Man Beaten to Bloody Pulp by Drinking Buddies in Ecatepec, Mexico

Man Beaten to Bloody Pulp by Drinking Buddies in Ecatepec, Mexico

On Calle Xochimilco in Ecatepec, Mexico, a man was beaten to a bloody pulp, and stabbed multiple times with a knife, after an argument with drinking buddies.

Nothing like going out drinking with your “buddies”, and ending up barely holding on to dear life.

Ecatepec has been making itself heard lately.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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55 thoughts on “Man Beaten to Bloody Pulp by Drinking Buddies in Ecatepec, Mexico”

  1. That’s what happens when you show up with cheap liquor and drink all the host’s good stuff. Missing the toilet when you gotta leak is also a good reason to have this happen. Seeing as how most social infractions are handled in like manner south of the border, I don’t put it past the motive being so trivial.

    1. “I understand that.
      Pissing on the dang floor.
      Him acting like a dang fool.
      He could have brought this on his self.
      People can’t reason with a drunk man.
      Sometimes this is all they understand.
      This is why I only drink alone.
      In the words of George Thurogood…
      I drink alone,
      Yeah yeah with no body else,
      Yeah you know when I drink alone,
      I prefer to be by myself,
      Just me and my pal buddy wiser,
      And his partner jimmy beam,
      And we drank alone.”

    1. @der-kopfsammler I agree. Sounds like at least one tension pneumothorax if not bilateral. This is exactly what it sounded like when I punctured both of my lungs. As soon as they got me to the hospital they cut two holes in my chest wall between the 2nd and 3rd (don’t quote me on that) and it sounded like poking a hole in a tire, before they put the chest tubes in and drained the blood and fluid. Fuck that was intense, but I was distracted because when they did it my dad fainted, and he’s definitely not faint of heart lmfao.

  2. Discounting western Europe and most of, Africa not included, the ex British colonies, Japan and a few others, the world is full of savages. Empathy towards fellow humans is an alien concept to the majority of the world’s population. I personally wouldn’t step foot in these places gift wrapped. Unfortunately, there are way too many naive westerners whom believe these countries peoples are mostly friendly, hence being chucked off a balcony for example.
    Stick with what you know to be safe I say, why risk otherwise?.
    ( Copied and pasted to trip advisor ). 😛

      1. The muzzie invasion is overblown @hung like a mouse, an exaggeration.
        The Free movement doctrine from the Brussels cabal is the main issue, but, hopefully, now we’re on our way out of that idiotic shambles of an organisation, that will cease.
        The rest of Europe will realise soon enough the favour we Brits did them.

  3. Seriously he’s gonna have the worst hangover of his lifetime .
    With friends like these, who needs enemies yeah
    His moans and groans are enough hint that his drinking buddy was the one who carried anger 😠 on his nose.
    hic hic hurray

  4. Omg I can’t even formulate a joke about this. Just listening to him trying to breath and moving away from the people trying to clean him up; he definitely couldn’t see either. Looks like every bone in his face is broken and I wouldn’t be surprised if he died shortly after this video. That guy trying to feel his face had to be straight agony alone! I feel terrible for him but at the same time, he must have done/said sooomethingggg for his “buddies” to have done that to him. I really don’t think he lived much longer after this; torture just trying to breath. R.I.P. I suppose.

  5. Paramedics should have taken a little more time to get there but then again we wouldn’t have gotten that sweet blood gurgling original song he performed for us. Mexicos Got Talent off to a great start. Bring on the cartel videos!

  6. Don’t fuck with people just to say some shit. You never know what that person has going on. He might be the one. It might be that day. He might be drunk and he might be ready to act out some buried resentment. This dude pushed it. This dude fucked with the wrong one that day.

  7. My mom volunteers at a nursing home. One of the people she visits had this happen to him. His “friends” and a couple family members were all drinking together. When he refused to buy more booze not only did they beat him so badly he is now paralyzed from the chest down and can barely speak, but they robbed him, and dumped him, and left him for dead. he was only 30 when he was placed in the home.

  8. Most incompetent medics ever,, let’s just wipe off his blood that should help him with his collapsed lungs, stab wounds. Just tidying him up for what to die? Where was the Ivs? The pressure bandages the protective head gear? Shit glad I leave in the us!!

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