “come out” where you choose.
            I suppose BG is a good place to practice before telling your Dad.

      2. Piss of you Brazilian bitch . What’s the matter. You pissed off cos your mamma met another man and don’t want to fuck you anymore.
        There’s always your sister. Though I’m sure you already rinsed her skank pussy out from a very young age.
        You dirty Brazilian mud monkey.

        1. Being Brazilian is no offence… You guys maybe masters of verbal karate, but gringos don’t know how to fight 😛 I’m not saying you don’t have champions… I’m just pointing the average gringo is as challenging as a chick 😛

    3. Agree Brazil is a hell hole but so is most of South American countries, and central America e.g. Mexico, El Salvador etc. And most of African countries are shitholes, same goes for many Asian nations, India, China, North Korea, south east asia. And Middle East, Syria, Iraq etc.

      In fact most of the world is fucked up.

    1. And who exactly is a sadist fuck?? You are on BG, aren’t you?? You dumb mole, not everyone who sees this torture likes it .. I myself, can’t watch most of it .. Am I a sadist? Go fuck yourself, you weazel-dick!!..

    2. after killing that cunt they should have hung him upside down with a glass bottle up his ugly ass, so not only his death was humilliating but also the aftermath so people can look up and say: “look at that faggot hanging there, lol”

      1. They can be both catholic & violent pieces of shit. That’s the loophole in Catholicism. The blood of Christ washes them clean of sin. That includes new sins, like molesting choir boys or even murder.

        Of course, this goes for all Christian religions.

        I’m not debating you @JadedCunt I just can’t pass up an opportunity to bash the Catholic Church.

        1. @Blackhart I was raised Catholic so I’m aware of those strange ‘forgiveness of sin’ concepts. It’s weird, you’d think there would be a point where the church says “Nope, you fucked up.. Jesus isn’t gonna forgive you for that one”.. I mean, they speak on Jesus’s behalf for everything else, why not a ‘breaking point’?

          1. Guys,you are absolutely right. The Jesuits did horrible things in the Americas even though they were supposedly Holy,Christian ,churchy and clever as in Scientific. The obvious truth is that many good people do horrible things and that many horrible people masquerade as good people. The trick is to recognise them and neutralise them or squash them.

            Another thing is, as Christians no one said you have to turn the cheek indefinitely. Jesus also tells us to protect ourselves.

  1. yeah ive seen this shit happen out in the street. Reminds me of this poor basterd that got knocked the fuck out and made slaughtered pig noises like this flip flopper. Anyone in the medical field wanna fill me in why they do this?

  2. that’s just sad. i feel so much anger towards people who are so damned cruel. i can understand a few hits or kicks, but come on, you don’t need to fuck someone up to the point of no return for a little five finger discount. poor dude.

          1. @MasterPlan Absolutely. If I grew up over there I would have no choice but to open up a guy’s chest cavity and peel the tissue back to reveal organs, then laugh, call them a puta madre and make their heart squirt blood onto my arm as I tore it out then pinned it to the puta’s chest.

            This is called tradition in my country. We’re a proud people.

          2. @MasterPlan I live in Texas but I’ve lived in Western Australia and other places.. and I don’t care, it’s just land and water and shit. It’s all rapidly becoming polluted toxic hot garbage filled with death anyway, so the future is bleak my good friend no matter what spot on this shithole planet you’re living in currently. Eventually, we’ll all be together in the black abyss.


  3. That guy is likely dead. Broken neck coupled with internal hemorrhaging, and the ataxic movements of his arms pretty much indicate he’s a goner.

    Definitely “common” people are more savage than hardened criminals or soldiers. The latter know how much it takes to kill a man, and know how to level the violence they dish out. A bunch of commoners, sheltered from moral anguish and legal consequences by mob cowardice, coupled with comfy and sheltered civilian life, do not know how to properly react when an opportunity to let some collective schizophrenic ire out shows up, and are thus providers of fine BG materiel like the one posted here, by letting it all out at once.

    1. He will be ok, he just lost his brain and complete body mobility permanently. At least this time he learned his lesson…
      Indeed, if the mob gets you your punishment will be as bad as anyone’s wishes… not really fair when people beating you up don’t even know what you did. They just go with the wave…

      1. >As anybody wishes

        That’s actually interesting if you ponder on it. As you claim, the lynchee is at the mob’s mercy, and all they wish is to quarter the guy.

        Maybe that’s a bit of a Freudian slip about how much we hate ourselves as humans.

  4. His fists are clenched after that blow, you know hes a gonner. What a horrid place, brazil needs more of that Zika virus to make all those future flip flop wearing favela monkeys be born with those hilarious looking tiny heads and be retards the rest of their lives.

    1. The world will then breathe a sigh of relief.. The problem is that guy might just look like the dude that stole, or someone might have lied to get his head kicked in because they didn’t like the way he talked. But I’m sure he needed his spine detached anyway.

      Too bad we can’t do that to the rest of the crowd..

      1. @ihavebaldtires
        Agreed brother. But i would love to do that to the Rothschild,,, the Morgans,,, the Rockefeller’s,,, the Bushes,,, and ALL The Other Elite Zionist-Pigs that hog 90% of our words wealth.

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