Two Guys Beaten and Slashed by Group of Assailants in Lyon, France

Two Kidnapped Guys Beaten and Slashed by Group in Algeria

Two Guys Beaten and Slashed by Group of Assailants in Lyon, France

In this video allegedly from Algeria, two guys held by a group of assailants in some kind of house are shown being beaten and slashed. One is already in a pool of blood on the floor, while the other still stands, but the assailants seem to begin turning their focus on him now.

The Arabic talk in the video suggests the group got irked by something to do with a phone, as they repeatedly say things like “Where is the phone? Tell me, where the phone is?

This over some phone? The sheeple tracking devices by Google or Apple (for the uber sheeple) are dime a dozen these days. What the fawk? Unless there’s an incriminating video of an assailant being a pussy whipped mangina cuck.


This happened in Lyon, France and not in Algeria. All the involved, including assailants and victims, were Algerian immigrants.

A stabbed-to-death victim was found in a building on Rue Jean-Baptiste-Say on the slopes of La Croix-Rousse in Lyon. He had a criminal past and was found guilty of aggravated theft and violence. The whereabouts of the second victim or his corpse remain unknown.

Props to Best Gore member @faresdesigner for the video and translation:

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    1. I noticed the knife dropping as well, I was guessing they must have been extremely intoxicated. Found it odd that the guy who was tied up was still in decent shape while the other was face down in his own blood jello

      1. excerpt from the newspaper: “The deceased victim, of Algerian nationality, who has been present in the Lyon area for at least 3 years, was unfavourably known to have been convicted several times of aggravated robbery and violence”, explains the Lyon prosecutor, Nicolas Jacquet, in a statement

          1. @hopingfornemesis

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        1. The film was filmed in France showing maghrebis (North African s) in a country where such North Africans are known as Maghrebis.

          In the real world -where Bg members live -almost everyone with some intelligence would know exactly what was meant once they had the above knowledge and average intelligence.

          Having seen the above post,They would know I did not mean moroccans or the West (occident)as used by Islamic Arab speakers .

          Somehow I don’t believe moscowicz was aware of any distinctions at all about the matter and I believe almost everyone else here who cares would have seen it the same way.

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  3. If someone steals my phone, I would do the same to them. I mean, I don’t care about the phone, I can buy a new one and all my data is backed up. It’s the principle. No mercy for thieves, unless they stealing from other thieves.

  4. Yeah, I saw this on another site that didn’t have a description and initially thought Algeria. It made me think of one of the few pieces of fiction that I’ve ever read, The Stranger by Albert Camus. I only read it because it was recommended and I thought it would help me get laid. It didn’t. A decent read nonetheless, melancholy and short. Most Algerians seem to have a touch of French faggotry. no matter how dark they are.

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