10 Day Old Baby Discarded Alive by Mother Dies When Sepsis Progresses Into Brain

Uncontrolled Sepsis Around Eye Gradually Invaded Brain

10 Day Old Baby Discarded Alive by Mother Dies When Sepsis Progresses Into Brain

In Ambato, Ecuador, a baby girl was found after being abandoned by her mother in a wooded ravine. She was just 10 days old.

Unable to take care of herself, a bruise over her eye formed, and progressed into sepsis that invited maggots. The sepsis kept deepening and eventually progressed into the brain.

When found, a group of firefighters and paramedics tried to provide life support, but the sepsis was in an advanced stage and the baby suffered respiratory arrest and died.

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Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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208 thoughts on “10 Day Old Baby Discarded Alive by Mother Dies When Sepsis Progresses Into Brain”

  1. There still has to be some decent women in the West with traditional values who do not engage in fornication, wait till marriage and takes care of their children and not engage in adultery or divorce. Or is everyone just a feminist whore over there?

        1. @Mr. Spock …just in theory I think females are certainly by far the most fragile gender emotionally and in terms of intelligence. More women have been hoodwinked into classic baby boomer libtard feminism by Mary Tyler Moore and Marlo Thomas rather than accepting, embracing, and publicly standing up in favor of the traditional good old days wife who stayed in the fucking house, cooked, cleaned her ass off, raised normal boys and girls, and still had energy to make mad monkey love to her husband when he got in the door from work. That woman is so far gone we can’t see her with the Hubble Telescope.

          1. Your culture is to blame. You normalise pre-marital affairs then you have guys and girls having sex in high school, having sex in cars, then they get married by 30 after they have blown 20 dudes then they divorce the dude after 5 years, take all his money and suck some other dick and die alone in the end.

          2. That is why mail- order/ brides from country towns in less -Globalised countries are so beneficial. Family-minded and can be as hot as you choose. Having eaten mostly home -cooked meals they are also trim into late middle age if not till they die.
            However ,they need a strong man. Many can also be rapacious and easily take a Westerner for all he has got once they get here and are established.
            In another life , I would have no problem having a longterm “mail order “woman around indefinitely.

          3. @hopingfornemesis

            Those type of women can be gold diggers. White men are so fed up of their women that they go to East Asia to get a wife. They bring them back to their countries, thinking she will be their traditional wife who cooks, cleans and looks after the children but once they got there they show their true self and the relationship ends in violence or divorce.

            Example –

          4. LOL I’m not expecting a woman to cook and clean for me, I’m more than capable of taking care of myself. I’m in way better shape than most women.

            The problem with chicks these days is that they are chasing all the Chads and Tyrones out there. Too late do they realise that the real alpha males are not the guys with neck tattoos and crim recs, it’s the guys who had their shit together and worked on self development. But by then nobody wants some badboy’s leftovers, lol.

            Now if this woman had dated a proper man that she could stick with, she wouldn’t have to abandon her child. This is a serious case of neglect.

          5. excellent video and is evidence of what i said. She has pegged him as a pussy. In her home country,men do not cook and clean and on getting here she has realised that the law helps women . Her peers have also informed her of how to use men. That is why she needs a strong man!

            Now ,she looks as if she has depression to me. However ,if he was sure it was not depression ,

            He should do less talking ,storm up to her,throw her phone through the window and slap those generous thighs and arse till she cries out for mercy. Always have a pre-nup on marrying women ,called financial agreements in Aus.


          6. @hopingfornemesis

            Australia, much like the rest of the West is very feminist with laws in favour of women so any little thing like that and she could charge him for marital rape, abuse and a dozen other things then take all his money in divorce which was probably her plan all along. They use these type of guys to get into a first world country, then divorce them and take their money, move on to the next dumbass, rinse and repeat. Most of these girls learn this crap from the women in their own families. They train these girls to trap such fools at a young age.

