Two Men Receive Street Justice by Way of Machete in Africa

Two Men Receive Street Justice by Way of Machete in Africa

Two Men Receive Street Justice by Way of Machete in Africa

In an unspecified part of Africa, two men were delivered street justice by way of a machete. It’s effectively just one chop happy guy trying to slash them up, but his blade is dull, so he’s mostly causing blunt force trauma.

Best Gore member @african-angel explains:

Once in a while when we have such lovely videos. No back info to what these two might have committed to deserve such a harsh sending off.

The first source said they are suspected ritual killers whilst the other suggest that they’re theft.

No idea which part of Africa is this; my guess is East Africa or Southern according to the little language and accent I can detect from it.

Coming to the town near you. Especially if you live in Europe or the USA, thanks to the open borders and pro immigration policies of people like Dear Leader Trump. Thanks a lot for the backinfo and video, @african-angel:

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78 thoughts on “Two Men Receive Street Justice by Way of Machete in Africa”

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