Woman Stripped Naked for Spiking Drink Tries in Vain to Enter Police Vehicle

Woman Stripped Naked for Spiking Drink Tries in Vain to Enter Police Vehicle

Woman Stripped Naked for Spiking Drink Tries in Vain to Enter Police Vehicle

A female thief faced a wrath of a mob after trying to rob a man by spiking his drink with drugs. The mob stripped the chubby woman naked, but the police showed up and saved her ass from further abuse.

The woman tried to take advantage of the pussy-pass handling cops and attempted to board the bed of the police truck, but her fat ass could not find a way to climb that fucking high.

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

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    1. I agree King of all White,Red and Black Peoples of the Two Americas. I wanted to take a run up and then slap her fattt ass. It would have made an angelic sound like the timbre of well -seasoned violin-wood.

      However,I would have liked to have been a cop on secondment there as well. A good birching works wonders! Whipping those savages giving her shit, would have given me hardon twitching to come to fruition. Slap her phatt ass but comeone.. give her a leg-up into the back of the ute. That shit is just impolite!!

          1. As a government member of an autocracy, you must serve a specific function that pleases the leader.
            how about minister of unclaimed flipflops? Or minister of torture technology advancement? I think they need someone to run that department. 😉 tee hee!

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  1. I Am Starting to see so very much how MGTOW Is starting to make more, and more sense to me.

    Female Privilege at its best, That Cunt. Cause If That Was A Dude,,, these Cucker-Cops,,, They would
    have watched them completely annihilate him, only stopping it once he is in the Agonal breathing,
    Stage,,, or dead.

        1. I like some of the blues artists of the past. They’re the ones who would play for free in local bars, spent most of their earlier careers in cheap motels and been in a few good fist fights. Some of the best music I ever heard, came from artists such as these.

          If I saw Taylor Swift driving a 1972 Pinto with expired tags at a Wal-Mart, I’d take notice. If I saw her get the Christ kicked out of her by a citizen killer, I’d buy her next album.

          Now them some blues!

        1. Thanks for doing additional research on her. I usually don’t spend too much time, educating myself over the 1%. Not only does she represent the rich, she represents the brain dead people who buy her shit.

          I’ve heard some of her sample music. It sounds like the disposition of a spoiled little twelve year old. But it gives me hope, that my next set of bowel movements I have, will go platinum.

        2. Interesting. I didn’t know that. Her legend is she is miss” girl next door “who made it big.

          Same with actress Kidman. Made out she was everyday Aussie girl who happened to have had an educated psychiatrist Dad. Ok. Can happen …Fine.
          Only a few years ago it comes out she is also a descendant of one of the biggest cattle station -owners in Aus. We are talking one farm bigger than Texas .!literally!


          Swift followed Kidman. Straightened hair,covered up freckles and got a boob job!

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          1. Good for you, and thank you for reading my posts with such intensity. Why don’t you go ahead and do the correction inside your head? Usually, the people who require this train of thought, are the people who still can’t place an apostrophe with the word “thats.” That is, if it really makes any difference to begin with.

            Do you think with your screen name, or are you patiently waiting to see if your brain cells?

            By all means, enjoy my posts. And if not, thanks again for taking the time to post anyway.

        1. Thanks Bubba…

          I usually talk to someone personally, in the manner in which I post online. I guess I’m just a “grass roots” type of guy.

          I think some people just need to get out more. I know this, because they expect others to live (up?) to their expectations.

          I’m sure these people are great at parties.

          1. Well that was just a simple question posed in the politest manner. People should be able to approach others & communicate & I am certain you weren’t the first person who came up with this terminology

            Curiosity doesn’t always go down well especially on a snuff site

            Not going to say anything remotely offensive, thats not me. Maybe thats how Windsorians are grammatically correct, well usually

  3. Fuckin niggers….there’s always a reason to hate em. Couldn’t even keep fuckin camera straight. Too busy Ooga Booga’ing and fat shaming the hippo. She seemed like she was hoping to get gang banged…standing twerking all her rolls. Bending and spreading over tailgate of Jeep.

  4. These hippo sized women will become MUCH MUCH more common now because before (((they))) started this body positivity and anti male movement, it was the men who were fat and didnt care about their looks. Now its the exact opposite. Even the fattest and ugliest women get compliments online from Cucked worthless faggots. And men are expected to look like models with a six pack and everything. Thats why most of the guys you see are fit and healthy while the women are slobs. What a disgusting future we have to look forward to. A future where there will be no more beautiful women and cosmetic products and plastic surgery will be targeted towards men. That plus the JOO population is going to be higher than it has ever been before, so we will have a world FULL of those disgusting evil fucks conducting their (((business))) more than ever before! Makes me want to jump off a bridge and get it over with so I dont have to see the future and so I can escape this world. If I do, ill live stream it for all you beautiful bastards on BG. FUCK THIS WORLD!!!

  5. Police preventing justice as usual.

    Fcn’ fat piggy must hate her fat by not being able to jump.
    I hate their pussy pass shit. Women thefts and scumbags should taste same treatment and amount of beatings as man who doing same.

  6. All the filthy dumb nigger had to do was to do a massive power fart. With a gut and ass like that she could have easily created enough lift to propel herself into the truck. At the same time the god awful stink would have scattered the crowd. Niggers love to smell their own farts but they draw the line at a fat black seal fart.
    At the beginning of the vid you can hear one of the niggers comment, ‘ah boo boo’! Which in wog talk means. ‘This is sick dude’!

      1. lol you motha fucka!! that comment was funny you bitch, good thing about best gore is that you can write whatever the fuck you want and won’t be censored, unlike crap book and other gay social media, I just signed up to this site, and I am loving it

  7. the fat piece of shit couldn’t even ride a poorly made police truck, wonder that she ate all the food and the other people were starving just because of her, what a fucking shithole full of cunts and niggers

  8. “Did you put drugs in that man’s drink in order to rob him”.?
    “Yes, I did put drugs in his drink.. But not to rob him.!!”
    “I do not believe you… Why else would you drug his drink, eh”.?
    “It was VIAGRA that I put in his drink…
    ” Viagra”.!?!?
    “Yes.. Viagra… I must do it.!!…. I mean, C’mon..LOOK AT ME… how else could I arouse him”.???

  9. I think this woman is not spending all her ill-gotten gains wisely.
    She seems to be spending it all on FOOD.
    Check out all the rolls of fat. If she was leaner she might have been able to climb the back of the car.

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