Three Suspected Child Kidnappers Lynched in Posorja, Ecuador

Three Suspected Child Kidnappers Lynched in Posorja, Ecuador

Three Suspected Child Kidnappers Lynched in Posorja, Ecuador

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @bloodybreakfast, who filmed for us the video of three suspected child kidnappers being lynched in Ecuador:

I personally recorded this. It happened in the city of Posorja, Ecuador, South America.

There were 3 individuals, 2 men and 1 woman who supposedly were child kidnappers that were caught with 2 toddlers whose mothers were drugged with scopolamine and they were carrying those kids to extract their organs to sell them in the black market.

Police caught them in a car but the populace decided they will take the law into their own hands. The mob burned the kidnappers’ car and the kidnappers, and also tried to burn down the police building but the military intervened.

I almost puked with the smell of burnt tire rubber and human flesh.

Thanks a lot for the video and the backinfo, @bloodybreakfast:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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127 thoughts on “Three Suspected Child Kidnappers Lynched in Posorja, Ecuador”

      1. No lol.. Im from Ecuador there we have a phrase “el pueblo unido jamas sera vencido” means the people together wil never be defeated. Thats what they was saying and they have been looking for this child kidnappers for almost a month now I thought they woulda find them since everyone was sharing their facebooks and info among other people living in the country.

          1. actually they were and they all died,, no one got arrested for lynching either, thats what u get for kidnapping children to sell their organs, hope they burn in hell.

    1. AS I INVESTIGED ABOUT THIS THE NEWS WAS THAT ACCORDING TO A NEWS PORTAL (CNN Spanish) – Three people were lynched on Tuesday after a mob attacked a police station in Posorja, Guayaquil, where they were detained for alleged robbery.

      The fact would have been given by a rumor that the detainees had tried to kidnap minors, but in fact they were suspected of having stolen $ 200 and two cell phones.

      “These events occurred after the complaint made by two young women who were with their children and who were victims of a robbery type scam,” says a statement issued by the Ecuadorian Police on Tuesday. “The police detained them, transferred them to the UPC (police unit) to raise the respective police part and do the medical examinations as provided by law, and then transfer them to the Flagrancia de Playas Unit.”

      “However,” the statement added, “soon after, angry residents arrived and despite the Police explanations that it was not an attempt to kidnap children, it was not possible to dissuade them.”

      The mob lynched the three people to death, destroyed the police station where they were, burned a patrol car, a taxi and 5 motorcycles.

      Ecuadorian media Ecuavisa interviewed the prosecutor on Wednesday, who said they could investigate the crimes of destruction of property, organized crime and murder.

      The police asked the population “not to be carried away by rumors”. The Ministry of the Interior echoed this call.

    1. I mean I’m sure a good percentage of fresh organs in the 1st world where they are in high demand are black market organs destined for self righteous 1st world citizens. Usually from the Asian countries where organs are a prized item amongst underpaid health care staff looking to make a quick Yuan ¥ or Rupee ₹ on the poor basterd who fell off a skyscraper or got runned over in his bike.

    2. Do you know what is the difference between shithole countries and normal countries? Shithole countries don’t have a good working legal system. In a normal country he would be sentenced for his crimes to what he deserves but not by some people on the street.

    1. No.This behaviour is pretty uncommon here, but I can understand it, you know, police catch criminals and the justice system is so corrupt that they are free in 2 hours. It seems that everything just had to happen near my workplace so I can record it and upload it to BG due to I registered here recently.

      I didn’t take part in the lynching just focused in holding my smartphone towards the victims.

      UPDATE: These bastards were not kidnappers, just thieves.

      1. Pero ahora andan obesionados alla en Quito en toas partes con que hay esos manes secuestrando ninos pequenos anda regado en el faceboook eso, la gente anda full cabreada con esto y el q llega de una lo pican,, ajajajja lindo mi pais <3

    1. Maybe we should all pitch in for a one way ticket and a Go Pro for walmart’s broken roleback crayola donkey dick and let em be the journalist for BG. Then we get to see more and it’s a dream come true for broken back worm burner to see this every day. 2 birds 1 stone.

  1. Fuck me, that was some grade A mob brutality. Almost makes me feel sorry for the kidnapper fuckers.

    I would’ve expedited the painful beating process and just bullethead em to hell. Probably that cop should’ve done that, heh.

