Thief Gurgles Blood After Being Beaten to Brink of Death

Thief Gurgles Blood After Being Beaten to Brink of Death

Here’s a video of an alleged thief gurgling blood as he performs agonal breathing after being beaten to the brink of death by a street mob. Whereas I don’t have any background info about the video, here’s a little poem courtesy of Best Gore member @decahedron (published with permission from author):

BLAM, holy shit, I didn’t see that coming,
People danced, music played to the thud thud thud of the drumming.

Then the shot and the screams and the running away
I knew that it wasn’t good,
Seeing brains and scalp and an eye gone astray
my mind could handle it and would.

I learned from the best, meaning Best Gore
We will be waiting for you when death knocks on your door.

Thanks for the great poem, @decahedron:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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53 thoughts on “Thief Gurgles Blood After Being Beaten to Brink of Death”

    1. Yeah is definitely Brazil ,this Brazilian are bad ass and let’s not metion Brazilian prison they a regular tough guy will not last a day lol maybe a few hours .think u tough till u go in a Brazilian prison .

  1. well i guess that’s one way to deter a thief, as someone who steals from supermarkets for food, i kinda hope Australia doesn’t go down this rout, or i’ll have to hit the gym and exercise.

    1. Tell me about it, I feel the same way. That and facial destruction. I’m not sure why. Couldn’t find the link to the kid shot in the belly with fountains of blood coming out his mouth but I love that one. Guess he tried to rob an off duty cop and his wife in brazil and bled out between some mopeds or motorcycles on the street. I guess because the face is so much a part of our identity and to see that mangled, distorted and taken away. So interesting.

        1. Here’s the link “Bandit Pukes Blood After Being Shot by Spouse of His Victim”. The video is gone but check out the cover pic and see if you can find the video on another site. It takes a few minutes for him to bleed out and every drop comes out his mouth and cakes his face like layers of frosting. So thick so vibrant…

  2. Im pretty sure he could have lived if he had medical help and instead this beatings how about calling the cops and jailing instead of taking a life. Death is not learning a lesson it’s putting innocent family members though hell.i never understand how people can be so heartless and cold. Child molesters and animal abusers I think differently. They deserve this.

    1. In case he is the real thief. And if he is not…In Brazil just point at someone telling he or she stole something is enough for street justice, in particular in North, Northeast. Even media and some politicians are encouraging these acts.

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