Thief Delivered Beating Loses Consciousness from Blow to Head

Thief Delivered Beating Loses Consciousness from Blow to Head

Thief Delivered Beating Loses Consciousness from Blow to Head

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Manaus, state of Amazonas, Brazil. The video shows local twinks delivering beating to an alleged thief.

Armed with clubs, the mob initially wanted the thief to lay his hands on the step next to him, so they can beat them to a pulp. But the accused thief instinctively retracted his hands, which prompted the mob to unleash the clubbing on any part of his body they could land.

At around 0:17, somebody lands a blow square on top of his head, knocking him the fuck out, and judging by how tensely he bent his wrist, causing damage to the brain. He remained unconscious for a bit, but whereas the mob resumed the clubbing, the pain eventually made him come to.

The mob kept pulverizing his knees and arms, and only stopped when one of them hit and broke the water pipe to the house. I think this guy will be a vegetable for a bit, if not the rest of his life.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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      1. For realz yo! This video made me feel all giddy inside, and my only reaction was to “lol” in a very literal sense. Holy crap, that was hilarious. Bookmarking this one for future use any time I find myself in a bad mood, or just need to get in a good laugh. These creatures really are quite entertaining. I wonder if I could find a few of them for myself to keep in the yard, and see how they interact. Could be rather rewarding pets!

    1. I do think we live in the age where eventually we will nuke each other back to the stone age. Nuclear weapons weren’t invented for no reason and there’s been so many times we’ve been close to nuclear war. God willing it comes soon

    1. Too right. Id do the same to the gypos who raided my garage. I have pressure pads now silent alarmed to my bed and crossbow ready to have me some torture fun if it happens again. I cant wait.

    1. Um, Jack, that’s because female thieves are generally punished a lot less severely than males. They might just get a haircut, and if they play possum for 20 mins, pretending to be hurt, just a few slaps here and there.

      1. Generally isn’t ‘all the time’. I recall one taking a pounding to both her hands like they were gonna do to this guy and the bitch hardly uttered a sound the whole time. I’d link it but can’t be bothered tracking it down.

  1. Another reason to not bother planning a trip to see that statue there. Americans have committed genocide various times, have thousands of mercenaries on payroll everywhere wonder why they never really bothered causing carnage in brazil. Perhaps not many natural resources worth invading……

    1. @cockasion
      That’s about all that they have going-on over there that’s worth seeing in that shit-hole, violent Cuntry. But as you stated in your comment it’s not worth our life ta see-it that’s for fucking sure
      B-G brother.

        1. @lamuerteghost
          Now that was not a nice thing to say about your Best-Gore Family Brother. We dedicate our lives in these pages to uncover, and hopefully awaken Good Population on Earth to all of The Evil Things That The Zionist-Jews do and have been doing to us and our Children forever.

          So please let me ask you,,, why would you say such a thing about us all, are you a Jewish person Yourself, and feel offended at all of the crimes against humanity, and the fact that we keep on (with 100% proof) exposing, like their sick-love of Pedophilia that they continue on doing to the Earth’s innocent Children??? 🙁

  2. Screaming like a little bitch while he gets beat-up by 3 dudes with 2×4’s is warranted/accepted, but only this one time, cause that’s brutal, and would hurt more than Prolapsed-Cunt, me th

    I Doubt that this poor guy will ever walk normal again, if he will be able at all. He might as well go to England once better and apply for funds from the ministry of silly walks! 😉

  3. I don’t think that the broken water line stopped the beating.
    I think that the broken water line is when the recording stopped but I can see the clubbing continuing well after the video ended.
    Let’s hope I’m correct and expect a second part.

  4. it’s very satisfying seeing thieves being beaten like that. i fucking HATE thieves, can’t stand them. pesky little shits. look at this pussy piece of shit, crying like a little tramped twat fucking brat!
    it’s sad to see those beaters being so dumb and have no imagination. don’t just bumble at him like that, one pain can lessen another. take a good hit and let him feel it, then take another one. break his fucking fingers so he will always know how it feels like when someone steals from you.

    i wish this was official punishment for stealing in every country. victim should be allowed to decide what happens to the thief.

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