Lynched Man Gets His Skull Cracked with Log

Lynched Man Gets His Skull Cracked with Log

I don’t think this video is from Brazil. It sounds to me like the language spoken is Spanish. Venezuela, perhaps?

The video shows the lynching of a young man, presumably a thief, on a street. At 0:22, you can see a guy walk around with a knife in his hand. But before he could do anything with it, another guy shows up with a fairly sizeable log, and drops that heavy bitch on the presumed thief’s head.

That pretty much cracked the man’s skull, and finished him off. I like the legless bum taking the opportunity to claim ownership of the killed guy’s belt with a zero shred of shame. Another guy took the belt off apparently to cuff the thief’s hands behind his back, but realized no cuffing will be needed after the skull was cracked with the log.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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74 thoughts on “Lynched Man Gets His Skull Cracked with Log”

    1. And they call “Muslims as terrorists”… God Isis (Deaş, Isil, Pkk etc) is the terrorist one not the Muslim society yet here I see Brazilians presumed Venezuelans doing shit under the name of street justice! GOD What is this if it is not terrorism!?

      These not only happen in Portugeeze or Spanish speaking countries it also happens in Usa too! Cops murder Blacks Whites mock Blacks … and yet again everybody hates Muslims like in everybody hates Raymond…

      You christians are so wicked!

  1. Who dose that? I mean where did this log come from? And damn he didnt jus drop it he slamed it down with all his force! Fuck lights out forever! He really wanted to kill the guy thats for sure

  2. Always surprises me how the local people just seem to have a decent log,stone,boulder,blunt knife,chainsaw,well any item available really to hand.Im going to try and find me a decent weapon next time i go the local shop!

  3. I see reading the comments that I was not the only person wondering where that guy got the huge log in the middle of a town square! And the guy who bashed it over his head just skipped the normal pebble and rock throwing party and jumped straight to the ejecting his brain from his forehead.

    1. Reading this type of comments always reminds me of main asshole from legendary “The Warriors” movie were he brags about doing evil&smiling and, the other member of gang asked in wonder: “Why are you so happy about it?”
      Our asshole answered:
      -I’m just having a good time!

      -You’re not different in this comment of yours.

  4. Those motherfuckers are picking at his pocket and stealing dead man’s wallet and Mr. Minus1leg stole the crackhead’s belt……is there an irony to the story???
    Two, three thiefs beat a man to death because he was a thief???

    Wow!! But not surprising…..
    That spanish is possibly Central America, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama or even Costa Rica I don’t think is in the South though…..
    Reason why I believe is somewhere in Cental A. Is because their accent sounds Caribbean to me.
    Could be wrong though.

    1. Yes. If only they continued in that fashion then not before long the whole country would be wiped out.
      So you kill the three that robbed the guy and 2-3 rob each one of those and then they get killed and 2-3 rob each one of those and so on and on and on…..

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