Thief Barely Alive After Vicious Beating, Clubbing and Stoning

Thief Barely Alive After Vicious Beating, Clubbing and Stoning

I don’t have a clue where this video is from. It could be Venezuela but that’s an uneducated guess so I’m gonna have to leave it to our resident detectives to determine the most probably location.

The video captures a vicious beating of a thief by a mob. The thief was caught stealing and got beaten, clubbed and stoned. He survived (at least for the duration of the video), but you could tell he was in rough shape by the end of it.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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98 thoughts on “Thief Barely Alive After Vicious Beating, Clubbing and Stoning”

  1. That’s wasnt too bad compared to others. They stopped and didn’t throw the center block on his head just his back.

    Don’t steal kids.

    I do like how he his behind the woman at the beginning. Lol

    1. I was waiting for a cinder block to the head but it never came. Yea he looks like he got off fairly easy considering what we usually see.
      And he was desperate enough to sacrifice the lady and use her as a shield lol that had me cracking up.

      1. I noticed the diaper too.
        I guess he was stripped and made to wear it, so that when he vacates his bowels during the beating…..
        Oh gosh that doesn’t make sense. It makes more sense for him to defaecate in his own clothes, it’s much more humiliating.

    1. For sure…@Long Haired Dude
      I laughed when he used the girl at the beginning lol 😀
      It was soft I think. It could have been worse…
      That look on his face at the end is priceless though. Sad?? lol
      Baby is sad? Baby stole something? Bad baby…( diaper reference )

  2. It’s like “Come visit Africa & Brazil!” (Disclaimer) ‘Where We Beat The Living Shit Out If Ya.!!’ LMAO ! Then the fine print is like ‘ Occasionally Philippines, Russia, China, Middle East, & Sometimes MURICA’.!!’ Like when they talk really fast on those medicine commercials..

  3. I don’t why the jerky boys come to mind. Cause of the guy who came out w the mop. Lol. Roofing one. Hello roofing. U sent Two Mexicans to fix my roof.. They think they’re cute. They’re up there Hitting EACHOTHER w the hot mops. My wife goes up there poking around like she knows what the fuck she’s doing. I fired her down into the living room. BAMMMMM!!! I’m silly. Lol. Omg they were the best. FRANK RIZZO. R I Z Z O!!!!

  4. You know, some people function normally without having to beat people to death (or nearly) for shit that didn’t concern them personally.

    Wonder how “these people” would act if they actually had to obey any form of structural justice. To do such acts to another person and walk away with a sense of entitlement when your just as much shit now for what you did.

    The justice system in the US isn’t perfect, but at least were not out beating people to death for stealing, or ripping out hearts and picking out eyes in prison. (And if it did happen, their are consequences, unlike some places)

    Save your, oh well we have blah blah good cops bad cops shit in this argument.

    Fucking savages.

    1. Well said Bella, stealing as a kid pales in comparison to what these savages did. Imagine thinking taking the life of a young kid who probably didn’t know much better and was struggling desperately to survive is justice. We should always live and let live, and find non violent methods of recourse.

    2. @bellazombe. Yessssss, in these third world countries we see way toooooo often the outcome of stealing. Most kids are most def warned I’m sure that this is what will happ TO YOU IF YOU STEAL. in our country people know this will most likely not happen so they steal w no consequence in mind . We do have strict rape laws and Prison justice. Especially women and children being harmed by some scumbag. However we just don’t have footage first hand to see the act of torture. These mother fuckers have iPhones to record eyeball picking. Btw that video is up there on my top ten. When he ripped that FRIGGEN eyeball out and they were laughing. Sicccck as it gets !! They have savage FRIGGEN weaponry, and flips flops and hookers. Phones are in our prison system. Not everyone gets one though. Seems like u go away in Brazil you get a bed , blanket, soap, iphone7 plus , 4 Foot shank and a hooker. Lol. when there’s no order in a country. People will run wild. I’m happy w the police in New York!!! And surrounding states. Coming to this site has opened my eyes to how great I really have it here in my country! Great post Bella!!!!

      1. horseshoes are generally considered rather lucky, although there are many contradictory points of view, I believe hanging a horseshoe upside down is bad luck as it allows all good luck to spill and fall out. there is also much debate on how many nails one must use to secure it. way too many variables with this one I opt out

  5. He got a light beatdown because he stole the two pairs of nasty ass black shoes that look like there gona start growning roots if stay next to that tree for to long and tryed selling them back to the guy in the blue shirt who comes out of the house pissed off

  6. Stealing diapers can be dangerous and painful in these countries, food and water are contaminated, people have very often diarrhea and there is a lack of diapers at their disposal, stealing diapers is one big crime over there…that’s why we need the wall or we are all going to get diarrhea…

  7. These subhuman negroid creatures are most definitely a sub-species of the human race. They are truly at their most dangerous when worked up in a frenzy with others of their kind. It doesn’t matter where in the world it occurs – they always resort to the lowest, most base animalistic behaviour. This can be said in general for all the “mud races”. I am not being “racist” – this is confirmed over and over again, proving the scientific method. I want nothing to do with these creatures.

  8. I hope he stole something of value if anything. It be sad if it was over such a thing as flip flops, or a pack of pens, Christ sake even crayons. I get it third world, poorest of the poor, but aint the assult and battery alone, via mass beat down thrice as worse. No body ever left w/all their possessions. Mobbing for the wrong reason if you ask me. But I’m liable to the noose like every other. And he had a diaper on, maybe he was a tad suhduhduhhhhh… 2017, still a ways too go.

  9. Vicious beating?! Hahaha dont make me laugh FFS. I’ve beat my meat harder than that, and HE stood up tall and came back for more!!! Didn’t pretend to be unconscious to avoid further tickling and nipple flicking. Fucking puff…

  10. Check that face and demeanor after he stand up and turn. He is angry and scared, more angry than scared. He need to be only scared and THAT do a job. They failed. He fake it by not moving. They fall believing him. Lesson definitely NOT learned. Few punches after that were welcomed. Scumbag pass by pretending.
    He will do it again 100%

    Forgive my damn English.

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