Pair of Assailants Beaten After Robbery Attempt in Ecatepec

Pair of Assailants Beaten After Robbery Attempt in Ecatepec

In Ecatepec, Mexico, a pair of assailants reportedly attempted to rob van transport passengers with a fake gun, but their bluff was exposed, and the passengers quickly turned on them.

The video shows the assailants stripped down to the underwear, and with bloody faces after apparent beating. The police are in no rush to help these fuckers.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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35 thoughts on “Pair of Assailants Beaten After Robbery Attempt in Ecatepec”

    1. not really for the people. but in this case as in many they dont get involved, theres a video recently from mexico city where a guy who was beat up and robbed, is asking cops for help and they laugh at the guy. the police in mexico has very few good and honest people left.

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    1. @african-angel It’s funny that you mentioned that because I was thinking almost the same thing. They’re extremely lucky all they received was a few lumps on the noggin, a bloody nose, and a little bit of humiliation in their tightie whiteys. In your part of the world they’d get beaten immobile then lit the fuck on fire lol. Just out of curiosity have you ever had the opportunity to see a lynching in person? I always enjoy your content but always have been curious to know if you live near one of those areas that do that sort of thing.

      1. Nope! Never been there. Most of these lynchings happens in some urban slums where people receive ”capital” punishment to stealing a single potato. Those that occurs in the villages (jungles with few thatched hats and plenty of wildlife) are associated with witchcraft whilst those in ”civilized” central business districts are associated with gaysm and lesbians. Actually we don’t have much gays in the sub-saharan africa. Those accused are males who behaves like women or vice versa.

  1. Loving the limp wrist comment ! I watched and thought who shaved Chewbacca and I could just see some of those batman pow and zap signs when the rocks hit.If that is Mexican police in action,god help a murder victim.

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