Thief Caught Stealing Gets Hand Smashed with Brick

Thief Caught Stealing Gets Hand Smashed with Brick

Thief Caught Stealing Gets Hand Smashed with Brick

In the province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina, a thief caught trying to commit robbery in the neighborhood was delivered beating by the angered populace.

After the delivery of a few face blows, the failed robber began to weep. This was not it for him, as after that the captors smashed his hand with a brick.

Props to Best Gore member @kike004 for the video:

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38 thoughts on “Thief Caught Stealing Gets Hand Smashed with Brick”

    1. Lame. The psychological torture is what these fucks dont get. 1. Gag the motherfucking crybaby cunt. 2. Strip them and tie them up. 3. I bitch slap cunts way harder than that. Make that fuck bleed..knock some teeth out, cut an ear off. Break his nose.

  1. OH well. These vigilantes did more to “rehabilitate” the thief than the official Argentine justice system would have done. Kudos. Argentine tax money can go towards other things than keeping that bumhole in prison.

  2. wow he got off easy. another mangina pass cause they cry? wtf is going on with all these snow flakes. I would of came back with a bowling ball and made sure both hands were pancakes. And hes got a nice pair of feet to smash too so hes in wheel chair rest of his life. thats how you stop someone from robbing you for good. I was getting popcorn out and once again they get off easy…

  3. This seemed a little gay to me. They really should have smashed his hand so he’ll remember what happens when you steal. This fucker will be thieving again in a few days. He’ll be caught again and not be so lucky.

  4. Only in South America would we see someone get their hand smashed with a croc sandal. Their trademark sandals are so big that they think it’s a fuckin’ weapon down there. Well. Congrats on teaching yet again another Portuguese nigger on what happens when you steal.

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