Thief Beaten All Over Inside Favela and Quickly Repents

Thief Beaten All Over Inside Favela and Quickly Repents

He did something he was not suppose to… inside a favela, and was quick to repent; “It hurts, I’m not gonna do it any more!!” We do see how the one flip-flop makes appearance in this one!

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          1. Well .. a Dirty Harry special has a nice noise & action, but for a useless black niggler, I normally use my compound bow !! It goes right thru a fckn telegraph pole, so why not a druggie, spermbanked space wastin’ niggler?? P o w ! ! Mmmm

          2. That’s two good weapons you got there bro!
            A bow which can go through a telegraph pole. ( I think they’re made from beech, so one of the densest and hardest woods)
            You could pin three nigs together with that.
            And a .357 .
            Two good weapons for when on the move. That’s if, and or when the need arises.
            E.g an all out world war situation, or natural disaster.
            Or maybe you will be on your own private mission.
            You have to go on foot the rest of the way , and it’s 50 miles from the target and through tough terrain. So a light weight compound bow which can be carried hanging over the shoulder or strapped on your back; is the ideal weapon.
            The .357 obviously carried in a holster. Or in the hand.
            Your good to go.
            Obviously with the bow and magnum. Depending on what the scenario was. It goes without saying to carry other weapons.
            With the bow strapped flat across your back, you could have say an AR15, nice and lightweight.
            A good quality garrotte. A hunting knife, very sharp, six inch blade is ideal.
            Again depending on the scenario you might need other things, maybe a couple grenades. Phosphorus grenades are good for groups of niggers. Just chuck one among the group and the evil phosphorus will spray out and do it’s work.
            Frag grenades ok but heavier than phosphorus grenades.
            Along with the above weapons and again depending on what the scenario is and the situation requires you could carry additional weaponry.
            I’d definitely also carry a one handed axe, very lightweight but a deadly weapon for close up fighting, again if the situation requires. I recommend the one handed Viking axe from ‘Cold Steel’. Very versatile weapon, you can chop, stab, slice, hammer and hook with the Viking axe. It’s lightweight and perfectly balanced when in the hand. And on the move , the head of the axe sits in a sheath with simply attaches to your belt. With the handle hanging down your thigh.
            Or you could have it on your shoulder, but you’ve got your bow tbere so better from the waist. Also good for cutting wood obviously.
            You might also want to take some additional weapons.
            For me the above is enough, all I’d add to it would be night goggles and a good quality pair of knuckle dusters.
            Maybe some gas spray . Snooker ball in a sock. But that would definitely be enough I reckon to deal with a lot of situations.

          3. As for me it depends on range. For example close range 12 gauge shotgun with 00 buck. Moderate range say up to 100 meters ak 7.62 x39 is more then adequate. As for me I like a challenge I would go with 7mm mag from roof top up to 500 clicks. First shot being center body mass, then wait for the other negros to try and rob their fallen brother and just control your breathing steady trigger pull using center first pad on index finger and pile the scavenging negros up taking time to allow the barrel to cool every 5 to 6 rounds depending on weight. Just remember when they are in the sight the rifle should always surprise you a little when it goes off that means you are the steadiest.

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      1. But @Greaser
        I Thought So Too At The Beginning, But That Was Because “Stupid Me” Had Only Watched The First Half Of The Full Video before being interrupted by the phone, and never thinking to watch the rest, figuring it was just more of the same, and Laying Down My First Comment.

        But After Watching The Whole Thing A Couple of Times,,, Whoaaa I Then Took Notice To Just How Many Times This Poor Dude, or Man, took shots to his Shin, ouchhh Man! I Could Literally Feel Those Repeated Whacks To His Shin Bone, lol. I’m Sure That You’ve hit your shin on a Car Trailer Hitch Before, and remember just how painful it was, eh??? lol. Funny how we seam to forget shit like that so quickly. And After Seeing One Of Those Guys Ending-Up Breaking His 2X4 on The Dudes Bones,,, I Would Rather Take A Good Wacking On The Head And Getting Knocked Me Da-Fuck-Out Instead Dude, lol. 😉

  1. is it just me or was there an extra flip flop there? Was he stealing high end havaianas aka flip flops? Because if he was that just pathetic and deserves to be beaten LMFAO notice how his flip flips go flying during the beatdown omg this is awesome.

  2. @VnjnZ (Vengeance)

    Can You Believe That He Is Showing A Total Lack Of Respect, For What Iv’e heard in the Background, Will Soon Become Brazil’s New Flag,,, *Ze-Flip-Flop*. And He Should Have Gotten A Much Harder Beating For Flipping His Flop Alone, And Then Shot For Having The Nerve To Step On It, While It Rubs It In The Dirt? The Nerve Of Dat-Cunt, lol.

    1. @seraphim-serenata

      The chick says.. “why the delay? I’m filming it!” ”
      …from the neck down!”
      I don’t know what happened, but Mr.Pinata was gently pointing their choice of wood seemed dangerous with corners and metal bits… Did he learned his lesson? I favela there are more rules than ‘not stealing’… Again, I don’t now what he did, but he was quickly to say he won’t do it again 😛

  3. Mexican Narcos are made of much sterner stuff than this piece of shit…no matter what kind of snuff film they are the star of those people seldom say shit…even being flayed alive they don’t scream like that.

  4. Dear god,

    Please give best gore a video of that cunt filming this being decapitated and burned.
    Please have the other homos dismembered amd skinned with a chainsaw so that we all may partake in viewing their removal from this world.
    A Fuckin men! Allah oh fuckbar! And a partridge in a pear tree.

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