Two Thieves in India Whacked by 2×4, One Tied Down

Two Thieves in India Whacked by 2x4, One Tied Down

In India, two thieves were caught and given punishment. The whacking with 2×4 is by one female and one male. It seems they were the victims. The woman hits both men with a passion.

Props to Best Gore member @1purple8 for the video:

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    1. Haha wat kind of man is tha his fat wife swings better than him, you can tell just by watching this vid that she bosses him around n owns him like a little bitch. I see it all the time, our brains are hardwired to desire women so strongly that a pathetic guy like this will go to hell and back for the slim chance he can hold onto a slam pig like that even though she fucks half the village including these two “thieves”, wat a fuckin sic joke

      1. Planed or rough sawn timber, 3×1 is definitely real. We have all sizes in 1 inch range from 1×1 to 11×1. Planed, or PAR, is slightly under the actual dimensions by around 1/8th of an inch. Widths of 7~11 have a tendency to bow which can be troublesome.

  1. Waste of time and energy. A fire necklace would do a better job. Gotta love Africa for that. As King Shaka once said ”never leave an enemy behind as s/he shall rise and struck back”. If these Hindustan thieves will see another day as free men, definitely that whipping bitch will be taught a lesson.

  2. Well to ‘transcribe’ is relating to the written word. Hence the ‘scribe’. So for instance if it was written : ‘ ah doo poo poo’. And I re wrote it in English , I would be ‘transcribing’.
    African : ‘ah doo poo poo’
    English: ‘ I need the bathroom

    I can however roughly translate from the spoken Indian in the post.

    The woman is saying:
    ‘You dirty Indian shit, you raped my seven year old daughter and didn’t even pay no money to me for the privaledge. You dirty brown fuck you’ll ruin me. How is a woman to survive if Indian rapists don’t pay their dues to the mothers of the daughters they rape. You swine! Now I’m gonna beat you like a bad Fairy with this 3×1 ‘
    The guy is pleading:
    ‘No No please don’t hirt me, I didn’t mean it. I was going to pay you, honest. I was just waiting to shoot my load into your daughters face and then I was going to bring you the money’.
    Woman replies:
    ‘Fucking liar’. Get ready for beats’.

    Hope this translation is useful.

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          1. Thanks for your advice .
            I am aware that hatred can overcome ones soul. But only if one lets it. And only if there is no balance.
            Having pure hatred would be destructive as you say.
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            But really I don’t want to hate. But it’s there, and it’s there for a reason.
            However I’d like to apologise for my rant.
            Nothing personal you understand.

  3. i see that women… in her eyes…. she really.. really wanted to 2×4 the dick of the dude.

    that’s the women power.. they always target the dick. punch with foot, hands, 2×4 or whatever, always reach for the dick lol

    lucky dudes imho.

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  4. At least these fucks know that hitting with the 2 side hurts more than the 4 side…had I not seen it I would never have given them such credit…if you ever have called one of their tech support lines you know what I mean.

  5. They should make them buy everyone a Slurpee and a lottery ticket. Dang, this would have been the funniest video ever if all the spectators had been standing there with a Slurpee and scratching their lottery tickets during the beating.

  6. They are not thieves just a bunch of eve teasers
    Passerbys – They were teasing her i saw them with my eyes.
    Take this plank daughter and teach them a lesson

    Victims- we swear we stopped her to ask the address nothing more please let us go now ma’am.

  7. Pakis are so strange the way they do things, never learnt anything from a paki, theyre basically wannabe white ppl, but much dirtier.

    The spanker in the beard at the beginning looks exactly like the young guy at the paki shop down the road, who doesnt know what to do but babble paki speak when the niggas be blatantly shoplifting..


  8. Actually, I looked into the translation from some homeless paki individual this afternoon and they obliged as long as I would immediately release the pressure on their neck. So, the translation was;
    “A circle encloses the largest area that can be attained within a given perimeter. Thus the number π is also characterized as the best constant in the isoperimetric inequality (times one-fourth). There are many other, closely related, ways in which π appears as an eigenvalue of some geometrical or physical process;

  9. I’m so glad I wasn’t born into one of these god awful primitive countries. What a bunch of stupid fucking animals.
    They’re all just so uneducated and primal. They’ve lived so long in such a nasty shit hole they don’t know any different, and will only get worse as time goes on.

  10. This is a strange video, it’s weird & unusual seeing an Indian woman not being oppressed & delivering justice..
    from memory all the videos I’ve watched on BG we usually see them being on the other end of the’s a nice change.

  11. Actually @SerephimSerenata, I Can Translate It As i Know a Of Punjabi. The Accused on The Post Was Saying Repeatedly I Dindonoffin,,, noffinatall.

    And The Lady Said Oh Yea, You Pencil-Dick You Dindunoffin???? as she hit him repeatedly. Hope This Helps Brother, As The Word Curry-Chicken, & Nan are the only three words i know,,, And Need To Know, lol. 😉

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