            If you are a male in a cucked country like Australia then you can’t do anything and I assume Australian white women are same as the women in America… feminists who can’t cook nor clean and engage in lots of fornication. I assume you have as well.

          7. Valid points and I laughed at “lots of fornication”. A husband or boyfriend can forgive a lot if his woman fucks and sucks him all the time but the complaint is ,they fuck and suck others!

            Now ,the bitch in the video seems a slothful bitch or depressed. Many of these mail -order brides are very nice but you must choose wisely. She has to be a “farm girl “as i said, not a wordly ex hooker from the redlight district. I am not saying hookers can’t become good mothers and wives ,i am just saying it is much harder to find one that will ,as they are jaded and cynical by then.

          8. @hopingfornemesis

            Oh, hookers definitely can’t become good mothers and wives. That’s one of the things I think about when I see these strippers, whores, porn stars, etc… They would actually do more harm by giving birth. I can only imagine what the child of such a mother would go through. He would have to live with the fact that his mother was a whore. That’s one of the things that shocks me the most is when I see these porn stars getting married. It’s ridiculous. They make a mockery out of marriage.

            You know “bastard” used to be an insult. USED TO BE. Because now there are literal bastards everywhere. The youngsters these days are more vulnerable than ever because they are exposed to such behaviour everywhere from an early age. I am sometimes scared to think what the future would be like but my question was to you, did you marry, have children?

          9. It is true that there are a lot of children now born out of wedlock but we now have common law marriages or defacto now which is much the same thing as marriage and the women inherit or get just as much as wives in divorce.

            Yes ,I know you have asked me before about whether I have been married and have children. Yes,to answer your question ,I have been married and do have children.

        1. Actually, all Asians aside from the Far East Asians (like Japanese, Chinese, Thai) and Africans still follow traditional values (no sex outside of marriage). I think Eastern European women are also more traditional but they also have a large number of gold digging whores too.

      1. Now women are the hunters and if you cannot keep them satisfied with your 6 incher than they simply piss you off and go searching for a better endowed guy.Why am I seeing visions of a negro man I just do not know.

    1. I’ll be the voice of reason and common sense here I guess.

      Very few western women wait until marriage before engaging in the joys of the flesh but then that also applies to western men as well.

      Most of us have a past sexual history whether we are married or not.

      The moral compass then should always be directed towards faithfulness and familial duty, not eternal virginity, and the whip hand directed towards unfaithfulness and familial neglect.

      Expecting anything else is just hypocrisy and self-satisfying nonsense.

      1. But you see fornication/pre-marital sex is what has lead to the high divorce and adultery rate in the West. It makes sex less special. I have always believed that you should love only one and have sex with the one you love. Sex should be about love and not lust. It’s a shame that in the West, people lose their virginities before marriage, even the Christian one’s. Many even lose it in 13-14 years old and end up becoming teen moms.

        This culture is actually very dangerous for the upcoming generation. Children should not be raised by single mothers or someone who isn’t their biological father or mother unless they end up in unfortunate circumstances like the death of both parents. I find it disgusting how there are kids being raised by step father after step father. Mommy getting new boyfriend every year. This type of culture is also spreading to other places. Some countries like Iran and Afghanistan have outlawed all forms of fornication so there are still some places left which respect traditional values.

        1. Outlawing does not mean it does not happen. I know of some Iranians and they tell me the higher the social class in Iran the more premarital sex occurs. Admittedly ,less maybe than in Western countries but you can still get it in Persia if you are lucky to be born in the right circles. Very similar to the West before the Pill. The very rich and the very poor always had lots of sex in the West as the former were above the law and poor were beyond its enforcement. The Middle Class was lumped with all the strictures of the law and the Church. Hahah

          It is all about how you think about things. Some Cultures have “free love” anytime ,married or not and they seem happy with little divorce, ” jealous murder” or children passed off as their husband’s. Admittedly they are hunter gatherers or semi nomadic but anyway. Also warrior cultures had plenty of sex and wife swapping as well.

