Thief Feels His Dick After Street Justice in Fortaleza, Brazil

Thief Feels His Dick After Street Justice in Fortaleza, Brazil

In the Vila Pery neighborhood in Fortaleza, CearΓ‘, Brazil, an alleged thief was delivered an on the spot street justice by the mob that caught him stealing.

The video shows the thief feeling his dick after being beaten bloody to the point of not knowing which way north is.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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71 thoughts on “Thief Feels His Dick After Street Justice in Fortaleza, Brazil”

  1. Naaaa……Just checking on his tiny lil pecker……..
    Can’t find it…..So…….Tries and tries over and over again.
    Visdom word of the day: When you’re a thief you don’t touch yourself to reassure your lost ego over a wormlike 5 inch penis…..!!!!
    Life suck but ain’t sucking your dick …..Loser.!!!!

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    1. That’s so true! I flipped my car some years back, after it finally stopped I checked for all the important things-my dick, my glasses, then the rest of me. All men check dick first, everything else second. Just manly nature.

  3. Ya know, I wish this type of thing would fly in America. Really, when you see someone commit a crime, you see that person rob an old lady, diddle a little kid, grope a woman on a bus, commit a violent act and there is no “allegedly” then instant justice is in order!! I know there are many instances on here where people are lynched for being “accused” of a crime, but when there is no doubt at all I see nothing wrong with an on the spot beating! Fuck it, laws don’t deter criminals and even the threat of instant justice wouldn’t either but it sure would make a victim and his or her family feel good for a little while!!

  4. A group of Brazilian occultists and police were on hand to witness the event, the birth of a teen demon, quickly nicknamed “Brazil Hellboy.”
    Instead of being killed because, well, he’s a demon, Hellboy is whisked away by the Brazilian government and raised under the auspices of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, a government organization devoted to whisking away individuals with super powers.

  5. THIS is the typical petty thief. Where the thieves hide their guns ? Of course inside their underpants. He was just checking if his precious work tool was still there or has been stolen by the mob, maybe it would be useful for a revange. Dirty minds, dirty minds.

  6. I AM wondering whether these young boys are insisting in steal craps, esp. cell phones. Because nowadays every slum inhabitant has their Iphone and go around in their favelas with it as a token of a successful life. Maybe there’s a market to support these thieves or their swap against drugs. This lad will have so far expenses with attorneys, dentists, medical care and forth on much more expensive than the price of an used Iphone or Samsung Galaxy. There’s aways a decent work for poor boys/ girls in Brazil if they look for. The government help them a lot, even paying expensive graduation courses in private colleges.

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