Member of Criminal Gang Cuna Mata Receives Beating from Community in Algeria

Member of Criminal Gang Cuna Mata Receives Beating from Community in Algeria

Member of Criminal Gang Cuna Mata Receives Beating from Community in Algeria

This video was filmed on the 4th of June 2018 in Luanda, Angola. It shows a man being beaten relentlessly with a rusted tin roof, sticks, stones and is even run over with bikes and stomped.

He is a thug with the criminal gang “Cuna Mata” which had been terrorizing the neighborhood for a few days. Finally, the community got fed up with their abuse.

Props to Best Gore member @thegoatrules for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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72 thoughts on “Member of Criminal Gang Cuna Mata Receives Beating from Community in Algeria”

        1. They should take away all their sticks and stones.., they clearly are not playing Nice. Let’s see how they do slinging names at each other. Actually that may just lead to more physical monkeying around.

        2. Thank you Zakaria. I am aware that Angola is overwhelmingly Christian. Yet ,my comment still stands as the overwhelming majority of rapefugees to Europe are headchopper shariah Moslems, in which case this behaviour is very relevant.

          Nothing i say refers to you in any case. You may in fact be an educated secular Moslem .

          1. you’re just brainwashed by the media and the anti refugees propagandas, you should know that refugeeing to other non muslim countries isn’t tolerated in islam and if you had an actual brain you would also know that the governments aren’t sleeping on what you call ”rape” as i said you’re just a dude that believes everything he sees on the internet and think he knows everything.

          2. Yes. You are right because all Moslems love peace and all Moslems have lived in harmony with other religions all of Islam’s history.

            Moslems have contributed to science and medicine in a really big way and are renowned for charity and philanthropy with all people regardless of their religion.

            Here is an idea. If you are so peaceful ,secular and educated, Stay in your own country or go to Saud and Turkey and raise those countries up before you come here to ours and tell us how good and peaceful you are.

            I know you and yours. I read history widely. You are hated by all people you come into contact with. Why is that do you think? Is it because you are peaceful and civilised? Haha

            You are lucky you are flavor of the month with your zioyanquimerkelistani buddies who have weaponised Headchoppers like those you favour. Some of us are not stupid or sold on Uncle Sam’s bullshit with you. We have lived with you and under you for centuries and we do not like you for good reason. You are like a cancer unable to live with the host until you kill it and yourselves because of it. You are deadly and dangerous. Prevention is always better than the cure.

            We are not fooled. Do not preach to me .

            Not many secular Moslem countries left Zako. Most been destroyed by your Uncle across the Atlantic and who does he put in power ;those who believe in the religion of pieces. Funny that isn’t it? What Islam allows that does it? But wont let its people go to Nun muslims. Yeh right.

    1. It’s been proven that lesser IQ in the specific ethnic group = more birth rates. This actually makes sense – in the wild, if your IQ is not high enough to provide organized shelter, food and medical care for everyone, then you can survive by making as much babies as possible, with calculation that most of those babies will die (from sickness, malbutrition e.t.c).

      But in first world countries, medicine doesn’t allow those babies to die. Therefore, those ethnic groups will breed more babies and overthrow the ethnic groups with more IQ by the sheer number.

      Your prophecy is actually starting to realize in every first world country (initially started by high IQ group) that’s been actively accepting the migrants from low IQ communities.

    2. The white-man often speaks of how much stronger his race is… but..
      In all honesty, a white-man would have passed out / away less than 1 minute into this kind of assault. We don’t get this badger toughness from apple pies, sausage gravy, lox, clam chowder, burger, pizza, bbq, grits, shitty potatoes etc …

      1. Yeah, because fried chicken and watermelon is a solid foundation of a healthy diet.
        That nigger just has a thicker skull since it holds a smaller brain.
        … fucking nigger. Please, preach to me about the important contributions of some nigger country in Africa.
        Oh… that’s right. There aren’t any since there isn’t an African country founded by niggers that anyone gives a shit about.

  1. It’s funny , everyone is scared of a bully until that first person steps up, then everybody realises he’s nothing but a bitch .
    I was bullied at school until one day I snapped , it was a real Biff Tannen moment , after that he was nice to everyone he’d ever persecuted because he’d been found out , his power was gone , that’s all bullies are… actors

    1. I hear that brother. I also snapped a few times in school, and one bully even became my friend (not a ‘hang out after school’ friend but a ‘smiling face and hello in school’ friend). Actors is right.

        1. True!
          When i was bullied at school it felt like hell…i couldn’t do anything at that time because i was weak and a coward..
          It changed now though I’m glad i got taller and stronger so i could protect others from being bullied..
          They got sick of it eventually

  2. Oh man, that was 6 1/2 minutes of pure Best Gore video bliss. I’m not even sure what the best part was….
    …the constant rocks and sticks on the head?
    …the sand in the face (haha)?
    …the first bike rollover?
    …the bike wheelie rollover?
    …the dude who went for a kick to the head and missed?
    I do wonder about what led up to the revenge, like how did they catch him. No matter, justice served.

    1. I agree sir, it’s always good to see the africans meting out revenge on their own. I dread to think of the future of europe, vote right wing or far right as they would have you believe. The main parties are all traitors and will get us all killed in this manner. @stevennyc

  3. Justice system doesn’t work and police is corrupt?
    Alright. You got him, beat him badly and for fuck sake, either kill him fast or put him in some prison but stop with sadism or your ass is not better than his.

    Enjoyment in them tells all.

  4. Just checked the local news from that shithole named Angola and looks like “Cuna Mata” is just one urban legend to spread chaos, terror and fear. “Cuna Mata” myth was preceded by one named “Empty Coffin”.

    These low IQ niggers (if mensurable) are dumber than moslem sand niggers.
    Watching videos like this, you can have a glimpse of the future.
    Kalergi jewish wet dream unfolding.

    I also heard rumors that the guy beaten was smuggling Vibranium from Wakanda.

  5. Fucking Savages, letting their very small Children join-in, in the festivities like that. And they all get into it so much, that even the kids seemingly love every minute of,,, “what is for them Pure Entertainment”, and that is sick, and pathetic. Now whether he was guilty, or not, would not make any difference to anyone there, as once the first rock is thrown, they get this crazy rush, and would that alone not make them hunger for more action, and perhaps even more often??
    Now with this being said,,, would that not make these *Village People* quicker than usual to pass judgement on anyone that He, She, or the community as a whole finds fits the bill? Or would deem as different,, a little odd,, quiet,, or even slightly mentally challenged,, and therefore make-up shit, & point the finger at him as a murderer or thief, in order to get some more of that adrenaline rush filled Torture Fest??? Think About it Guys/Gals,,, And again, as i said, *Sick Fucking Savages* 🙁

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