          With The Spartans and Masai of Kenya from memory anyone can fuck anyone’s wife. I’m told wifeswapping was also very common on American bases for similar reasons. A warrior is always at risk of imminent death so has to be given solace. Hitler also made sex with soldiers almost a duty in itself.

          1. Of course it happens. The ultra rich everywhere use their money to engage in pleasures of all kind. This is why you know I hear people say that you have to sell your soul to the Devil to become so rich. They have the personality for that. They are hedonists and there are hedonists in every society. Just that there are more hedonists in western societies. You know it’s hard and near impossible to become rich through hard work. The rich people have lied, cheated, backstabbed their way to it. They do not care. Only thing that matters to them is pleasure for themselves even if it’s at someone else’s expense. I think rapists have a similar thought process – no empathy for their victims, they just want pleasure and do not care if they hurt someone to get it.

      2. A huge number of women in the Philliphines work in the pickup bars and either forget to take the pill or go bareback.I feel a little sorry for these women being forced into prostitution just to survive with the poverty rate so high.

        1. Bullshit thinking. There is a reason phrases like “Being an ugly woman is like being a man – you’re gonna have to work for a living” exist. Prostitution is a form of female privilege, whereby there’s an easy and instant way for women to get nice money for literally nothing. No skill, no investment in education, no nothing. Just by being born with a cunt, a woman already has an easy way to get money. Men don’t have an equal privilege. A man has to bust his balls and risk a lot to earn a fraction of what a woman earns by way of mere existence.

      3. I have to disagree with you @empty-soul

        Multiple studies, such as the one by the Heritage Foundation, confirmed that the more a woman rides cock carousel before marriage, the higher the likelyhood of infidelity after marriage. The study also found the most successful marriages involve women who are virgins at the time of marriage. When it comes to marriages with women who choked on 16-20 cocks, a full 4 out of 5 will end in divorce. Keep in mind that 80% of divorces are initiated by women. And then there is this, of course:

        Young women are also twice as likely to be unfaithful, with 50% admitting they have cheated on a partner – half at least twice.

        Men are nowhere near as shitty in relationships as women, so you cannot put them on the same level.


        1. @happy

          The problem is that you cannot truly know just how many cocks a woman has ridden before she met you. You can ask but I doubt she will confirm it if she has indeed ridden more stallions than Frankie Dettori.

          That said, a man has two choices I guess. MGTOW or relationship and within relationships all you can do is judge on what is presented to you in the present, not on what may have happened in the past.

          Any man with self respect though won’t allow himself to get cuckolded by a whore so if at any point you find out your woman has indeed cheated on you kick her out and shut the door in her face.

          The above is all you can do really if you go down the relationship route because you cannot chastise someone over things that exist within the realms of perceived possibility.

          On a personal note though I wouldn’t date a woman who has had more people up her than the Eiffel Tower. I would also never get married. Losing half my worldly possessions after years of nagging and being denied sex is not my cup of tea.

          1. If this culture stays the way it is then the West will be destroyed and the world along with it because so many other countries copy the West and want to be like them. But civilization has existed for many centuries and I’m sure there have been periods of time where this type of culture became the norm but afterwards this culture went away and people got back to their traditional family roots. Some humans have always had weird customs. Just now it is the majority of people (in the West & Far East) who are engaging in this type of behaviour. This will only lead to the destruction of the human race but perhaps a century or so later, people will understand that they were wrong about all this sexual “liberation” and go back to the family oriented lifestyle.

            Another thing I hate is when you tell this to someone, then some feminist whore responds with “Oh it’s not the 1940s anymore”. That’s the best response their tiny little brains can cook up. It’s just an arbitrary number, doesn’t mean you have to become a degenerate in 2020.

          2. @smokinguns

            Yep. Sexual dynamics, morals etc change with eras. There have been many periods throughout human history where it has been sexually liberal only to go the complete opposite way years later.

            Society is like a pendulum then in that it swings back and forth from one extreme to the other as a result of the resistance built up against it whenever it moves too far in one direction.

