Lynched Man Hacked with Machetes and Burned with Tires

Lynched Man Hacked with Machetes and Burned with Tires

Video from undisclosed location in Africa shows a lynched man getting hacked with machetes and burned with tires (aka necklacing). The machetes probably weren’t extensively sharpened, and when he was first set alight, he arose like Phoenix from the ashes. That’s not to say he wasn’t in the end lynched to death. Best Gore member @african-angel explains:

This is another rather brutal lynching from Africa. Like the earlier ones, it doesn’t qualify to be classified as a mob justice, but a broad day light murder. I don’t know the crime he committed to deserve this brutal send-off.

The three savages did all what is required to send their fellow to hell by hacking him with machetes and then burning him.

**Why are there so many tires in Africa? A question most BestGore members ask!

The thing is – 80% of cars in sub–Saharan Africa are second hands, and they usually come with winter tires, which are not compatible with our region. These tires are replaced, hence the abundance of them in societies.

Thanks a lot for the video and the explanation, @african-angel:

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          1. Those niggas were ripped! Makes me wonder if they must put extra work in to be that ripped or it just comes with the territory of being a thug in africa? Anyways they don’t look like they starving.

    1. Lady here is wishing sanity in your motherland gets restored sooner than later.
      With the way this kinda savagery exists there has to be a miracle to change things around .
      Finally ……….. are most Africans by birth natural savages?
      So cut off from the civilisation and so primitive …..

      but I am humming “AFRICA ” anyway

      I hear the drums echoing tonight
      But she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation
      She’s coming in, twelve-thirty flight
      The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation
      I stopped an old man along the way
      Hoping to find some old forgotten words or ancient melodies
      He turned to me as if to say, “Hurry boy, it’s waiting there for you”

      It’s gonna take a lot to drag us away from you
      There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
      I bless the rains down in Africa
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      (Ah, gonna take the time)
      Gonna take some time to do the things we never had

      1. Okay I’m confused, in America a lynching is when they hang you by the neck until dead usually mob Justice but on here a a lynching is when they beat you till you can’t stand then set you on fire ……hmmmmmmm

  1. Interesting description. I haven’t seen “snow tires” in decades, and didn’t even know they still made them. Here in the states, we’ve been using “all-season” tires for decades now. I remember my dad putting “snow tires” on the family car when I was little back in the 70’s and early 80’s, but haven’t heard of them for decades since.

    Any why aren’t “winter tires” compatible with sub-Saharan Africa? I’d have thought any tire on the car would suffice. Wouldn’t anything rubbery enough to gain traction work on most any type of ground surface material (stone, gravel, asphalt, ordinary dirt roads, etc). Deep sand could be a problem, but that would be a problem with any type of tire.

    When the two machete-wielding men hit the man’s knees and “white” was showing, I wonder if that “white” was bone? I wonder if that was his exposed knee cap?

    1. I was also wondering why winter tires wouldn’t work, and that white is the “subcutaneous” fat (aka. The stuff just under the skin) you see that a lot with machete slashes, could be a bit of knee cap too…it sucks that the video cut off, looked like it was gonna be a good one!! Damn!

    2. Its more so the tough terrain and the dryness from dusty soil causes erosion. In the Antofagasta Region in the extremely arid chilean north, theres tons of abondoned cars and car parts because the environment chews the cars. Im guessing a similar thing is happening here. Also in the case of north chile it is cheaper to buy a new car then fix one eroded by dust.

          1. You guys crack me up, as always he, he! But our friend, and member @african-angel is one hell of a contributor, and she never ceases to amaze me on all the great gore that she hooks us up with, and for so long now. Major props to you darling. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. I think that nobody ever gets charged, if the person being lynches was seen by numerous witnesses committing a crime. Fuck, i have seen a few times the cops show up, and do nothing cause the guy was already 3/4ers done, and was not savable. So they just let them finish him off, and clean up. Once i even saw a Cop shoot a man in the head as the whole Village watched as he burned for about 15 minutes, fully engulfed, but would just not die, so he gave him a coup de gras in the head to end this poor mans misery. It was probably the first time that i agreed with a Cop shooting an unarmed civilian. It was also the most humane thing that i have seen come out of Africa in my lifetime.

