21 Year Old Girl Loses Breast After Being Diagnosed with Rare Cancer

21 Year Old Girl Loses Breast After Being Diagnosed with Rare Cancer

Devin (BG nickname devindeborah) is a 21 year old girl from Michigan. At age 20, Devin was diagnosed with an extremely rare breast cancer, that normally would only rarely be seen in elderly women.

One year ago next month, Devin had a full left mastectomy (breast removal) followed by radiation treatment. She denied the chemotherapy they wanted her to do. She had her left boob scraped out, and then a tissue expander sewn into her armpit muscles.

Devin doesn’t have any photos of the procedure, but took a photo of what it looks like now for us here at Best Gore. Obviously, at present time it’s all healed up, but there’s a big difference between her right breast and what’s left of her left one.

Here’s Devin’s story in her own words:

When I was 15, I developed a lump in my left breast. I didn’t think anything of it. Neither did the docs.

When I was 20, it started growing rapidly, and in one month it was the size of a man’s fist. So I had a lumpectomy done where they removed the mass and sent it to pathology.

3 days later, the doc calls me and tells me it was extremely malignant. He told me it was a high grade phyllodes malignant tumor. Similar to a sarcoma, but not.

He told me I’d need a mastectomy immediately, followed by four months of chemo, and two of radiation.

During the next month the tumor grew back even faster, and was massive yet again. High grade, and very aggressive. They said I was in stage 3.

I went in for the mastectomy, and I didn’t realize how devastating it would really be to my self esteem. They gave me a 50% chance of survival.

After the surgery, I began radiation. But then stopped after ten treatments, because it was severely burning my skin, and the whole thing was making my depression worse.

They had never seen anyone my age with this cancer anywhere in the world. So now it’s a waiting game.

If it comes back it means it already metastasized and will be located in my lungs. If that happens, they say no treatment will do any good, and I will live for about 1.5 years.

So now I just get a CT scan every 6 months to check my lungs. It’s been a crazy depressing ride.

On behalf of the entire Best Gore community, I’m sending prayers and positive vibrations your way, Devin. We’ll be here for you all along – you’re not alone in the difficult fight. I’m wishing for healthy lungs, and many years of fulfilling and productive life for you.

And as for your breasts – they’re beautiful. A perfect pair are a dime a dozen. Few woman can brag about having them this unique and unmatched. Perfection gets really boring really fast. It’s the unique imperfections that make one stand out. All the power to you, girlie :o)

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  1. I truly hope you stay cancer free! You’re only 3 years younger than me, I couldn’t imagine being told what you have and going through it. You’re a very strong woman. My thoughts are prayers are with you 🙂 and btw, you’re one perfect boon makes up for the loss of your other one. Any guy would be lucky to have you! Keep your head up!

  2. @Devin, be positive and don’t let it keep you down. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy every sunrise and sunset. Guys can only suck on one tit so don’t let it bother you. Hope you live a long and happy cancer free life.

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  3. @Devin

    I’m really sorry this has happened to you and for what you’re still going through. I know I don’t really know you or anything about you but I do really hope you get better and live a long and happy life. Fuck knows you deserve it after everything that’s happened to you.
    On a side note I had a girlfriend who had one tit that was significantly larger than the other and I know it’s nowhere near the same thing but I thought she was beautiful. Looking at your picture there I think you’re beautiful and I’m not just saying that.
    Stay strong and stay smiling for we at best gore love you 🙂

  4. It’s not really a big deal to me. You got breast cancer? That’s awful it’s a scary thing to know and docs don’t give any hope. What do you do like to do for fun? I always say live for excitement and focus on what you love.

    If it’s any consolation, you have a lovely tit and especially your nipple. It’s no biggie I just like sex and if you give it up well I’ll just have to abide. Are you currently accepting applications for a boyfriend?

    Eat healthy, stay on a nutrition and love life. Juices and cannabis is what my mother used as her treatment. She didn’t go through with chemo just like you.

      1. Oh yes, we are going to live it up for now with gin. I think she was having more fun than getting cured.

        Maybe I wasn’t being specific enough when I wrote “juices and cannabis”. Some fruits and veggies and phytoplankton helped but other methods were used to treat her.. But honestly I don’t know much about that, my mother tells the story much better. You should go meet her.