            We’ve just had the liberal 1960’s up until now and what with all the 500 genders, pansexual nonsense going around these days I expect we will see a shift into the opposite direction within the next 20 to 30 years.

          3. Very true. It’s the 60s when this whole culture of sex, drugs, rock and roll began. Initially, it was seen as rebellious for men and liberating for women and of course the youngsters of that time gave into it and this is what we end up with, and we all know the Jews were behind that whole cultural shift. They used Hollywood, pornography and the media to pollute the minds of young men and women. Feminism was started by the Jews too so women would start working and that would lower the wages. Good for the economy, good for the Jews who controlled the money.

            The Jews have tried to dumb down history too. Basically what they made us believe is that civilization is only 6000 years old and before that we were all caveman savages and that the 2000 years of importance we put to chastity, marriage and dedication resulted only in the decay of civilization. They have also made the pre-Christian world seem as if it was completely sexually liberal like modern times. When we know that these periods of degeneracy were only a small fraction in the entirety of pre-Christian West. They have tried to blame everything bad on religion to turn everyone atheist. Another thing I notice is when people are young they are atheists. It helps them cope with their sinful lifestyle but as they grow old they become religious and God fearing again. Hypocrites.

        2. “The most successful marriages involve women who were virgins at the time of marriage”

          Do you think that the success of these marriages could have more to do with the Christian/religious values concerning all aspects of life, not just sex that are instilled into both sides of the couple?
          The man marrying the girl who stayed a virgin is probably going to share her religious views too so the family is likely to be inclined to stay together for religious reasons..
          What I’m trying to say is that the fact she was a virgin before marriage is only one of the given reasons the marriage worked… take a non religious girl raised in your average family who happens to be a virgin, marry her to a similarly raised guy and I’m not sure the success rate would be the same

          1. i think one thing you’re missing is that the ‘average joe’ female isn’t usually raised with those values. it typically has a lot to do with religion, so yes, maybe you could say it’s because of that they stay family oriented but the whole saving yourself for marriage is usually seen within religious families as oppose to family’s that don’t project any moral standards other than maybe don’t rape or murder.

          2. You know I don’t think you need religion to have those type of values. You can be an atheist and still follow traditional values, have some principals and morals. Atheism has been hijacked now because as a movement it exists only to rebel against the existing customs. Atheism now exists only to serve an agenda. To be an atheist, you must also be a liberal, feminist, LGBT rights activist these days.

          3. @smokinguns I agree but I still think that being a virgin before marriage can’t be the only given reason for it’s success… a girl with the same values as a religious family would still be likely to cultivate a happy marriage as would her husband, a girl with good family values isn’t likely to marry the Chads or Tyrones 😉

    2. One less third world trash trying to hop the border crossing. By the way, the OP who posted this sounds like a virgin. I mean we get it, she was a whore. Isn’t that all that needs to be said in this instance, instead of the continuous rambling of a beta male describing her whoredom in the article?

        1. Description says Ecuador. It happens all over the world. Typically under the main picture for the article it’s got a bunch of words put together in these things called paragraphs. Sometimes when you read those, you dont have to ask ignorant questions. But to blandish your feeble attempt at starting drama, yes, America has alot of irresponsible females. Not all abortions that take place here were conceived here. We just so happen to embrace modern medicine, which politicians use to manipulate uncivilized vermin.

          1. You are right but men have always been like that. Lust is so powerful like a drug and it takes over you. Women should not give in to their advances so easily. There are girls having one night stands with some dude they just met and talked to for 5 minutes.

        1. Women have been getting progressivelly worse since the early 1970s and that super bitch/witch Germaine Greer published her book The Female Eunuch.Then Aussie shit face Helen Reddy had a hit record with I Am Woman.Greers book became like the feminist Bible with some quoting pages to their poor boyfriends and husbands.Now some of them are in charge of Premier jobs in my country of Australia and stuffing up things left right and centre.This woman should be charged with intentional murder of a baby but i bet she get a pussy pass and nothing happen.

