Man Accused of Rape Delivered Street Justice in Brazil Before Cops Take Him Away

Man Accused of Rape Delivered Street Justice in Brazil Before Cops Take Him Away

Man Accused of Rape Delivered Street Justice in Brazil Before Cops Take Him Away

This happened in Cidade da Serra, Espírito Santo, Brazil, the most pussy-whipped country in the world.

The man seen beaten by the mob was allegedly accused of rape. The cucked monkeys could not wait to prove they’re worthy of the “wettest manginas in the world” badge.

The victim was eventually rescued by the cops. By that time, it looks like he peed his pants.

The submitter of the video asked to remain anonymous. Many thanks for the contribution, anon:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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122 thoughts on “Man Accused of Rape Delivered Street Justice in Brazil Before Cops Take Him Away”

  1. It will be worse once he is in lock up.
    Accusations means you are guilty.
    Bunch of white knights looking to get there hit in, seeking validation from their female counter parts.
    What a sad existence we live in…

    “wettest manginas in the world” LoL!

    1. Brazil’s demographics are very interesting. Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia considered by many to be the “bastion of fairness” does a good job concealing the facts. And that facts are that over 98% of Brazil’s population is nigger or has some degree of nigger blood.
      Just LOOK at the percentages! About halfway down the page in the topic entitled by White Brazilians is this statement:

      Many White Brazilians have some Amerindian and/or African ancestry…
      and they represent 47.73% of Brazil’s population!
      And 43% of Brazil’s population are “Pardo” Brazilians…..”peoples” of mixed race….which contains nigger blood!
      Unmixed niggers represent 7.61% of Brazil’s population (i.e., pure nigger blood).

      So add these percentages up…niggers (of one sort or another) total 98.31% of the entire country’s population!!!

      The NY Times, a rag that I think of as the Candida-infected “Gray Lady” of pseudo-journalism had an article about the epidemic of RAPE in Brazil. You hear the Mainstream Media consistently say that Brazil is so progressive, so economically strong, has such a distinctive set of cultures…blah blah blah….but the bottom line is that it is one big MUH-DIK HAVEN of NIGGERS and NIGGER ADMIXTURES. And I have it from my Mexican landscaper who I’ve known for years and is an honorable man…that Brazilians do NOT like American whites and do NOT like Mexicans. While many Mexican humans have Aztec blood, it is the Brazilians that by and large have nigger blood. So…are you planning a trip to Rio De Janeiro next year? Or do you want to take a ride down the Amazon River?? I think you stand a better chance of being muh-dikked by a nigger than being gnawed on by a few Piranha.

      1. have you traveled here? we are one of the most receptive peoples on the planet, especially with foreigners, it is not our fault if you do not know where you stand here, for example, most foreigners have the dream of visiting a favela which in my opinion is a very stupid wish now the fact that people are shot or stabbed is a question of where you are and who you are with, just as if i were to mexico i would have to be careful not to die for one of the psychopaths of these guacamole families or something like that understand?, and honestly I love the North Americans even my cousins ​​were born there and they are very nice people.

      1. Yes of course, unless we are talking about Brazil. Anyone who has spent more than 5 mins on this site knows that these violent blood suckers have all committed crimes 10 x worse than the crime of the guy they are having a chow down upon. Also there is no regard for sisters and mothers etc, this is purely an opportunity for the animals to taste some blood……any excuse will do….,

    1. They probably thought he was a space alien. The president wears flops, but shoes? And that backpack must have seamed like some sort of advanced technology that the alien used to help breath our atmosphere.

      1. I don’t think it was the raping they were all worked up about….I mean you show up at their favela wearing fuck’n shoes…big ass belly flaunting the fact you eat on the regular…wearing a back pack …just showing that he has more shit in this world than will fit in a wallet….puttin on airs.

  2. when a rapist , more specifically a child rapist get caught by a mob of “white knights” and beaten and or murdered, in my opinion it is justified and I dont even bat an eye. But can the mob learn how to throw a punch first? they seem so pitiful to be grown men doing so little damage.

    1. This beating he received was only the beginning. He will be raped by several men as a form of punishment and will contract HIV if he does not have it, of course, Gorenigith, I have the impression that I saw you somewhere by chance, have you ever visited Brazil?