  5. Hey Devin.., omg you have a body some young girls can only dream about., me personally looking at your nude body find you Very Attractive., and I’m no slouch. Any Real man wouldnt think twice., and would be lucky to be with a young beautiful girl such as yourself. Your Hot Babe.

    1. You got that right. I find tth most attractive attribute in women is their personality. I rather be with someone that is happy and outgoing, even with physical flaws, than someone all would think is hot, but completely snobbish and rude.

  6. Your a amazing young woman Devin! I’m so sorry this has happened to you..you are extremely strong and I’m praying for you and pray you’ll live a long and healthy live..go get em beautiful! I know I don’t know you but I love you 🙂

  7. I feel for you devin… I personally have never had to deal with a life altering situation like that but I did have a sister that was diagnosed with breast cancer and within 2 months it had mestasized and she was dead by the 4th month… I never had any idea that it could spread that quick but when I got the call that she was dead it hit hard and fast, I wish she would’ve taken more life preserving measures but at the end of the day I know why she didn’t… I hope you beat it and then you have a bad ass story about how you looked death in the face and said FUCK YOU… My prayers are with you… Live long and on your terms…RIP MISTY

    1. That is a sad story to hear, the way you told it brought back some emotions of my own about death of a loved one happening so suddenly. Sorry for the loss of you sister.

  8. @fukitol..your situation is a life altering situation for you..im so sorry..you are so strong….your amazing..lots of love to you! And ill send my prayers to you your family and that your sister is at peace…she was so blessed to have you as a sister 🙂 is blessed

    1. Ummm… I am her brother and she is my sister, sorry if the present tense sounds strange but it is something that will never change, even if we are separated by death .. Thank you for your kind words though

      1. +devin , I didn’t mean to come out insensitive. It was just a genuine curiosity and thought to put out here. I do know what you’re going through and wish you very well on your way to recovery.

        I didn’t want to post a generic “I’m so sorry” comment.

    1. @moniker, where you u do have a point is that yeah, some asshole (or 2) would have made some fucked up comment about a coon with one boob, hahaha…but I dare say most of us would NOT. Yep, there is some real douche nozzles on BG.
      @devin, thank you for sharing your very private life with us all. You got some big cojones to do that..and I am not sticking up for @moniker but, I don’t think he/she meant that directed at you, and didn’t think it through before posti?g.
      Take care and love yourself, you are a brave, beautiful lady. When you’re feeling low you know you can log on here and someone will give you love and encouragement.

  9. It always saddens me greatly to know of a person so young being afflicted with a cancer that scars their body at a point in their life when self-image is most acute.

    People this age can fall into a dark depression when a pimple appears on their face, so this kind of thing would be utterly and completely devastating to many.

    I truly feel for this young lady…and I hope she finds the courage to hold her head high and walk proudly forward knowing she has much to offer.

  10. Devin you know we alll converge here and say what we have to say ,
    I know a life so young like yours shouldn’t have gone through these odds but this life of ours as you know throws surprises .Some get beaten and some beat it out and I know there you sure have your guardian angels by your side . When times like these come you will have to be as positive as you never were before to fight it out and live your life to the fullest for many more years to come . That said I do know this loss is irrevocable but as you stood up right in its face I am wishing that you beat the odds out and have years of radiant sun risen days and peaceful nights by your side . Sometimes collective prayers work wonders and in your case everyone’s heart is pouring out for you and your well being and we all wish that you stay on and on .
    Oh Dear Devin If I were to sing a song to make you happy it would just be this famous song by “The Beatles”

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    When I think of all the times I’ve tried so hard to leave her
    She will turn to me and start to cry
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    And I believe her
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    She’s the kind of girl who puts you down
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    Was she told when she was young that pain
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    Did she understand it when they said
    That a man must break his back to earn
    His day of leisure?
    Will she still believe it when he’s dead?
    Ah girl

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      1. Creepy is what it takes to be @http://www.bestgore.com/ ! LOL !! .Nonethless if the Beatles you think were the best then ,there is no denying that they still are best .” Immortals “.
        Now get some Gore fella !

  11. Sweetie, you made the right choice to have the surgery. You are in my prayers. You are beautiful just as you are. I know it’s hard for you but please don’t give up. As much as I hate it you may want to reconsider chemo. We would like for you to be around for many years to come. You are a very brave lady.

