Pizza Delivery Guys Deliver Beating to Cell Phone Thief

Pizza Delivery Guys Deliver Beating to Cell Phone Thief

Pizza Delivery Guys Deliver Beating to Cell Phone Thief

On Sunday June 28, 2020, at Avenida Dr. Antônio Gomes de Barros, in Jatiúca, Maceió, Brazil, a thief reportedly attempted to steal a cell phone from a pizza delivery guy. Joined by other pizza delivery guys who were on duty at the time, the group delivered beating to the thief on the street.

They should have taken the pizza boxes off and put on flip flops. Nevermind the flip flops – they already had them. Then they may have been able to deliver proper beating to the miscreant. This doesn’t even count as Brazilian.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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93 thoughts on “Pizza Delivery Guys Deliver Beating to Cell Phone Thief”

      1. Yes! Never a good day though when you’re getting your ass beat by the pizza guy. At that point I believe one should re-evaluate their life choices that lead them to this. And make appropriate changes to prevent a recurrence.

    1. i am from brazil.. and yesss weee love our pizza.. but, let me tell u.. i been o argentina for many years and the pizza there, specially the ‘fugazetta’ is one of the best


    1. I never bother with their tracking ap either. My pizza delivery driver has a 14,500 watt stereo in his delivery vehicle. I know exactly where he’s at all the time. Once the Pile Subs kick in, I usually order an additional sandwich, and Shit that one out too.

        1. You done fucked up now. Next time you order, I’m gonna make sure you get pizzaarrhea. And why do you always try to give the delivery guy just the tip? You have to pay for the pizza too, ya jew.

    1. I use to deliver pizzas years ago. It all depends on what kind of box the pizza is in. A sturdy box will prevent the pizza from creating too much heat/humidity, causing the box to buckle downward a bit.

      I usually opened the box, grabbed a beer and shot the shit with a few locals at the pub. By then, the pizza was cold enough, to where it became a non issue at this point.

      1. When I was part timing as a pizza delivery nog many years ago, my favorite thing would be when I would be walking through a bar in a hotel and some drunk idiots would offer me $100 for the pizza. I’d just call up the store and have them make me another one for the fuckas that were actually supposed to get it. And then there were those dipfucks who pay you in cash and then give you a funny look and ask for their $.17 back. Are you fucking kidding me???

        1. Good for you on the drunken fools. Unfortunately, I ended up working for a pizza joint, where I had to drive all the way cross town to a major university. I was cash strapped at the time, so I put my little Honda to work. It made me enough money, until I found something else. It was during the great meltdown of 2008.

          btw: if you spend all your time delivering pizzas to college students, you’ll end up not having enough money to pay attention, believe me. 🙁

          1. It was about 2004 & 2005 when I was doing it for two different places. I remember I quit the second place around the time the Razor flip phone came out. When gas started going up, the tips stopped coming in and I said fuck it, this ain’t worth the bullshit and the wear and tear on my car. And I had some pretty creepy deliveries where I was very glad I had a gun, knife and a flashlight on me. I had about four other jobs at the time anyways.

          2. That reminds me, the first one I worked for was Pizza Slut. The manager was an ex-con who paid me to buy him beer during my delivery runs. He fired me one night for not tucking my shirt in. We nearly got robbed a couple nights. One day some homeless dude stabbed someone outside and another night three niggers came in and stayed there for like FOUR HOURS. I remember doing a chamber check on my .32 at least twice that night. We were on the verge of calling the police then they finally left when we were closing. The building got remodeled a few years ago and now it’s some redneck crackerbox church. Fun times.

        1. Charles Darwin (aka natural-selection-2)…

          You’re absolutely right!

          I forgot all about that. The company I delivered for didn’t have them. However, I’ve seen them on other pizzas.

          Thanks for the update! 🙂

  1. Ah. I always like to see thieves get beaten up, lol.
    This was the first guy shown in the clip in grey T-shirt. Don’t know how he managed to try to steal a phone between the first and last shot of him on film.

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  3. Just to give you an idea. Here in Brazil there is a type of delivery “delivery” in which you can order anything “Whatever you want” .. You will see the thief asked ‘I want to be beaten by everyone “

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