Young Man Lynched for Stealing Cassava Flour in Lagos State, Nigeria

Young Man Lynched for Stealing Cassava Flour in Lagos State, Nigeria

A young boy, reported to be only 7 years old, was lynched and set on fire by a mob at the Alafiya bus stop in Orile, Lagos State, Nigeria, for allegedly attempting to steal cassava flour, locally known as garri, from a shop.

An angry mob got hold of the boy and beat him till his head turned bloody, before finally hanging car tire on his neck and setting him ablaze in the execution tactics known as necklacing.

While official reports talk about a 7 year old boy, an eye witness said the
boy was actually a man in his early twenties, who happens to be a member of a notorious gang that has been terrorizing the area.

I’ve never been good at estimating people’s age, but while the victim looks fairly young to me, he doesn’t look 7. Best Gore member @african-angel agrees and notes:

By my own estimate, this “boy” could be between 14 to 18 years of age.

It’s so sad that this happened in a country where greedy politicians and self-proclaimed prophets who steal billions are celebrated. Ever since the former dictator, the Islamist Muhammad Buhari was elected into office of the President, things have been tough for Nigerians.

Thanks for the video and the insider thoughts, @african-angel. Necklacing didn’t make it to the video, but it appears in the picture:

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157 thoughts on “Young Man Lynched for Stealing Cassava Flour in Lagos State, Nigeria”

  1. I generally don’t feel sympathy for anyon who brings about their own demise, but this makes me want to grab the nearest AK47 and empty it out on those partaking in this cruelty. This is what they do instead of feeding him.

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    1. Again we cannot rely on the scant, often incorrect information that comes to us through sites such as BG. We have no idea if the person in the video/ pics is innocent or guilty. We do not know his age, and we certainly don’t know if he stole flour, sausage links or a pair of flip flops (or anything at all, for that matter).

    1. But if I go to hell, then I hope I burn well
      I’ll spend my days with JFK, Marin Gaye, Martha Raye, and Lawrence Welk,
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  2. I bet most of those cunts have stolen before, they just didn’t get caught, fucking hypocrites. Also, so stealing warrants your death, so what does murdering a thief warrant?

  3. Fucking neanderthal-cocksuckers,,, he,s 7 yrs old man. Who knows, maybe mom is sick with aids, or cancer, and cannot feed the kids, or herself, so he had no choice but to steal what probably costs a measly 35 cent bag of flour in order to make bread! I dunno man, but lynching this little dude for stealing a little bit of food, is a little much in my books! What these sick Villagers need is somebody to walk in with an AK-47 c/w 10-30 round clips, and completely empty it on those sick motherfuckers!!!

        1. Yes you both could be right, but his right hand in very swollen, and his left one also looks like he has broken fingers at the beginning of the video. They are probably defensive wounds from all the big rocks, and other shit that he repeatedly blocked. His face with all the swollen parts of it, also makes him look older, but as you both stated, he could still be a couple of years older too, who knows eh? Still feel bad for him, as stealing a bag of flour to me only means one thing. This little dude, and his mum, were probably desperate, and hungry. And for this minor crime, he gets tortured, humiliated, and subsequently killed!
          Fucking Sad Man. ๐Ÿ™

          1. I’m with you, Dre–the punishment did not fit the crime. I didn’t see any women there, who I think would try to convince them he’d learned his lesson. I’d bet he wanted his mom in those last moments. This is what I wish we could do to child molesters. Publicly.

    1. Only in America, darling And it’s not even all of them. It just depends on genetics. I’ve been with all different races. I’ve had relations with white men with large “appendages” as well as black guys. It all just depends on the person tbh.

      1. Thanks for your experienced opinion, I have no doubt you have seen all kind of dicks in your young life, thanks for sharing…โ˜บ…this is exactly what makes America great again..People with knowledge!

        1. As in yours AND my primate ancestors ?

          Learn about human evolution.

