Bike Thieves Receive Street Justice in Indonesia

Bike Thieves Receive Street Justice in Indonesia

Bike Thieves Receive Street Justice in Indonesia

Not much backinfo, except that the video is from Indonesia and shows a pair of bike thieves receiving street justice.

The alleged thieves took eight minutes of street justice and even when they got loaded on the bed of a police truck, the populace kept hitting, kicking and stomping them.

Props to Best Gore member @dian21guns for the video:

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44 thoughts on “Bike Thieves Receive Street Justice in Indonesia”

  1. This happens a lot.
    I personally wouldn’t join the lynching but I will not stop them, after all, if you don’t hit them, they’d try to run away even after getting surrounded.
    Beating them half to death is better than letting them escape to cause anymore damages.

    1. Ahhh Indonesia!!! The land of ten million flip flops! I counted 1 pair of shoes and a potato phone too! What a beautiful shit hole!Bahaha! Ha ha and it rained that day! I had no idea flip flops could do so much damage- lol those soft rubber foam bottoms- so deadly on the feet! Those guys got kicked every 3 minutes! Don’t steal in Indonesia or else you will feel the flip flops!

      1. I never thought flip flops could be so deadly. they drew blood even. I never paid much attention to flip flops until BG. Always hated them though. ever since I was a kid. I had a pair of them cheep yellow ones, I’ll never forget. I had not started school yet and was at the bus stop with my sister and my cousin one morning. I had my homemade bow and one store bought arrow. A BlueBay landed on a tree limb way in the top of an oak tree. huge oak tree, we would play chase running around it stepping on the roots as we ran around it without ever touching the ground. if you touched the ground, you were out. anyway, I shot my arrow at that Blue Jay and the arrow stuck stuck in the tree limb just under the jay’s belly. It had been raining that morning and a few mud puddles around. I decided i would run to the house to get my bb gun and kill that Jay, my cousin and I loved to hunt birds with our homemade bow and store bought arrows. Well, i took off toward the house. I ran through a mud puddle and hidden underneath out of sight was a tree root. I caught my big toe on that root and took my big toenail off. Hated flip flops ever since. I was at the DR office the other day and in come this old man. he had an old Pair of faded Liberty overalls on. had a dirty rag hanging out of his back pocket with damn flip flops on. I live in north east Alabama. Flip flops have made it here even. I hate them. hate to look at them. When someone comes in a room with flip flops on. my eyes are drawn to them . I go bare footed all the time. unless i go to town once or twice a month. my feet are tough as hell. I go deer hunting most of the time barefooted. If it snows i wear socks. I am a country boy and proud of it.

        1. I put blue jays in the same category as starlings. Hell, I’m four weeks shy of my 70th and have a fondness for cardinals and bluebirds.

          Losing a toe nail or finger nail is right along the lines of getting a black eye. As a kid, of course. Providence willing, I won’t be into that sort of thing anytime soon (7 years approx (per the federal candidate standard)).

  2. Animals! These are peoples that can only be compared to animals. Democracy over there does not exist. Stealing is wrong, but it is inadmissible to treat a person like that. You suck, you are peoples who can only be compared to the Middle Ages

  3. So do Indonesians call flip-flops “shit-stompers”?
    Frankly, I’d be afraid of stubbing my toe on someone’s face! Or maybe getting my pinky toe stuck in a nostril.
    I really love the Indo-cops version of the ‘paddy-wagon’, the
    “paddy-pickup”. LMFAO

    1. From what I’ve heard and seen when I travelled to Indonesia, it rains a lot during monsoon season. Unless you have got waterproof boots it makes no sense to wear shoes there. They have very poor drainage systems ( actually nonexistent sewage systems)… so yeah they wear flip flops to avoid the wet shoe and sock issues! Also in some parts- they remove their footwear before entering the house-my guess is flip flops are faster!

  4. It was a nice video I could had a good laughs however the beating was way too light in my point of view, they should’ve been more hardcore, there were too many people they could’ve do something better with that amount in overall, im a dissatisfy

  5. Kind of half hearted lynching if you ask me. Now, Africa, that’s where they do a good lynching. Full baying mob, a severe beating and then they burn you until your skeleton is on fire. That’s like the Full English Breakfast of the lynching world. Proper.

    The guy filming it should’ve joined in with some of the beating. Then we could be a part of a virtual lynching, like one of those virtual POV porn videos. There may be a business op here.

    I saw one of the men was wearing wearing crocs for fucks sake. How hard can you kick a thief when you’re wearing crocs? In the police report can they truly say, “Suspect was the victim of a croc attack”

    1. yeah they should have crushed their ankle with it or couple of fingers. thieves need to be punished in more harsh way. look at EU and USA, thieves LAUGH at laws, they keep on stealing and keep on laughing. if you steal and get caught red handed, they should cut off your finger and provide no medical aid, they should let you suffer. next time you steal, they should cut your hand off and 3rd time, public execution and victim will get to choose how thief dies.

  6. if they really were thieves, then it was very enjoying to watch. made my moment. I’m not violent, but i fucking HATE thives. if someone steals from me and i’d have chance to beat them up, i wouldn’t hesitate. and i can be far more sadistic. i would have driven over their ankles with the bike they stole and broken at least 1 of their fingers so bad, that it wouldn’t heal properly. so they will always have a reminder of what happens if you fucking steal!

    i like the cops in that country, they just throw those thieves on back of the truck like trash and let people beat them some more. in EU they call ambulance and treat you like you’re near death even if you have tiny scratch on your finger… i wish EU had such cops, we could use some of that. instead we have whining little spoiled brats who do and say whatever they want and you can’t do anything about it, or you’re the one who ends up in jail. fucking hate it… EU is being turned into spoiled brat land, where whining and crying gets you everything.

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