    1. Lol, brother! Just another Failed Necklacing. Lately, or for the last couple of years, at least, they have not been able to complete one Necklacing, from start to finish! What a bunch of Amateurs, these guys are. These guys just kick, or throw them tires off themselves, the second that they are lit up. You would think that they would handcuff him real good around his hands, and feet, and then put a tire around his legs, nice and tight, than one over his head, down just past his shoulders, as to make it real tight! Then, drill one hole through the sidewall of each tire, and put the right length chain attached to both, so that the tires will stay tightly in place. Then, and only then, do you empty a 5 gal. of gas on him, light him up, and watch Ze-Show!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Everyone’s here talkin’ ’bout his knees, meanwhile, I can’t take my eyes off his foot! Bearley hanging on there, those machetes weren’t the sharpest too, wonder how many blows it took to get it like that.

  3. This type of person just wants to feel more powerful, they don’t care what they have to do to get that feeling. They’re pathetic and weak, that’s why they group up. They don’t care if the punishment fits the crime, hell, they don’t even care about the crime – it’s just an excuse.
    This man could’ve seen discarded tires and decided to make swings for his kids with them, for all we know.

  4. The video title promised so much. It sounded like it had great potential.
    But what a let down! These idiots cant even maintain a fire. The guy even got up and attempted to escape. Big machetes and no rope… so chop his feet off first.
    Farcical at best.

    1. Well…not all the people are like this , in this case here this is apes land territory, other videos on BG come from other shitholes of the planet, in most of the civilized countries of the world it’s not like you go out on the street and this shit happens. .at least no where I have lived so far..

  5. I knew black guys were stronger naturally!

    No really though, the way they were walking and staring at the crowd looked like gang type behavior, intimidation.

    Did anybody see his foot & leg get completely chopped through & fall off. Fucking brutal.

  6. Am I the only one who noticed his foot dangling? I know I saw his skin split while they were hitting him with those machetes, but his fucking foot was just dangling there and I’d assume he must have been in a state of shock by the time we got to see what we got to see. Anybody who has been in a traumatic , violent, painful experience can tell you your body goes into like an autopilot, you feel all the pain but you can’t react to a particular part of the pain. Your mind can’t direct you into any specific course of action.

  7. and then if you dare say that negros aren’t equal to caucasians or uncivilized it’s racist and someone will somehow find a way to blame this behaviour in this video on other people. violence happens in every nations but blacks seem to be the most violent.

  8. all humans are violent the black people are no worse than a white or yellow or brown. within we have a beast that comes out by anger in us more deaths occcur by fist and feet than knife or gun. there are many household items that have caused death. any place you go to murder will exist, sad but very true. so avoid conflict know when to fight and when to run away protect yourself and those you love. your attacker could be any race or a guy asking for change. in anger bad things happen, the color of a person should not matter, judge by actions known to be true, not gossup.

  9. Sure white people have performed gruesome lynchings in the past, even towards our own race, but then we realized how savage it were and introduced a fair trial systsem and just puniahment, even toward most vile creatures. And white race moved forward as a society, but then we brought the blacks to us.

  10. You know what we should do?

    We should all be good westerners, and make up the spare bed and invite these people in, one million at a time!

    It’s obviously just a lack of opportunity which leads to this kind of behaviour. Isn’t it?

    I’ve been told by my liberal friends that these people will contribute to society more than the people who were born in my town ever will. And because the West had slaves we have no choice!

    They say it’s racist of us NOT to roll out the welcome mat.

    They say it’s racist of me to say that my country should have ANY borders at all!


    Is usually my response!

    And while we are building it, make sure ALL the radical 3rd wave feminists, 70 gender pronoun crowd, globalist social justice obsessed fucks are on the WRONG SIDE OF THE WALL!!!!

    I was a card holding liberal until 12 months ago. I’m well on my way to being a card carrying nationalist now, and I don’t see any FUCKING issue with that!!!


  11. African-Angel, as a fellow African sister, you’re a God sent for info of what’s actually happening here. I posted something online once about a government official spitting on a baby and I got locked up for 6 weeks. I have an adorable one year old and I’m afraid of sending him to daycare so I could go back to work… a little girl was thrown on the floor and smashed her face in by one of the care takers. It’s beyond just racial or justice killings… this shit is becoming a game here, they actually had a game in Windhoek of who could kill the most teenage white kids in the beginning of the year. I’m getting sick of staying quiet , but freedom of speech isn’t practiced here. I love my home, but the people… I dislike them, strongly enough that I’m on the verge of becoming a murderer myself to protect my family. What part of Africa are you from?

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