Two Men Falsely Accused of Abducting Children Lynched by Mob in Assam, India

Two Men Falsely Accused of Molesting Children Lynched by Mob in Assam, India

Two Men Falsely Accused of Abducting Children Lynched by Mob in Assam, India

29 year old Nilotpal Das from Guwahati, along with his 30 year old friend Abhijeet Nath left for a day out at a picnic spot in the Karbi Anglong district in the state of Assam, India.

While there, they were falsely accused by someone of being child abductors. A mob quickly formed and lynched both men.

Assam chief minister Sarbanada Sonowal has ordered a high-level probe into their lynching, and said “It is condemnable that people are being killed after being influenced by rumours and superstition.

According to Indian Express, 23 people have been arrested in connection with the lynching, and one for spreading rumors regarding “child kidnappers” on Facebook.

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One more video:

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79 thoughts on “Two Men Falsely Accused of Abducting Children Lynched by Mob in Assam, India”

    1. horrific, i can’t bear to watch it. To think a person is innocent and has this done to them as you say sookiex likely out of jealousy, bloody morons

        1. True, it’s always good to have a gun. That’s probably the scary thing, anyone can have this done to them, all it takes is an accusation or a burnt page of a koran in your dustbin

          1. You guys are lucky, in the UK we are not allowed to bloody defend ourselves it’s a real joke, but I agree with you this video is very sad,two innocent young men brutally murdered.

        2. You said it young bud, I’ve got my LCP2 with 7 rounds, 6 in the mag and 1 in the pipe, sure as fuck if this ever happened to me I’m taking the 3 most aggressive fuckers with me and HOPEFULLY the rest of the cowards disperse… thank God the 2nd amendment is still intact in America, the day it goes out the door is the day I will be preparing for the fight of my and my families life!

      1. yes i should remove “innocent” what i mean’t was this is a lynching without trial, heaven forbid this should come to the west but it seems to be, sharia is on the way that’s why they shut up Tommy Robinson. Get guns wherever you can, arm yourselves, these pussies would run like chickens if you have a gun. Like all bullies they’re just trying it and out liberal leaders don’t have the balls to stand up to the islamists so they join together, we need to get violent and powerful a s a p

  1. I’ve known a few Indians in my time. Even been to a few Indian weddings.

    So I know from first hand experience that Indians absolutely love a get together and will get together over absolutely anything be it love, family disputes, family holidays, family anything, cricket, lynchings, friend’s family’s anything, cricket, lynchings, friends weddings, friends of friends weddings, friends cousin’s wedding, third cousin twice removed wedding, lynchings, cricket and lynchings.

        1. They learned Democracy from the west, along with all its inadequacies as applied to such a huge and diverse country. And they’re just another pussy-wiped region still indirectly controlled by the west…
          Sounds like the last place I want to be. @empty-soul Thanks for the suggestion though!

          1. @goritian

            We both know that democracy is an illusion, given to the masses to make them think they have more choice and freedom than they actually do.

            However, I’m not sure I can think of any system any other country uses that is intrinsically better. They all appear to be based on top-down control and/or hierarchical in nature.

            What “system” do you prefer and why?.

          2. @empty-soul Before I moved to Beijing China, I heard so many dumb things in the west about how demonic communism was. I was grossly discouraged and warned that people disappear at night just for criticizing the government, they warned me of crime and blah blah negative stuff but I moved there anyway and guess what…

            In 5 years living in Beijing, it was the safest place I ever lived in. Safe and secure in most ways you can imagine: No armed and unpredictable people walking the streets, No greedy capitalists gambling with your bank savings, No involvement in wars in the middle-east to cause endless migrations, terrorism and worries in their country, No government propaganda to encourage women to marry , divorce and take half your property and put you on childcare to pay monthly for her BS, No worries of a woman choosing to withdraw sex consent retrospectively and get you jailed for rape, No efforts to destroy family units and small communities in order to subject everyone to capitalist government slavery, etc…

            I have since lived in other Asian countries and found the people and culture amazing . The west is such a stupid place in which commonsense has been replaced by capitalist funded scientific reasoning and liberal ideologies but we dont dare to realise it let alone do anything about it. We keep calling ourselves superior to others while we decline, give me a break.

            Our crappy system is working only for liberals and the 1% at the top so if at all things change, it will only be for the worse

          3. @goritian

            To be fair, I have only ever looked down on blacks. Never East Asians.

            It’s a bit hard to look down on a people who excel greatly when given the chance and who don’t cry “racism” over every single setback in life.

            I have been to Beijing before. Three times in fact. I have a good friend who lives there, a Chinese national, who I have known since my college days.

            Like you said then, Beijing is mostly safe and fine. So is Shanghai once you avoid the gangster run areas. The surrounding country areas however are pretty shitty, poverty stricken and crime filled.