  3. Key word “alleged”. This is why mob justice is so wrong, the guy could be innocent, many innocent people have been destroyed because of wrongful “allegations”, let the law deal with him, innocent or guilty.

    1. Yeah in my country they released a couple of Indonesian monkeys couple that “allegedly” didn´t behead and put in their freezer their fellow female co-worker head to avoid pay some debt they owned,later didn´t deposit said head on a beach,leaving a bunch of evidence behind,well…no date of death was determined by the prosecution,so…they got 10 month sentence,got released dont even know if they get their ass deported to the hellhole they came from,really prefer those 40 year slap on the hands until proven innocent they give in Amurica,heck yea….

  4. @honkeykong

    AGENT ORANGE by bad jonny

    Late 1960s
    Draft callup
    Just me,
    And my best mate Cam

    Put us through camp
    Put us through hell
    Sent to: Vietnam

    First two months
    Eardrums burst
    Bam Bam Blam

    Agent orange
    Toxic spray
    In the water
    And in the dam

    People dying
    Livestock dying
    Even a little lamb

    There was nothing fresh
    We could eat
    Just those tins of spam

    Tried to forget
    Got high on weed
    Every day a thousand gram

    The TV made
    War look so good
    Tried to make it ‘glam’

    Just wanna go back
    To Midwest farm
    Raising pigs for ham

    They treat us worse
    Than slave-trade folk
    Yes Sir, Yes Sarge, .. Ma’am?

    All one family
    Had left to eat ..
    Was an agent orange ram

    All this bloodshed
    All this waste
    Go thank Uncle Sam

    Fat pollies take their families
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    We’re still stuck here
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    Fuck Vietnam ..

        1. I thought so. Many unattached aussies my age have gone there too and say they live like kings . Even for family holidays. So we fought a war to keep Communism at bay and in the end we are trading partners and allies now.5o k Americans died to make Vietnam great again.also about five hundred ,Australians. Even the mountains are laughing!

          Brave New World and 1984, amongst other things ,teaches us to never wholly trust govs.In Aus ,the “Republican” party ,who tells us to hate Commies in all election campaigns, has the greatest frequency of their children ,studying Chinese and Vietnamese and on exchange there! Lol

    1. It’s always interesting to note how such rage and beating never happens towards a woman accused of rape, even if she’s a pedo. Which is all kinds of fucked up, I’ve personally witnessed that the average person seemingly believes that woman don’t, or even can’t, rape. Quite a retarded, unrealistic worldview.

      Claim that a man raped you, the entire neighborhood will gang up to rain hell on the fucker, innocent or not. His career, damn his whole life gets in ruins and if it’s in Brazil his fate will be sealed as soon as he lands in a prison cell. It’s even a great way to try to kill someone there I think?

      Claim that a woman raped you, and you’ll become a laughing stock, and that’s if people even take you seriously after claiming such. At worst she’ll get a slap on the wrist and some time in prison. Nobody, victims and its relatives aside, will be claiming her to be a monster and wanting her killed.

      So yep, that’s the so-called equality I see…

  5. It’s ALWAYS a man getting accused of rape, pffff, and usually they never raped anybody it’s just a lame ass excuse for a bunch of assholes to beat up on someone.
    All you gotta do to get someone beat up is accuse them of rape with ZERO evidence whatsoever and guaranteed a big bunch of neanderthal cavemen will crawl out of caves with sticks in their hands beating their chest. Fuckin idiots. Maybe this guy was just basically bullied by a gang and the person video recording was another gang bully and this victim did nothing to deserve it. Nobody thinks of that though! sounds better that he was a rapist of course.

  6. Brazil is a silly as country and I finally understand where all this white knighting comes from. You notice guys or environments where there’s a strong tough guy culture this seems worse. Maybe not necessarily loving women(or even respecting) just the image of supposedly being a protector. As opposed to the societal opposite of attacking someone something inherently weak. That why guys in prison especially in America try to act like they hate rapists and pedos so much. But it’s fake half the guys in prison and jail have girlfriends and kids they regularly or would regularly beat. Girlfriends or mistresses who there sexually aggressive towards(or savages towards other men snowflakes with women yeah right) up to rape. Yet everybody acts if they have such uncontrollable disdain for rapists or anybody beating a woman until it’s them of course. Not saying they should be respected, because they’re garbage. But as somebody who sees and has seen this enough I know it’s a look at me I’m more manly them him competition.

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