          1. Disclosure. I love Helen Reddy and she is Jewish by the way, just as Olivia Newton John is.

            Greer was potent then but truth be told has actually disowned the modern feminist movement of late. She rightly says women involved in modern feminism are all just self -absorbed middleclass whiners who need a root.
            I would masturbate to a young olivia newton john.wow

        1. That’s right, dropping baby at a church would see it starve as no one goes there anymore. And dropping baby at the fire station is also no good, especially in here in Australia because all the fire fighters are out on a daily basis for 14 or 16 hours trying to put the country out.
          Someone needs to develop an app for slutty single mothers to assist them in dumping baby – until that happens, baby is sadly fucked………

          1. No, reddy and olivia all said they are jewish and are ie at least one parent was jewish or half- jewish . Greer has said that she believed her mother or father to be secretly jewish and she” feels jewish”.

            Aust has the highest number of jews per capita of gentile population in the world outside of “Israel”.

            You would be surprised of the number of jewish people in public life you do not know are jewish.

            Olivia Newton john’s grandpa is world- famous chemist ,Max Born of the famous Born- Haber Cycle . Ronald macdonald actor and singer in aus ,is Bartholomew John ,i believe relative of Olivia . Murdoch is jewish via his mother asI believe is ex pm Fraser. Some say ex Governor general stinker Kerr, was also Jewish but I’m still checking out the latter two. On a roll ,i could name twenty or thirty famous Australians that are Jewish.

            Ian moss and singer of cold chisel and his brother Swannee is jewish.

    1. Ok here is my top ten.

      How do you get 100 babies into a bucket?
      With a blender.

      How do you get them out again?
      With Doritos.

      What is funnier than a dead baby?
      A dead baby in a clown costume.

      How do you stop a baby from crawling around in circles?
      Nail it’s other hand to the floor

      What is the difference between a baby and a onion?
      No one cries when you chop up the baby.

      How many babies does it take to paint a house?
      Depends how hard you throw them.

      How do you make a dead baby float?
      A glass of soda water and 2 scoops of baby.

      What do you call a dead baby pinned to your wall?

      What bounces up and down at 100mph?
      A baby tied to the back of a truck.

      What is red and hangs around trees?
      A baby hit by a snow blower.

          1. What’s the difference between a fridge and a woman?

            A fridge won’t end up with a baby inside when you stick your meat in it.

          1. I haven’t actually, I’ve not been paying attention to new releases lately. I’ve been playing video games for 44 years so I guess the thrill of new stuff is wearing off now. @janiel

          1. I still remember the live fetus in the sink from the trailer. What kind of sick fucked up people would cancel such a game? Damn shame.

          2. @jack-doe, it was an issue with Konami and Hideo Kojima. I’m not a video game guru, but I know what I like, and I enjoyed Silent Hill. Such a shame Hills was never released. That series had some of the most fucked up visuals, undulating soundtrack dissonance, and raw thematic madness I’ve ever come across.

          3. I’ve been looking into Silent Hill and it seems interesting to me, something I could maybe get into. I’ve not called up any vids because I really hate spoilers but I did want to ask about one thing. Please tell me it’s not zombies. I hate video games with zombies or cowboys. I was thinking of maybe trying PS3 versions as I still have that console but if it’s all zombies then I’m gonna pass. @janiel

          4. Thanks @janiel I’ll probably go and investigate this game; seeing it’s old, as long as they don’t want an arm or a leg for it (like the Mexican Cartel would), I’ll probably give it a try. To be honest, I could do with something different. Thanks again.

          5. @robc, and if they do cost an arm and a leg, make sure the machete is at least a little bit sharper than a butter knife. We’ve seen too many botched amputations on here.

      1. True statement. Baby beaner grows up to procreate and make more beaners. If human critters keep breeding like we have been, a few generations from now will starve to death. Provided a disease dosnt cull the herd first.