          Educate your racism, maybe it’ll be funnier next time you need to express your inferiority complex through inter-species degradation.

          Ehh, whatever gets that insecurity off your back, though. Enjoy. You’re the king! You’re the best! No one is greater than you!

          Sounds like that’s what you needed to hear

    2. This is another reason why he does look like he is only 7 yrs old. Also, these young boys work very hard at a really young age, so their hands, and body in general can be much more muscular than say, a lazy, spoiled, video playing white boy, from Western Countries are!

    1. Historically speaking, when the white man first went to Africa, supposedly they were taken aback by the greater size of the people they found (depending on what area/”country” they were viewing). Makes sense IF the boy has a pure bloodline.


    1. @svarg26 While I defend the death penalty for murder, I don’t think it would be sensible to administer it for stealing, after all, this wouldn’t fit even with the eye for an eye rule. I am also skeptical about cutting a hand, and of course, you can’t administer the same punishment for a guy who steals a sack of cassava flour as you would do for one who commits great theft auto. When you cut a hand you invalidate the person, so I am not sure if it is good to have invalid people for society. As work sets you free, perhaps submitting the thief to a condition of servitude for some time, with the shittiest job available, would be perhaps a better way.

      1. Very well articulated, @shadowman! Although if you’ve ever had someone steal your shit, you know how it feels when you’d like to torture the bastard into oblivion. Stealing from a store though is much less personal. I have a 7 year old son though and this kid is definitely older than 7, but I doubt he’s a whole lot older. These videos serve as a reminder to never take your cushy western world lifestyle for granted.

        1. @deathfetishfemale Cushy western lifestyle, well, so so, I am Brazilian, although I am better off than many other people in the rest of the country. And yes, I have been robbed and got pretty angry about it, albeit he didn’t take that much from me and didn’t show a gun, but as the rage subsides we must take a more rational approach to it. To complement, I think the guy in the picture is about 20 years old (although negroes tend to mature quickly), and if you knew how here in Brazil they start young, there was a case not long ago of one 10 and another 11 year old boys who committed grand theft auto, after the ten year old one opened fire on the pursuing cops, he was shot dead.

          1. its not cushy its just seems cushy to you. its what we created and it is what we deserve. our ancestors didnt toil for thousands of years just to let 3rd world scum in and …… oh wait shit, they already did.

          1. @svarg26 Don’t get all upset and start name-calling, yikes. I speak of the current Nazi platform. Nazi Germany is dead. The ANP platform is trying to start fresh. Now maybe you don’t follow the ANP platform but it states that motherhood and staying at home should be considered jobs of true honor. It also says that women shouldn’t have to work because of economic necessity. The keyword is “necessity.” So women who can’t have kids or are over the age of child-bearing aren’t useless and if they choose to work to have some purpose, that’s perfectly fine.

        1. Svargeeeeeeee is Cunt your favourite word ???
          Is there anyone on this site you haven’t called a “cunt” or a “dumb cunt”.
          God told me to tell you, he thinks your the cuntiest of all us cunts, and he can’t wait to watch you get butt fucked by Satan, and all the vile people residing in hell…

          1. @svarg26 Work sets you free. It’s the phrase above the gate in Auschwitz (or at least how it is translated). Plus, your view that it’s god’s wish sounds a lot like those jews who say to the Palestinians that ”god gave me this land”.

          2. @undergroundweller
            you brought god into the debate “this wouldnโ€™t fit even with the eye for an eye rule”. that you left out “thou shalt not steal” is not my fucking problem. the jew god and my god are not comparable. so, i really don’t give a shit what you think. don’t post haphazard phrases from the bible if you don’t want to eat humble pie.

        2. It’s so funny when someone is born out the pussy and thinks they won the religious lottery.

          Whatever religion you are you were either born into, or later chose due to ethnicity or whichever religion matches a person’s values (or lack thereof).

          There are SO many religions, who’s really to say who right or wrong?

