Man Involved in Robbery of Bakery Lynched by Mob in Kitwe, Zambia

Man Involved in Robbery of Bakery Lynched by Mob in Kitwe, Zambia

In the first week of August, 2017, four bandits robbed Star Bakery in Ndola, Zambia off K300,000 (US$30,000). An anti-robbery squad responded to the call which lead to a shootout in which two policemen and two robbers died.

Two surviving bandits escaped to the nearby city of Kitwe, where one was recognized while wandering in the slums. He was caught and lynched by the angry mob. Two unregistered pistols with six rounds of ammunition were recovered from him.

In the video, a good Samaritan can be heard shouting in their local languages: “mulekeni nafwa kale“, meaning “leave him alone he’s already dead.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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  1. I like these videos better when the person is moving in pain and trying and fighting to live, it makes his death the more ….. should I say enticing and fulfilling!

    Once I see these kind of videos it makes me cherish my life I live and enjoy. Gosh life is good

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      1. why do you come to this site for the news??? I come here to see all this Gore and death! yeah seeing someone die sucks and I don’t wish it but when it happens seeing someone die makes me enjoy my life even more, so yeah I like these videos

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  4. Sad that nobody stood up and tried to help him. I would have been a tourist in the country, but had i been there, i would have pleaded with the mob to stop and attempted to shield him from further attack

    1. It’s not uncommon for robbers to hang out at banks and wait for folks to make large cash withdrawals and follow them. I believe there is another video posted here on BestGore where a father and son pulled out 20k to buy a truck and while on the bus, both were shot dead and the money stolen. Is it possible the bakery was making a large withdrawal for a purchase?

      So who knows. I highly doubt it’s motivated by drugs. Usually in such a case they would kill the bakery owners but in this case they didn’t. They simply took the money. Would a drug dealer allow 4 individuals to walk off with 30k free? I highly doubt it and it wouldn’t be the police getting them. Plus evidence that they were attacked by a angry mob shows that the bakery was possibly well liked or if they were drug dealers, very feared.

    2. So, out of curiosity, I just used a currency converter on google & it turned out that K300000 is only $57.75.

      So, if they were to rob $30000 that would be K155844155.84.

      ( K = Zambian Kwacha )

      Summin’ doesn’t quite add up lol 😛

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