Thief in Brazil Punished by Having Fingers Cut Off

Thief in Brazil Punished by Having Fingers Cut Off

Video from Brazil kind of shows (I say kind of, because it was filmed at night so you need some imagination to see what’s going on) a thief being punished by having his fingers chopped off with a machete.

The mob, while ruthless enough with their punishment, took a step to ensure the hand is not unnecessarily damaged, so instead of slashing at the hand with the blade, and thinking the blows will land where intended, the blade was placed on the target body part and hammered with a piece of wood.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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99 thoughts on “Thief in Brazil Punished by Having Fingers Cut Off”

    1. If chopping off fingers is their punishment for thieves with sticky fingers, what do they do to rapists?

      And if this dude squeals with just getting his fingers chopped off, imagine how much fun it would be to watch him get his penis and balls sliced off!

      1. That depends. Often, when someone watches videos of other men having their junk treated roughly, we call that gay porn. Of course, this would be a unique branch of that cinematic genre in that the video starts as a gay porno and ends as tranny porn…

          1. LMAO @Brokeback !……….Its more intense than the forplay
            it easily gets ya your quickest orgasm I’d say
            and as per the latest findings if someone’s cock has dysfunctionality all he needs to do is to listen to ‘Alluha Akbar’ at high decibel levels for an hour or so and he will have his cock stand right up looking out for a nearest fuck and that’s guaranteed .

  1. Lol well that was amusing. But something tells me he hasn’t learnt his lesson. Even dogs know not to stick their noses where it hurts but these damn petty thieves are a different kind of animal entirely, dumb fucks never learn. Next to rapists they’re the worst kind of criminal.

  2. Refreshng as ever like a sip of chilled coke.
    Brazil Infact need to be thanked a million times for letting the gore sites feel forever unsatiated .
    Without Brazil most of the gore sites would be nothing
    Brazil just lets all kinds of gore rain day in and night out .
    Brazil is a bitch it likes fucking its own goddamn arse whatever the hour .

  3. “Daddy, how come you don’t have fingers on that hand?”

    “Baby, what happened to your hand?”

    “I’m sorry, sir, you need to put down the nature of your injury on your work application.”

    Ah, a life sentence.

    1. Now that you sang that rhyme the question is will this 3rd world degenerate come around the mountain or not ?
      Aww!! beat it cause thats not important
      Gotta ask ya what it is that has you in a jolly good mood
      cracked a lotto or something ? if I may ask
      May I suggest changing your avi to the one before this
      the one in the sepia tone

  4. I haven’t watch the video yet. I’m waiting for my French fries. But judging from the cover pic of the post. It looks like he’s smiling right? Reminds me of the Russian spy laughing through his execution. But this guy is laughing through his fingers amputations.

  5. that shit hurt and the thief would have been better off with 1 hard final blow than the tap, tap,tap and sawing that was done. if youve ever smashed your finger or thumb with a hammer you know your digits are very sencitive. better than being shot but who hires a guy with no fingers? its not america with equal rights, if he stold from unemployment and poverty didnt this doom him? they will kill him next theft so is he not dead in a little time?

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