  2. I mean, what do you think would happen if this parasite got to be 18, you
    Uuumm .. Let me guess .. she would team up with a ‘spic’ boyfriend gang
    member, and get a 60s car that ‘bounces’ at the front .. and ..
    drive to the north of Mexico .. and ..
    Go on a ‘Badlands’ style execution of whitey in the Southern USA
    So .. thank you Jesus
    Thank you for stopping this ‘devil-spawn’ in it’s slimy spic tracks
    Corpus Christi !
    Amen ..

    1. @bad Jonny : why are you so obsessed with shit hole Murica ? That’s why this world is so fucked up – if America sneezes the rest of us catch the flu. I don’t understand it. Surely there is more appeal elsewhere than a land of war, Walmart car parks, kardashian culture and gun paradise ?? C’mon mate……..

  3. Just another postpartum abortion. Happens all the time, and it’s generally the chicks that perform them.

    Crotch goblin! Love it! I usually call the infernal things ‘crotch droppings’, but me thinks I’ll expand my lingo.

    Wonder if this now defunct creature was conceived under voluntary conditions or from rape?

    1. You most certainly aren’t a lawyer, now are you petunia?

      That bitch is going to a lovely cesspit to think about how to treat children, hopefully you don’t need the same lesson

      Its not going to be pretty for anyone involved

        1. I admire that outlook

          So many people who have fucked up emotional baggage and warped senses of self have kids and wonder why they fuck up at parenting

          Of course there are other reasons, but you worked it out early – kudos

          I only took offense at the “post partum abortion”, which is murder 1 to those without any non psychopath tendencies

  4. I avoid these posts because they break my soul into a thousand pieces. Poor little defenseless baby
    How can anyone do that to a little defenseless being. She could have left her at a hospital, police station, anything better than let the poor innocent baby suffer. Uggghh depression for days…

    1. I agree with you 100%.
      Even when she’s about to set her down in the grass for good, how does she not have a change of heart when she sees how helpless she is while she walks away?
      How about in the middle of the night when she’s in bed, thinking about where her baby is, how does she not have second thoughts and race back over there and get her?
      This is the saddest post I’ve seen in a long time.
      Pure fucking evil is what that mom is and she just needs to expire already.

      1. My only thought is that she had a similar mental process to those teen moms who discard the baby in the trash can at prom and hide the pregnancy for nine months. They spend those nine months ignoring the fact that they are pregnant and never develop a maternal connection with the fetus by treating it like a parasite instead of a potential human. Still, I have no clue how reality doesn’t smack them in the face when the baby comes out alive and kicking, and they just discard it like trash.

        1. Big brained psychologists are always thinking up new ways to make money from sub-human trash. ‘Post natal depression’ for cheap whores, and ‘Aspergers Syndrome’ for extreme narcissists etc. Trying to figure out or fix these type of people is like arguing with an idiot. Psychs know this, but money….

          1. There really is no point trying to figure out why some people do what they do. Sometimes the reason is no deeper than, “I felt like it.” Nothing more complicated than that.

    2. I feel the same …its messed up …because there’s people out there that would be great parents but cant make them due to medical reasons …and then there’s cunts like this ..worthless trash ..piece of shit people

  5. What a twat I say her vagina should be closed shut or she should be “fixed” so she can’t make anymore victims.
    That poor baby I am so sorry your life was not respected by the person who should have protected you. Little one you are with the Lord now and safe.

