Young Thief Beaten to Brink of Death Keeps Looking at His Johnson Before Dying

Young Thief Beaten to Brink of Death Keeps Looking at His Johnson Before Dying

Another young Brazilian man agonizing after being beaten to the bring of death by the mob. This one, instead of gurgling blood, keeps looking at his Johnson.

According to the info I got, the man was beaten after being caught stealing. The incident happened alongside the Manoa soccer field in the Cidade Nova neighborhood of the North Zone in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. He reportedly died shortly after.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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137 thoughts on “Young Thief Beaten to Brink of Death Keeps Looking at His Johnson Before Dying”

    1. Damn, he’s got a nasty bleed around the side of his head, just constantly pissing blood. You see that stream of red water flowing out?
      Mighta survived if they paid more attention to that leaky head of his instead of trying to keep him from playing with the other head.

  1. I know how he must feel. If I were laying there about to die I’d be having one last talk to it as well. I’d be like.. “That’s it buddy… we’ve had some good times… lots of pussy and plenty of beatings as well. It’s all over now but I want you to know that you brought me a lot of happiness. We kept pretty busy for all those years and I have no regrets. Goodbye my friend… I’m really gonna miss you…”.

    1. Theirs the reason you became my first ever Freind from BG!!! Leave it to @brokeback to strike up a convo with his memeber!!! My dick farewell would be similar in ways but different in others… Well ole buddy we’ve been in some tight and shitty situations in the past and you dug deep when in my dark days I’d constantly spit on you, and beat you repeatedly, for every fat ugly chic you tried to talk me out of and I tried to talk you into but yet you never questioned me even the time I dressed you up like a little matador for the Spanish lady you stood strong for me so thank you little guy it’s been real!!!! Now hold steal imma pull your turtle neck down and choke you one last time!!!

      1. I owe everything I am today to my mentor growing up… the master himself Mr. Andrew “Dice” Clay. He taught me the one word that would describe everything there was to living life…


    2. Lol .
      It looks like blows were delivered to both his heads. Why is he so concerned with the smaller head, if he was about to die?
      Well I guess the bigger head wasn’t worth having? All it did was get him into a life of crime.

      To sum up:
      Actions of the bigger head led him to beatings.
      Actions of smaller head have him more pussy.

      Fuck me, it makes sense now. In his flip flops, I too would be checking my smaller head to say goodbye.

    1. Maybe. Sometimes while the bunch of people are screaming, beating or shouting at the guy, beyond all that, there’s a entire life (or a half, depends on how you see it) expiring. All the thoughts, memories, feelings, all of it: gone, just for one decision that he could’ve have not made but did because of thousands of little of moments on his life in some or another level or another leaded to it; dunno, don’t want to get much into it. So ephemeral; and just another day in Brazil.

  2. I think this is the first case of agonal masturbation that I’ve ever seen on this website. Fascinating.

    By the way, I was under the impression that B.Pep (victim of one of the earliest Internet memes) had died, but here he is; seemingly alive and well in the jungles of Brazil.

    “If I EVER come to Jesus, I’ll come ALL the way.” (Keith, The Pretender)

  3. He was losing too much blood, maybe a neck stab? At first i felt sorry for him but then i remembered a friends mother that with 60 years old got her hip fractured when a thief stole her purse, she was very active and healthy but 5 or 6 years after the event she is still prostrated, and the family spends thousands and thousands of dollars in surgeries and all the care she needs. So fuck the little shit of this video, i would put a bullet in his forehead gladly.

    1. Not from his ear, no. He has a large lump on the side of his head near his right eyebrow. That’s where the blood is squirting like a fountain from.
      The squirting “got worse” just after guy with the yellow & blue sleeves grabbed his left arm. When the injured guy sortta leaned up/forward a bit, that’s when it started shooting out even worse.

  4. Scottish alternatives for Johnson-

    Boaby (Like Bobby, but with emphasis placed on the OA)

    Johnson hasn’t made it over here yet, to Johnston someone (in Glasgow anyway) is to send a picture of a horrible fat ugly woman to a friend etc to fuck their day up, usually accompanied with the standard line of “MATE YOU’VE BEEN FUCKING JOHNSTONED AGAIN!!”. Especially used the day after a heavy night out, solely to make the recipient feel even fucking worse than they already did (ie-“I felt rough when I woke up, but I felt a million times worse after that cunt Dean Johnstoned me with a photo of fat Sandra doing a Zumba class”).

