Woman Killer Killed by Lynch Mob, Stoning in Africa

Woman Killer Killed by Lynch Mob, Stoning in East Africa

A man is accused of murdering a woman in Africa with machete. He, in turn is murdered by stones. Killed with rocks or machete, which is better?

African present day stone dwellers revenge the woman doing what was done to her – life confiscated without permission.

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      1. @LeatherFace1,
        But that rock is about useless. Fuck it’s just hard clay. It crumbles so easily. I was just going to write imagine if they had real rocks in those Barron lands. Like some granite/Quartzite and shit? One small brick to the head would do it. Not over there they disassembled someone’s mud hut for fucks sake and the losers usually just wail around in minor pains.it takes those knock off rocks and a fucking necklacing fire-tire to do the job. Hey did I just say do the job when talking about something in Africa? Oh shit my bad. lol.

      1. Could be! They have Pakis there running the shops as well. However,did you note the guy with the high-vis vest with the Chinese lingo? China has stolen a march on us in Africa. You watch ,they will make a mint out of it.

        I bet you the Paki jumped the woman to rape her and it got out of hand and he killed her.She had her handbag and she is not wearing bandanas and other native clothes. She was a woman of substance or a whore.

          1. @badfairy That’s right bad fairy you tell that paki cuntface bastard. We need to stick together brother. This is about freedom. The freedom to draw a picture of mohamed. The freedom to sat whatever we want. Fuck the pakis and muslim cunts. Who is this bacteria fellow? Stay with me brother, i won’t let you down. I protest wit the yellow vests every week in london. alah is a cuntface paki now worth the paper he wrote n, so kill me bacteria, i dare you to kill me

          1. @carly69

            I can only agree with Guy Gibson:
            “Shut up paki. This isn’t a pc area. Anyone can say what they want. ”
            Look cunt-face, if all you want to read is politically correct vile filth, then just turn on yr morning TV station, where you will see 2 highly paid white turncoats tell you that: “Having a half muslim, half nigger country is a fckn blessing on us all (just don’t mind the mindless, voilent nigger/sand nigger crime on yr streets, ‘caust that “can’t be helped”..
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        1. @greaser yeah i love it, seeing pakis get ironed out, little beta males helped into power by political religion. Soon they’ll get their in europe. i love watching this one. Are there any others you would say you’d go back to and watch again just because you enjoy them?

          1. Maybe one day whiteys will get back ownership of their taxi cabs & 7-11 stores? .. Maybe..
            These vile coffee coloreds move to the West as ‘refugees’ then a week later by 13 taxi cabs & 2 7/11 stores??
            Refugees, really?
            Come off it!
            They are exploiting the West like the vile sand niggers they always have been!
            Think this is racist? Go watch Anderson Cooper, you fckn Queer….

          2. @hopingfornemesis ..Haha Nem, yes fat newcastle slags.
            I remember it well.
            There has to be some romance Nem. Illegals made the niglet strangling video mine and hers, it will always be special to me. I found that so loving in a Bonnie and Clyde sort of way. See that’s why i love her. Showing love by killing a paki. Is that not a white supremacist dream valentines gift?
            See you’re just not a romantic Nem.
            @illegalsmile55 @hopingfornemesis
            She’s recovering from her trip to the dentist i expect.

  1. A UK professor by the name of James Watson. Has been stripped of his honorary titles and booted out of his university for his comments on the subject of race and intelligence.
    Basically he’s saying what everyone already knows is true and what many national socialist members who have studied the subject, including myself, are in no doubt about.
    And racial differences go far beyond intelligence. It includes personality and character. Morphology. DNA.
    Many modern so called scientist who study biology and anthropology have for decades been taught a liberal version of race science and therefore it’s not science cos it’s bullshit.
    And this is what it comes to when a renowned professor speaks the truth he is immediately ostracised and ridiculed. Fucking scandalous.
    Liberal bastards will pay for what they’ve done to white nations. Basically inviting millions of lower intelligence and highly aggressive, prone to criminal behaviour sub humans to live amongst us and destroy us by dividing us.
    For while many accept these animals and even say they are equal to whites at all levels, there are those who will never accept them and know for certain that not only are they not equal but they are very different to us.
    You cannot get no more different than black and white, and that’s the visible difference that we all see, I.e. skin colour. But what goes on under the skin is just as opposite as black and white.
    White civilisation is dying because of the filth we have allowed into our societies.
    And the liberal elite who fucking love them.
    Hang them all!

          1. @illegalsmile55 Hiya beautiful! Did you get the tooth done? I haven’t read the book but i might just get it now. You must have had some interest to buy it. How much did it cost? I know that between us few here we don’t need to now this stuff but those young people need to learn. It’s a shame because i’ve actually liked a few niggers in my time. But there’s far more bad than good ones. It is what it is honey x

          2. Tomorrow is torture day. My dentist is the best I’ve ever had, I don’t even feel it when he shoves that huge needle in…lol…I mean the hypodermic needle. 😀
            I bought the book online, don’t remember what it cost, but I got to read a few excerpts from it and I was hooked and had to buy it so I could read the rest of it. They got me. It made me appreciate my town where all you see is white faces. There are two blacks, one is half and has never been around anything but whites and the other was adopted at birth by whites….he doesn’t even know he’s black! He doesn’t act, or talk like a nig.