      1. @BeneathThePlanetOfTheApes Your observation does seem to come close to the truth, and even some churches, like evangelicals, which defend the commandment not to steal are sustained by money extorted through fear, the fear that you have to give to attain salvation or something along these lines. While it’s not like stealing, it’s a form of psychological coercion, a hoax, which the end effect is to take the money from someone, the difference being that while people hate thieves, they sometimes love the deceiver, which we might say in a way may compensate for the threat sometimes posed physically in the act of stealing towards the victim.

  4. His nativity was his downfall. The crime was minor, but gave the locals all the excuse they required to wreak their wanton savagery upon him.
    Does anyone truly believe they gave a damn about the flour?, or the act of stealing it?.

  5. He wasn’t a boy but a young man and you could see notority written all over his face he was one hard core thieving bastard but he withstood all that severe bashing without fainting out like a real champ .
    I think the guy who was bent upon breaking his bones and necklacing was the shopkeeper from whom this one dared steal cassava flour ……
    his body size was a mismatch for that willy of his which was more like what a 7 year old would have .
    Great video there additionally the necklacing part would have been an added charm .

      1. Really weirded out by comments from grown men focused on a kid’s tinkle-berries.

        Ever hear of puberty? Muscles do grow with use and age. Annnd it is a muscle.

        According to girls and straight porn, big isn’t always a race thing. If you have to look at a kid’s junk to make you feel better about yourself, then, YES, you DO have the little dick, sir.


  6. First wanna say hi to everyone, first time posting here…..
    Totally let down, wanted to see the necklacing that’s the reason I watched it, also how old was he really coz says 7 at beginning then says older. He does look older but I take it they guessed his age by looking at his tiny pecker!!!

  7. Regardless of what this poor bastard did… just watching how people in general nowadays are like a pack of bloodthirsty animals… No empathy, compassion or sorrow. I couldn’t look down at this poor fellow into his eyes and not feel human compassion…this world is fucked…!!

  8. I like reading comments.But among all of these comments,there are a few of them that include “god”,or passages form the bible and more nonsense.When shit like this happens,it isn’t justice,it’s pure evil.These people could care less about the fact that someone is stealing,for them it’s just the perfect excuse to act out on their own sick desisres for blood.They are in a primitive state of mind,simply put,savages.They enjoy doing what they do.Gettin back to what i was saying about “god”,it has nothing to do with whatever the fuck people are doing here.The world is like this because we make it so.God has litterally nothing to do with it.There are only fucking humans here.I think religion is the main problem in evolution.I usually enjoy these lynchings,but this just….stupid.

      1. And a lot of Italianos are themselves “gay”, “niggers”, and “muslim”
        But Italy’s a good country, kinda like Nigeria.

        Revenge is dealt with guns, knives and bombs in Italy. Nigeria’s methods are more primitive due to resources but murder happens EvErYwHeRe !

        Or is this you first page visited on BestGore ? Browse.

  9. Fuck that shit all that over sum flour? I’ll die fighting before I’d let them tie my feet up and do that shit to me.. The lord knows I’d kill one of them at least.. Pull off sum Rick Grimes shit and bite off one of their necks!

  10. A bag of flour? So hardcore. Why are simple items stolen dealt with this way? I’m sure they could’ve just taken the bag of flour back? He does look very young. He even still has a baby dick. Is there an actual reason that minor theft is dealt with this way, or is it just an excuse to gang up on someone to torture and kill them?

    1. I think so many people get away with crimes, that when someone is caught red-handed, the people take out their frustrations from when they, or others, were crime victims and no culprit was caught.

      A trickle-down lynching

  11. I don’t know who the fuck the man or if it was even a kid was or what they actually did or did in t he past but this is some crazy shit here. Yeah yeah whatever stealing is bad. But beating the shit out of someone and setting them up on fire for a Flour? gtfo here.

    Seriously and then people wonder the fuck why Donald Trump wants to build the wall. It’s people with their fucked up minds like this that we don’t want. Can you image this type of people in the US? …

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