Trio of Mixed Gender Thieves Receive Free Haircut with Knife and Beatings

Trio of Mixed Gender Thieves Receive Free Haircut with Knife and Beatings

Have you noticed that miscreants and stupid ‘dos seem to go hand in hand.

In Brazil, a trio of mixed gender thieves consisting of one girl and two guys were caught trying to rob people in the neighborhood, and got punished by receiving a complimentary haircut with a knife, and getting a bit of a beating.

They all got off fairly lightly, considering the special treatment often reserved for thieves on Brazil.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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60 thoughts on “Trio of Mixed Gender Thieves Receive Free Haircut with Knife and Beatings”

    1. @eficaz I was thinking the exact same thing. Seemed as if it bothered thone pussies WAY more than it did her and that’s kind of crazy considering for most women with long hair, someone chopping it off would but the ultimate punishment especially in that manner.

      1. I believe the point of cutting the girls hair is for himiliation the boys tho…
        I love this type of punishment, these thieves would think twice about showing up in the same neighborhood. America should take note.

  1. there are pictures of women holding up signs with ‘eradicate men’ from the recent womens marches. i dont think women realise the actual shitstorm that would come their way should men ever decide to take what you wrote on those signs and put it into action. i honestly sometimes ponder on the gender genocide and the immense suffering that could .. should men choose to .. be inflicted on all women, women who have actually now declared war on us men. they actually hold signs up inciting our eradication ! this is a declaration of war guys. but do we declare war back ? what would be their reaction if armies of men started to go house to house and ‘eradicating’ you the way you would like to see us eradicated. maybe someday you will get your war. maybe someday you will.

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        1. The reason women were targeted is because they are less rational, more prone to emotion, thus, they are more easily influenced by propaganda techniques with stupid catch phrases, repetition, jingles and subconscious subliminal messages. It’s a divide a conquer technique, for women should be allies of men, giving support and performing their motherly functions which nature has endowed them as being prolific for and has led to this successful civilization of ours, and not nemeses of men as (the shitty war of sexes the media pushes upon us) they’ve been led to believe. This strategy is the same reason they target niggers, for the group has a lower IQ and is less informed and educated in general, combine this with appealing promises (eg. free stuff/social security) and you have an uncritical army behind you, which can be converted into slaves when the right time comes.

          1. @undergroundweller The reasons women and blacks protested in the past is because they really did not have equal rights. It wasn’t about being emotional or stupid.
            There was a point where things could’ve been balanced (not equally but fairly) but it passed and became about privilege rather than balance. There really can’t be equality anyway. Things can be fair without being equal. But it’s all fucked now.

          2. @dethbyplaster Negroes may have not been equal before the law (and I believe that law should be impartial in racial terms, although maybe there should be a filter in terms of IQ for voting, as I defend democracy), but with women it’s a different case, from a historic perspective. There were so called ”unfair points” (voting, although women voting has proved to be a negative thing, for the reasons stated above) but an unfair aspect of the law would be, for instance, if a woman’s life would be less worthy than that of a man, which I doubt was the case 100 years ago (if not it was the other way round, as I’ve said before), since men were the ones who gave way to women in the lifeboats of the Titanic and the ones who went into the trenches of WW1. So men had their rights (voting), but also their duties (go to war, which in the US and Brazil is a duty which remains for men, and I am not talking about nurses, I am talking about front line soldiers). But this is just something stemming from the fact that men and women, as you’ve said, are not equal and law found a way to account for it (it may be not the ideal way (perhaps IQ tests to determine voters would be a better way), as it didn’t make way for exceptions, but it’s better than the insane claim for total equality we have nowadays). Men have traditionally been warriors, due to the fact that men are stronger on average, so society accommodated itself to it, on the same way we might say they were the voters as they are more rational on average. As far as I now, maternal leave is much longer than paternal leave (when there’s a paternal leave), so there is still some recognition of the obvious biological differences today, since sometimes they are too obvious to ignore. But you know, more equality in the workplace means lower wages (just like immigration drives wages down), so big corporations push for inclusion, moreover, it may be the best way eugenicists figured out, at least in their own judgement, to check population growth.

    1. I am voting for enslavement and torture. Someone still has to clean the toilet and other shit work. I am actually glad that they had their little march because hopefully it has opened the eyes of some manginas and others with their head in the sand. Bitches, if you dance with the devil, you gonna get burnt.

  2. They appear quite young. Hopefully the hair cutting by knife on the female will be a future deterrent. A constant reminder everyday for quite awhile every time she looks in the mirror, or someone points it out (even if she attempts to correct it by trimming or extensions). She can literally reflect on her wrongs and choose to change her life for the better. She’s lucky. She wasn’t killed. She wasn’t brutally tortured. She was given another chance. She should embrace it.
    As for the boys… they need to be given a pacifier and put down for a nap. Maybe their willingness to accept accountability and responsibility for why they’re receiving punishment will surface in their brain. Own it. Accept it.

  3. That twas a dull ass blade for being a butcher knife…shoulda went to cutco..there blades are sharp..but that beating shoulda been more them Chicago niggers beat that poor white retards ass worse then that…shit even cut his scalp trying to cut his hair!! Eh stupid is as stupid dose!

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