Two Sicarios Beaten to Death in Guatemala City

Two Sicarios Beaten to Death in Guatemala City

According to the info I got, this was filmed in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The video shows two men, alleged sicarios (hitmen) getting beaten to death by a mob.

One of the two has his hands tied behind his back, and he’s the one who gets his head picked up and slammed repeatedly to the concrete with full force, while he’s unable to soften the bashing.

Props to Best Gore member @follow856 for the video:

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70 thoughts on “Two Sicarios Beaten to Death in Guatemala City”

    1. Yessssss. Ok we filled the guitarist position last week. chick head banger that started this band . He could be the drummer. Banging off the Crete. We need a singer. We will indeed fill this roster soon HAHHA

  1. Not bad… that’s a way to get a new look.

    His shirt was helpful in lifting his body without ripping to slam his face to death using his shirt made the job easier.

    When wearing a shirt, remember to wear one like the sicarios in case someone wants to smash your face against the concrete your shirt can help.

  2. the guy that was slamming the shit out of his face on the concrete has to be a family member of someone this guy killed. That was pure raaaaage!! If someone did that to my family I would have equal rage toward the drummer of our head banger band

  3. I have always rather enjoyed wacthing beatings to death on this site. Sometimes I wish they went longer then just 1 minute but they always pass out after 30 seconds. I prefer the pain be inflicted towards trash such as these guys but sometimes the innocent suffer the beating but non the less it’s still intriguing to watch

    1. What is mierda? I heard that Lord Nazi Ruso guy using that word a lot in the videos he made in Mexico. Speaking of which, why hasn’t his lynching been posted on BestGore yet? It happened like over a week ago..

  4. Nicely thought out by the uploader or the management of this site. No faces of the lynchers were shown. That, if the ‘Sicario’ story is correct, would be a death sentence.

    I love happy endings. Bad people get worse done to them

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