          3. @illegalsmile55 haha yes i remember you telling me about the mixed one, he sounds okay. it must be nice to be in an all white place. if they take over in numbers the place goes to hell, it becomes intimidating to out, I work in a practically all white place and the niggers behave themselves, once it gets mostly coon they fukkin burn the place down because it’s all they know, they need the hand of the white master to show them the way. That’s hard for them to take and they just can’t get their tiny minds around it. It’s like being given a rubiks cube and never being able to do it. or discovering something from a civilisation so advanced that it screws their minds up. What we need to do is get it into our heads that they are mostly brain dead and not on the same level as us. It’s called cultural relativism


            Good luck for tomorrow. let me know how you goton honey x

          1. There are many differences between us. Color of skin for one. If that isn’t a physical difference i don’t know what is. So there must be many more. One thing i know is they have a gene which retains salt because of the hot climate they evolved in. They also have a taste for salt because of that same reason. This means that when they eat all that junk shit they love so much in our climates it has an adverse effect on their health because the salt doesn’t leave the body like it does iwth us. This is why they have heart attacks in europe by middle age. One other one is they like ugly nigger bitches with huge stinky asses. That’s fucked up.

          2. Yeh. I do not agree with that at all. Stripping away honours for saying something that people disagree with. I also do not like the Queen being able to strip knightings either.

            There are certainly physical differences. The Australian Aborigine was able to live in both extreme heat and extreme cold during the same day!

            For those who are not aware ,deserts can be freezing at night. The heat just escapes as there is no cloudcover!
            So these fellows literally would wake up naked on the ground with frost all over them. Haha.
            They have just proved that Aborigines have on average the BESt eyesight in the world.

            I actually drove past a memorial cairn to Burke and Wills; one of the major inland explorers of Australia yesterday.
            Guys, when i was at uni we learned you can not just give a standardized iq test on a world -wide level. It is too hard to explain why not here.So i do not know how they measured these differences.

    1. Well put Ober! Each year the rights of the white man are slowly being dissolved, until like in ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’ we find we have no rights left. Then it’s almost impossible to fight for a right, when you have not one to springboard off!

      1. The white male is slowly becoming the minority for sure. It’s easier to shit out a few illegitimate kids and receive free healthcare, free housing, free utilities, free food, free clothing vouchers, childcare vouchers… I am speaking from Indiana USA, I have many female friends from my younger days that took that route and they have more disposal income than I do as a single white male employed in the chemical industry with a bachelors.

        1. such an odd fetish seen often on this site. for some reason people like to strip and partake in butt play with other males when they are attacking them ? closets around the world must be busting at the hinges to let all these closet homos out

  2. Ok so this appears to happen in a french speaking country. I identified the following sentences between the animal sounds:
    “Couche-toi !” (lay down!)
    “Il veut prendre la machette méfiez-vous !” (he’s going to take the machete, be careful!)
    “Coupez-le ! Coupez-lui sa main !” (slice him! cut his hand off!)

  3. The multi-national special extermination unit should be established and sent to africa. In one month they should massacre all living filth on the whole continent and then placed carcass in one extremely deep pit and scorched with napalm so the DNA of these things wont prevail.

    Then we should plant potato, corn and rice there so we can feed rest of the world.

    Also there should be “Nigger Memorial” statue somewhere in africa and once a year every white man should visit it to take a dump on it just like muzzies must visit mecca.

    1. You come up with some pretty good plans, but, there’s always one detail that keeps me from signing on.
      Seriously, who wants to eat potato salad that was grown on burnt niggers?

  4. Sometimes I think people love lynching just because they get their anger out of themselves on whatever random person they can find on the streets to punish on, just saying, i think thats what Id do in that situation.

          1. You won’t be playing either one for another 3 months. You’re still grounded for bringing that gay LGBTK literature into my home.

  5. As a frenchie Gilet Jaune bastard, I can tell you eastern afwikans wogs have thinner noses and no french accent.
    The chick at 0:01 says “on the head!” and at 0:11 “beware, he’s grabbing a machete!” and so on, not to mention the crowd.
    C’mon bud, I only know the difference between portuguese & spanish when it comes to south America and don’t get the nuances between chilean and venezuelian spanish tbh, but believe me, when it comes to howler monkeys that the zionist NWO sent to Europe, I know a bit about the picture… 😉
    Oh and thanks for your contribution to BG, Brazilian friend.

      1. Sorry for the late reply, S.S.
        I’d guess one or another; I’m not that familiar with their “Fwenchie” accent.
        All I can tell is they’re from a francophone shithole where da juicy zio Bhl & Bolloré exploit these poor fucks since 12y of age for a € a day.
        The funniest part is when many of these refugees in Europe land on European soil & claim they’ve fled Syrian or Iraqi war… 😉

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