Super Tan Thief Caught, Tied to Pole, Delivered Street Justice

Super Tan Thief Caught, Tied to Pole, Delivered Street Justice

A thief in Brazil, who could act as a raisin in the sun, got caught and quickly delivered street justice. Young delinquent is tied around the waist on a pole and put on display next to a busy street; subdued thief gets smacked, whacked, and battered by angry crowd. A motorcyclist shows up to offer support on the behalf of the crowd and offers his helmet as a hitting device. The young criminal seems perplexed as to why he is getting such harsh treatment; man in yellow has a hard on for young man’s comeuppance. He should count himself lucky he did not get caught thieving in the ghetto, also known as a favela in Brazil.

89 thoughts on “Super Tan Thief Caught, Tied to Pole, Delivered Street Justice”

          1. He wouldn’t have minded too much. He went to steal in a town where he is not well known or where his friends are not at. Right? Lol, probably not.

          2. Oh no, he’s fucked. Somehow those primitives learned how to use smart phones… monkey see, monkey do?… fuckers are getting smarter every day…

  1. Take “THAT” You thieving little Gypsy-Looking Cockrrrroach Ya!
    If it look, and walks like A Duck, then there’s a hell of a good chance Boys, & Girls,,, That It Is Indeed Is A Motherfucking Duck!!! So Quack, you *Yet To Immigrate* Foreign Economy Slurpin Gypsy-Cunt Ya, 🙁

      1. I Would Love Nothing More Than to Help Feed The Poor, Cause Jesus always said, and I Quote,,,
        “It’s Always Better To Give, Than To Receive” So it would be such An Incredibly Nice Gesture If Both Of Us Could Fly Down,,, Find Him,,, And Then,,, We Could Feed Him ALL We Gots,,, No??

    1. That was a life-changing event. There are only 2 possible outcomes: 1) it will change his brain for the better. I’ve seen people on tv who get hit in the head and they get smarter. 2) he’ll get brain damage which would make him more retarded to the point that he’d even consider stealing in a favela. I hope he gets the 1st possibility but considering this is the real world and how much of a shithole Brazil is I think the latter would probably most likely occur.

      1. the arsehole is effectively a reset button…

        if you need to calm down after something then just stick your finger up your arse… for a thorough cleansing of the soul, fuck yourself up the arse with something…

        true story…

        1. This should pique your interest. The county just laid some high capacity pipe. The soil was gravely, so it was really hard and deep. The culvert is completed and the tremendous flow is no longer diverted. The township is totally satisfied, even though it’s bare, because the county paid to cover it up.

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