Three Female Thieves Caught Stealing in Favela Get Away with Minor Beating and Free Haircut

Three Female Thieves Caught Stealing in Favela Get Away with Minor Beating and Free Haircut

Pussy whipped Brazil, where male thugs get their heads deflated and eyes gouged, but female thugs get free haircuts and a complimentary back massages.

Somewhere in a favela in Brazil, a gang of three female flip flop thieves was caught in the act and delivered a punishment, if it can be called that, as pussy passes don’t get much more pronounced than that. The punishment consisted of a beating that was about as rough as a backyard wrestling play with a 3 year old sibling, followed by a complimentary beautification hair treatment with a knife. Oddly enough, each did in fact look better after the haircut than before.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Three Female Thieves Caught Stealing in Favela Get Away with Minor Beating and Free Haircut”

    1. I’ma make these suckers recognize I ain’t playin’ hoe, If you violate off the top trick you gotta go
      I den held in a lot of shit and I’m bout to flip, now I think it’s time to show you bitches who you fuckin’ wit

      1. . But people like you and me, man, we always guessing. Wondering, “What if?” You know what I mean? So when you say to me, “Hey, I don’t think we should be doing this,” I gotta say, baby, I don’t think we should be doing this neither, but we ain’t gonna get no move on in this world, lying around in the sun, licking our ass all day. I mean, we man. I mean, you a woman and all, but we man. So with this said, you tell me what it is you wanna do with your life.

  1. Taught them some chill wrestling moves, free ho ‘cuts, clothes stay on….
    Could have at least grabbed the rope around gimp arm’s neck to slap her in the face with her own gimp arm…
    Did like how the one hoe thought she was gonna keep the clump of hair w/ the barrett in it…
    “gimme dat!”
    Oh the shame of a haircut

  2. Damn they started young. Those girls look young as fuck. It is totally uneven when it comes to the punishment for males vs females. But getting your hair cut for a female is major shame and utter embarrassment, which most guys wouldn’t understand.
    However, at least they get to walk away unlike the males that steal.

  3. The mystical relic known as the ‘Blunt Knife of ISIS’ is reported to have been seen in a, as yet unnamed, Brasilian favela.

    On a related note, MSM is reporting that piece of excrement Sally Jones, the British jihadist known as ‘the white widow’ (deliberate use of lower case) is thought to have been killed by a US Predator drone, in June, as she fled Raqqa, Syria for the ISIS held town of Mayadin which sits close to the border with Iraq.

    The departure of Jones cannot be confirmed as confirmatory DNA evidence is not available (or the US government doesn’t want everybody to know that they attempt collection after drone strikes).

    Her husband, Junaid Hussain, a piece of shit British-Pakistani hacker was vapourised in a drone strike in 2015.

    All that remains is to drop something on Jojo, her charming offspring who, reportedly, enjoys killing prisoners taken by ISIS. Then we can celebrate a hat trick!


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