  2. Interresting…I heard the mob saying in one voice : “Judío! Judío!…” , something like a slogan, does any one have any idea if the exact words? Exact meaning? The mob in Ecuador is educated antijew or does these satanists were jews?

  3. i sometimes wonder if i’ll ever catch some gore on video.. my camera phone is always there.. there was that one time a family almost got run over.. its always nearly and not quite.. i mean last night i heard car windows being shattered.. but thats hardly worth going out to record a video of shattered glass…. this is full blown shit, obviously wouldnt happen in london as theres no black market for kiddies organs…


    1. Hey @rayf ! Long time no speak. Hope all is well with you my friend. I always remember you saying how the ground gets frozen in winter where you live, and makes it hard to bury people who have died, so have to wait til summer to bury them. That spins me out and has just stuck with me for some reason ! Ha……
      Also recently there was a case in Mexico where 3 men were labelled kiddy kidnappers, and the crowd broke into the cop shop to get the trio, lynched them with the cops watching on, and then it was revealed they were just farm workers and completely innocent – so I have my doubts! Poor buggers………/

      1. Hey @Dutchy hope your well brother. Left you a reply to when you were freaking about the origin of an unknown insect bite. At least in OZ Brother you don’t have to worry about the cold preventing you from being buried…but because of this cold our mostly harmless bugs die. Wonder how that Funnel Web Spider would like -40 degrees ? Cheers Brother!

  4. I’m sure the facts weren’t established in this case, as @bloodybreakfast indicated in the update, they weren’t trafficking organs. These were mere Thievin Peons, did the Crime fit the Punishment, That is neither here Nor’ there. What I feel this Video is about is more or less in the confines of “What we Would Do to Child Molesters and Takers of Organs”
    Had they been guilty of that.
    Very Impressive Mob of Justice though. Wouldn’t wanna be @ the end of that System.

    1. Well, they had to die to set a warning for everyone. People now are just upset because a month ago they found a corpse of a 8 year old girl with her chest completely hollow. Some day after that a criminal band was detained trying to kidnap kids in a kindergarten (3 active duty policemen involved). Collective rage was at the top when these bastards were sacrificed, note that the mob were angry with the police too for the reason above when they tried to destroy the police station.

      1. Ecuadorians (like yourself) are a third world sub human species that lynch people that are innocent of the crimes of which they have been accused.

        No better than the Africans that lynch innocent people.

        1. You would understand that behaviour if you lived in a failed state with corruption everywhere, justice system included. Don’t blame the people, blame the circumstances. Note that the most abhorrent crimes have been commited by the so called ‘civilized’ countries (world wars), if you compare those with that lynching it’s like a humanitarian treatment.

  5. I find the whole ‘selling organs’ thing a bit far fetched. You just can’t cut a heart or kidneys out of a body and send them internationally in the post to ‘rich first world’ customers. That’s just BS. In India, many people sell their kidneys but they must be admitted to hospital where the recipient is also hospitalised, not to mention all the cross matching and tissue typing perfirmed to ensure comparability. Cutting organs out of random kids makes no sense at all, and in all likelihood the organ would deteriorate and become useless within a couple of hours. I think this crowd were just looking for a reason to lynch these men for something else they may or may not have done………

  6. Why are the police even bothering? You’re there and still doing shit. Just let the mob give their justice, hold back, enjoy the show, wait until mob disperses then go in and pick up the scum. Sad thing is tho they’re probably innocent.

  7. a lesson to everyone thinking of kidnapping kids in Ecuador…. never wear white jeans for the mission. They’re gonna get even more fucked than that favourite white tshirt you gave your mum when you were a kid, the one she washed with your dads red top in the same wash.

    Oh, plus you look a cunt!

  8. Out of interest. What exactly is the punishment to anyone of those people in the vid smashing fuck out of the alleged kidnappers?

    The army/police just seem to wave at them to stop. Does anything actually happen to them?
    A clip round the ear perhaps.

  9. With all the attention to your “personal” supervision of the recording, you might have at least turned your telephone sideways. But no. To do that would risk the disapproval of teenagers everywhere.

  10. Can someone PLEASE tell me how you drug someone (in this case the mothers of the 2 toddlers kidnapped) with fucking Scolpamine (sure I spelled that wrong). I get this prescribed & I’m seriously wondering how you can 2 adults with stuff?

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