  5. if you take away this guys reason for stealing which is currency/money/paper whatever the fuck you want to call it, would this and many other crimes related to the ‘chase’ of that currency occur? i mean how many crimes are actually related to that currency us humans are obsessed with chasing? it is the greatest swindle/trick of the mind ever inflicted on a species. we dedicate our entire existence to currency which at its core is literally nothing more than a false system of promissory notes which even tell you on the note they hold nothing of value and literally its ‘i promise to the bearer on demand the sum of’ and the rest is all in your mind. in all our minds. money is nothing more than a barter that occured one day and when mister X didnt have his 10 cows or whatever he wanted to trade that day with him they agreed upon a written i owe you slip of paper that they both shook hands on as if to say “i trust you that although you dont have my specific goods to trade right now i believe that you will come to me another day and deliver said goods”. when this spread the originators of this slip of paper barter system then decided greedily (greed – human ego trait) that the inconvenience of not having the goods on hand and thus the slip of paper (IOU) should carry with it a notion that the party who takes away the iou should also give back slightly more than what was agreed upon in the original deal (interest in todays terms). and voila just like that we see that these iou’s can hold a degree of control over people. this then spread to the monetary system when it began to gradually appear in flourishing civilizations and masses upon masses of humans that eeked out their lives. and then the monster began to grow and its influence would trickle into all aspects of these civilizations and industrys that required human energy (work/employment) to build and develop. the result of this system is the beast we see today and it is nothing more than an illusion but it is an illusion in the human psyche that has become so ingrained and burrowed so deep in the human mind that they honestly believe that this system is real and eek out their existence under its spell. yes it requires a certain amount of ingenuity to partake in the chase of that figure in your bank (business owner) or you can just be a participant in the chase (employee) but the end result is exactly the same .. you are using your life force and limited time in this realm to dedicating your energy into chasing something that is printed off a machine reel with a finishing line that will never ever appear. this gives it as much value as tissue paper, both are printed off yet one has numbers on and you believe those numbers you see on it give it value, but they dont. the system looks and feels real and it can stimulate your senses into believing that you are achieving things in life but at its core something that is paper and printed off a machine is nothing more than illusion and a matrix for the mind.

      1. i am not a millionaire but i have enough to eat good food and have all things i need to function in this matrix system . spiritual wise where i truly exist and where the human spirit truly is i am a billionaire. as for spirituality lucy the whore poosy you are broke as fuck. the very fact that you base people on what their money status is proves you are nothing more than a typical low grade trash of a skank. and what ‘money’ do you have whore ? not that i give a fuck but a cheap nasty little slag whore like yourself probably has no talent no decency and no real skills in life and uses her stinky little pussy to get along in life.

    1. Money isn’t the root of all evil. Laziness to make said money, and envy of people who HAVE said money are.

      “That’s odd. A Christian who [doesn’t care about money]. Interesting.” (Detective, Crime of the Age)

  6. Here we have Frankenstein Junior, who apparently stashed his robbery, the Alladin’s Lamp, in his pants. He’s trying his damn best to rub forth a wish, but the 40 thieves have arrived in time. Ha-ha, you can look but you cannot touch!

  7. I can tell by looking at this dude he most assuredly did not survive his injuries. His eyes were swollen in such a way you usually see when the supraorbital margins of the frontal bone are fractured. With this type of injury the Ethmoid and Sphenoid which make up your sinuses and along with the Lacrimal bone part of the eye sockets are shattered as well. These bones have nice sharp edges to them that when broken cut the shit out of the lower frontal lobes of the brain. If you cut off the top of the skull, remove the brain and look down towards the front of the skull you can see the Sphenoid bone, you have Optic canals in front of the Sella turcica where your pituitary gland rests. This is import because when damaged it can cause someone to involuntarily masturbate like what this dude is trying to do. It is actually not uncommon for this to occur with massive facial trauma. It just seems weird because it is rarely caught on camera, which makes this phenomena even that more special.

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