Robber Beaten, Kicked and Zapped with Stun Gun in Manaus, Brazil

Robber Beaten, Kicked and Zapped with Stun Gun in Manaus, Brazil

In the Northern Zone of Manaus, state of Amazonas, Brazil, a robber allegedly attempting to rob a person near Shopping Via Norte, was caught and delivered beating with kicks and stun gun zaps.

According to the mob, the robber was armed and kept shooting at the pursuing group until he ran out of ammo. Then he got his ass beat.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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41 thoughts on “Robber Beaten, Kicked and Zapped with Stun Gun in Manaus, Brazil”

          1. at least it would be your own choice to blow brains out. hmm..
            .debbie harry is beautiful if not gorgeous and has voice of an angel but real star is kermit ♥
            be kind

    1. Why is it that every video on this site is 5-10 minutes to short. We never really see the full outcome of anything. In the tv/media industry it’s called “B-roll”. Just let that camera keep filming and let us be entertained. This guy could very well be dead but we will never know (unless you look up the story in the news or other sources). Hell they could of beat him up a little more than picked him up to have a shot and a beer (highly doubt that but still). I’m sure I speak for everyone on this site, we want more footage!!! 25 seconds is just a tease.

  1. dude,
    these brazilians are nuts. It’s just like another day at the market for these fucks. They just come out of nowhere and kick the guy in the head as easy as buying a bag of vegetables . They are really fuckin savage people.

  2. God bless the vigilante movements in Brazil. Doing the work of cops for no pay and all personal risk, to protect public and private decency, deserves respect.

    I like to see thieves being beaten instead of taking someone else’s stuff.

  3. What a fucking piece of shit cunt motherfucker gone shoot at people he tried to rob and get caught and handled.
    Next time he attempts such a stupid act he should save the last bullet in his gun and off himself FFS.

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