Thief Caught Stealing in Iztapalapa, Mexico Delivered Street Justice

Thief Caught Stealing in Iztapalapa, Mexico Delivered Street Justice

Thief Caught Stealing in Iztapalapa, Mexico Delivered Street Justice

In Iztapalapa, a suburb of Mexico City in Mexico, a thief was caught trying to burglarize a house. Residents caught him and delivered street justice to his sorry ass.

Best Gore member @dmian explains:

The alleged thief, identified as Jordan, was surprised by the victims and then fled down the street. A group of neighbors who saw the scene joined the chase, and when they caught Jordan, they beat him and dragged him.

No sympathy for thieves from me. Many thanks for the video, @dmian:

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35 thoughts on “Thief Caught Stealing in Iztapalapa, Mexico Delivered Street Justice”

  1. Someone out there said, “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” But you can hire an internet service and go to BG and see how assholes like this get the beating of their life which is almost the same …
    What can I say, seeing this makes me happy, very happy.

      1. I thought exactly the same. Perhaps they did not want to be judicially implicated …
        Because, sooner or later (always later, than sooner) the pigs will arrive, “to do their job” and split skulls.

  2. puta madre, puta madre, puta madre.
    Is that the only insult Mexican people know? No wonder why most of them turn to selling drugs, joining cartels and stealing. They can’t even expand their vocabulary. Must be something in the Aztec blood.

    1. “Rata” is slang for “ratero” which is “thief”
      When somebody snitches we simply call them “dedo” as in “finger” as in “he/they pointed the finger” like when someone tells and points at you.

      Dude Jordan from the video is clearly a thief, no doubt. They even call him “pinche rata” then right at the end they tell him
      “Muy verga robando” which in proper context means “you’re stealing all fucking fresh” and that’s like saying that “he was shamelessly stealing all casual and fresh not worried bout getting caught”

    1. Or they might be sitting in their vehicles with the radio tuned up with some good old country music, Jacking off and eating a jelly donut some cops do that you know especially the ones who come home and beat their wives because they got fucked with at the station or didn’t get payed enough.

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