Motorcycle Thief Beaten to Bloody Pulp in Venezuela

Motorcycle Thief Beaten to Bloody Pulp in Venezuela

Video from Venezuela shows the bloody mess that is left of a motorcycle thief after a mob took justice into its own hands.

Guy was beaten to a bloody pulp, leaving behind a paddle of thick blood. When they lift him up at the end of the video, he can barely stand on his two feet.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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31 thoughts on “Motorcycle Thief Beaten to Bloody Pulp in Venezuela”

    1. Sounds like he was crying out “Ma-ma!” in the video. Also, towards the end, it sounded like he was sounding out digits for someone to place a call for him.

      He seemed to be somewhat out-of-shape to be a motorcycle thief. Could be wrong, but my image of a Brazilian motorcycle thief is some scrappy wylie skinny 26 year old that weighs about 114 pounds.

      Also, seems to be a favorite treat in places such as this to run over the body with a motorcycle or dirt bike. I could hear someone revving up a bike engine not far from the cameraman’s position. Perhaps the biker was doing it for added intimidation?

      The cameraman actually did an impressive job. He must’ve made gore vids before and knew to take a few seconds to scan the assembled spectator mob, and a quick shot of the congealed blood mass on the street.

        1. At first he told help mee help me then i´m not rascal, call police man call police please
          other guy: no either police for medicine
          Then told: gave a cell phone number, don´t do this thing man
          get up man though
          get up get up.

          Well, it seems he stole for food in Venezuela people is starving.

  1. You guys think it’s awesome. What I see is hypocracy.

    Do you really believe that the people who beat the hell out of this man never stole anything in their whole lives? Bullshit. None of you can say that either.

    If you have been keeping up on current events, you know that Venezuela has completely imploded. People can’t even buy food down there. I’m sure a lot of people have resorted to stealing in order to survive. I’m not advocating for it, but I understand it.

    Jesus said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” John 8:7

    I do not agree with vigilante “justice”.

  2. Psychological test of the day……..the “motorcycle” more like a piece of a motorized piece of poo. This item was worth tops $400 if that. Thus, would you kill a man or beat a fellow human being if you were paid $400? That is your test of the day folks.

  3. Never again he’s gonna go being one street smart thief let alone steal and ride any bike …………he is mama’s child and they had him wet his own diapers .
    With the bodysize that he has this Motherfucker should have thought of earning his Dough through honest means …….well from now on he’s gonna remember that for good .
    BTW he’s been bathed good in crimson

  4. He cries for police because he knows that they will protect his ass.
    I asure you guys, if there is no police-crime rate would drop rapidly.
    System protecting scums because they spread fear, insecurity and some form of chaos and those monkies in suits love it: Feared society is much easer to control.
    95% of cocroaches in suits, a.k.a. “Politicians” are ones that need to be lynched.

  5. “llamen a la policía” haha..that’s the problem with countries like venezuela, since the government and the police are just another band of thieves, the people is left to their own devices to deal with crime however they see fit, or they can…the results are kind of disturbing

        1. back in argentina, though i had to come back there a couple of times for work stuff, now we have a whole VIGILANTE thing going on here that Im sure is gonna please BG suscriptors to no end with memorable footage haha

  6. Is hilarious how this bastard is calling for his mom. BTW the phone number he’s saying is +58 0424-141-4003.

    PD: someone here said 400$ is not a lot of money, for your information in Venezuela the minimum wage per month is around 20$.

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