            It’s much like India in the above sense then in that the main touristy areas, the big cities, are well kept and safe but the surrounding areas are terrible and full of poverty, crime and day-to-day violence.

            I will also add that I lived in Hong Kong for a while. First when it was under British rule and a number of years later when it was under mainland China rule.

            The Hong Kong nationals absolutely hate the mainland rule, far more than they ever hated British rule because the British were hands off for the most part whereas China is very much dictatorial and all controlling. All the things you described in your point, the propaganda, the government BS, people disappearing for criticising the Chinese government etc, all exist within Hong Kong. I have seen it and heard it all first hand.

            In my experience the reason why the mainland Chinese do not get subjected to the above like the Hong Kong nationals do is because the mainlanders are very patriotic for the most part so there is no need for such forced measures.

            Even my own friend from Beijing is fiercely patriotic about China.

            Communism itself is also two sided and two faced, much like Capitalism.

            George Orwell said it best,

            “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

            The above Animal Farm statement is from the perspective of the pig run government. It is however an evidently true and proven statement because all communists in power preach equality for the masses but expect preferential treatment for themselves and their own families.

            Modern day Britain is a good example here because the current labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is a communist and preaches to the masses that they should all revere state education and send their children to state run schools and yet he had his own kids privately educated via the best fee paying schools in Britain because it would offer them the best chance of success in life. The man is the very definition of a champagne socialist. The same with Emmanuel Macron of France and Angela Merkel of Germany etc.

            “The west is such a stupid place in which commonsense has been replaced by capitalist funded scientific reasoning and liberal ideologies but we dont dare to realise it let alone do anything about it. We keep calling ourselves superior to others while we decline, give me a break“.

            On this I absolutely agree. The west is indeed currently fucked and in deep dire straits. I would argue though that nationalism and a hunger for the past “better times” is a better way of turning the tide against the libtards than merely mimicking their ideology via self hate and anti-white rhetoric.

            Anyway. I do enjoy our debates Gropella so don’t be shy and please do attack my world views whenever you can.

            I do get so fucking bored with people either entirely agreeing with me or avoiding me at all costs. It’s a breath of fresh air having someone to engage with for once.

            Perhaps I may even change if sufficiently challenged and disproved enough. One can only hope.

    1. This is a prime example of why mob justice isn’t the answer. The court system is extremely flawed as well, but I will take my chances with it over this shit. I would rather see a guilty person go free than an innocent one pay for something they didn’t do.

          1. Another one is the case of the West Memphis Three. If the mob had their way, the three teens would have been beaten to death. There is a documentary called Paradise Lost, that deals with this case. They added two more to the original documentary. It was very interesting to watch the complete miscarriage of justice unfold. Definitely worth watching. Here is a link to the first one. Skip to the nine minute mark, and watch this crazy redneck talk about satanic homosexual orgies. It’s some funny shit.

  2. An excellent example of how many people are actually psychopaths and love lynching, especially in these rural districts, little excuse required for shit to go lord of the flies. I personally hope that each one of these individuals are found and burnt alive while desperately crying that they are sorry. Nothing is more disgusting than crowd violence.

  3. Well the guy in video 1 was not helping himself in any way whatsoever, because translation of him speaking is purely ” get me a child, more children, I need another child quickly”
    So can one really blame the Gupta/Singh crew here?

    1. I don’t know where you got that translation. The guys says ” muy ahomiya Hoi” which translates I am Assamese. I am from here. And he goes on to state his father and mother’s name.

    1. I used to be a part of that group. I was Vanilli. After shit hit the fan, I changed my name to vanilla gorilla. Milli changed his name to Sphincterpiston. Times were rough. Our manager used to make us take baths in a lip sink. He was Jewish, and forced us to eat nothing but brined salmon with cream cheese, on a bagel. To this day, I still dreadlox.

  4. this reminds me of the west memphis three, where a group of faggot satanic jews planned and murdered children. then some faggot hollywood satanic jew came to their rescue and did a doco claiming they were innocent. burn them all. no one is innocent, especially when two men go for a fucking picnic together.

    1. I’m thinking the same those 2 had it coming people don’t get lynched for having a pick fuckin nick sounds like a couple of rats stalking there pray,oh hello little boy want to come in my car for sweeties, (little boy)For sweeties!!! I’ll come in your face!!!

  5. I just read about this story on msm turns out they really weren’t child abducters. Just two Hindus in the wrong place @ the wrong time, for the Devil was out and about looking for Souls to take. Terrible to be falsely accused, worst nightmare for sure.

  6. I read that story on the news…my sons father told me he thinks his friends…who are 8 year old girls….flirt with him sexually??? Such men get away with nothing living in spain in luxury and innocent men are being killed. How cute is the world we live in…

  7. These men were pouring out their heart an not one word was embraced. These people remind me of the film “The Deer Hunter.” Those damn viet cong asshole had fondness for Russian Roulette.

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