      1. If we were to correct everyone’s grammar on this and any other site we wouldn’t even have time to go to the crapper when we needed to. The standard of English, both written and verbal, from Americans, Canadians, English and Australians is abysmal at best. I talk to many Europeans whose main language is not English and they have a better command of the language than those of the above-mentioned nationalities. Some have even said that they don’t understand why many English speakers can’t get their heads around the differences between words like ‘there, their and they’re’ – or why people use ‘would/could/should of’ instead of ‘would/could/should have’. I used to blame education standards but it goes further than that because older generations are now also failing in this respect. My view is that it’s the internet and social media which are extending the errors to others. The younger generations aren’t having their errors corrected at school (can’t offend them or hurt their feelings, bless their little libtard hearts) and they bring these errors to the internet and, like all bad habits, they are passed onto others.
        You know, I would execute these politically correct, gender fluid, faggot-loving, socialist libtards who are destroying the younger generations because, quite seriously, they are a bigger danger to the human race than all the headchoppers, narcos and psychopaths combined. Recently I’ve been watching some of the 1st Amendment Audit videos on YouTube and, going by the reaction of the public and the authorities, I never realised that there were so many traitors to the constitution living in America. To all genuine Americans….going by what I saw in those videos, your country is fucked unless you get rid of these traitors.

  6. Maggots. Nature’s surgeons but the patient was beyond saving. I think of those parents who try so hard but never have a child. Sad really. How meaningless is human suffering. What further proof for the cruelty and ineptitude of god, or maybe gods don’t exist…

  7. I don’t get it…If the fucking cunt decided to let her cooch stretch into a handbag and have the kid anyway, why the fuck not give it away for adoption?? She obviously just wanted her baby to suffer. Someone should swing a rusted pickaxe into that mother’s thoracic spine about three to five inches deep. Would be a treat to watch….

  8. really 2 be honest,

    most of the time I laugh bout the comments down below,
    but really, this is just fked up,
    and I don’t even want to read some funny comment bout that shit,

    its just sad and if you disagree, then fuck you

    1. Part of why I like this site is because we can all make jokes about things that are severely fucked up, and that’s why the humor is so satisfying. It’s cause we are acknowledging it’s fucked up. Doesn’t make it any less depressing or sad, but humor has a way of taking those tragic things and turning it into something else temporarily. I get what you mean, though.

  9. THE GREAT ERIC CARR by bad jonny

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    But what ever happened

    To the great Eric Carr?..

    1. Yes agree with you there are some good ones out there just they very hard to find and keep.My brother and sister been married for about 40 yrs each and still going ok.We do not want to become all woman haters or how will society keep functioning.Better off accepting that woman think different to us men and either take or leave them alone.They are meant to complement us and provide domestic care while we are the hunter gatherers who know how to work together and provide for the family.

      1. We aren’t a very good species in general. Men, women, white, black, young, old, atheist, Christian, gay, straight. I can’t place hate on a particular group of people, cause every creed has their own cesspool. All of us are capable of committing atrocities.

  10. So this is what we’re doing now faggot Jew-gle?! Deleting all the videos even before a few people get to view them. Free speech is a thing of the past. Wouldn’t want any pussies to get offended by reality would we? Fuckin Bullshit!

  11. Born unto this world. Unwanted, And left to die somewhere in the ravine. Poor poor sad little thing. As for that rotten cunt, If it were up to me. I will pour bag of live maggots into that rotten womb of her, See how well she can decompose from the inside out.

  12. I say kill her. Better yet mame her a d let maggota eat her alive.plenty of fmaily would have taken the lil guy..er.girl i mean. What ever they grow up to identify as. Me personally i identify as a tree so ill leaves

  13. Mmm. Men complain that they find only gold-diggers or single mothers but when there is a single woman, without children, who loves them…they are just so pathetically immature they are incapable of getting married! They act like they were teenagers when they are already 30+

  14. The mother should be murdered too if she can be found. And don’t come up with shit as she goes to hell after dead because there’s no hell. It’s all a fucking joke to scare the shit out of people.

    1. Think you make a good point the concept of heaven/hell invented by Bible writer whoever that was to keep us under control.Just lately think i am in my own private hell certainly very little heaven happening.

  15. @juror somebody has to pay for it. Working class taxpayers in a democratic society, everyone but politicians in a socialists state. Maybe in your mental state of existence you’re clever and witty, but to everyone else, you’re just a nuisance.

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