  12. Life for the most part is shit and completely random and chance of birth seems to dictate our future options.

    Whether it is genetic chance or social chance we find that we are always up against the wind in our struggle to survive.

    Of course there?re always the lucky few who are born into the best of all situations and yet spend their life trying to prevent others from reaching their lofty positions out of fear and greed.

    The point being that we all have different starting points and struggles to contend with and some are forced to experience far worse struggle than others but we all must fight and continue to fight because to be alive is to fight and struggle.

    Devin, don?t ever let anyone bring you down. You are you and neither cancer, nor man will ever change that fact.

    Your breasts are not ugly, in fact very few women have identical breasts either. Most women have some variance in breast size and shape and most are equally self conscious about what other people might think of them.

    I believe krishnamurti once said ?You have to be a light to yourself in a world that’s utterly becoming dark?, so stay strong and shrine bright for yourself Devin.

  13. Thanks for sharing your story @devin…
    Stay strong a person who loves you will make a difference in your life …everyone has some kind of pain to go through in life …So young for you to cope with this but by sharing your story with us hopefully it will help a bit to your recovery..

  14. @Devin Hun I cannot tell you how sad it is to see someone so young go through this. My grandmother we think through the exact steps as yourself back know in 2012. She was 92 years young & diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma that spread everywhere. She held off the grim reaper for almost 9 weeks before finally succumbing to her illness. I truly have you in my thoughts & remember, you are still a “young spring chicken” with plenty of fight left in you. I’m truly sorry you have been dealt such a shitty hand. Hang in there & thanks for sharing! 🙂

  15. My Mrs of 12yrs (no,not a 12yr old) has had a partial mastectomy.She is a very strong and beautiful woman (she needs to be to put up with my shit)but along with the chemo and radio it very nearly broke her spirit.Its taken time but she’s back to herself now and its 5 years on.I know its a delicate subject but I’ve experienced it so I feel able to mention this,It made no difference to me sexually whatsoever,but I had to reassure my beautiful lady a lot before she believed me 100%.I actually reckon its even a bit MORE hot to have a knarly scar on that puppy..So to the beauty above,I say,stay strong my friend,the people who matter will carry you through this and it wont matter to the one who loves you.

  16. Hello Devin,

    Your story made me finally give in and register on this site. I am 24 years old in TX and in the midst of battling addiction. Addiction caused by depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety caused by feeling alone. Feeling alone because I am different. I am different because I had a pilocytic astrocytoma the size of a racquetball removed from my brain stem. There are no words for what you’re going through but I want you to know you’re not alone.

    I always had headaches growing up, bad and I thought it was normal. They never thought to scan until 2009. The ER nurses even cried with my mother as they showed the findings on the screen.

    It was a nightmare. It was traumatizing. I didn’t know until after I woke up from surgery and the tumor was sent to biopsy. It was benign and today I am healthy but continue to battle depression. I do not do any follow up screenings, that’s a decision for God to make.

    Just know we’re here and I know this community is much bigger than just its registered users. It’s become well known where I’m from.

    Devin, you can message me if you have any questions anytime. I’m going through addiction therapy right now. To alcohol and Xanax. All of which started after I tried to come to terms with reality post surgery.

    By no means am I trying to downplay the severity and rarity of your condition. I had a huge chance of having a grand mal seizure and I thank God every day for my health.

    I’m not religious but we all seek to attribute that energy to somewhere. I hope you have a wonderful day and take it day by day. I look forward to speaking to you if need be.

    Thank you for hearing my story,

    1. Respect, I’m on suboxone treatment myself right now. Been on it since 13th October 2014 and still here….tested every week and always clean….I fuckin love life now where as before 13th October I just couldn’t see a way out.

      Keep it up buddy…..fuckin fantastic that you admit the disease. You will wake up one day soon and everything will be clearer and u will actually WANT to get out of bed and do something!

  17. When I was in the hospital recovering from the surgery to fix my broken spine I asked the doctor if I’d be able to have sex every day. He said after some recovery time there’s no reason why I shouldn’t. I said that’s awesome…I was only getting it once a month before.

  18. Another tragic incident of this life taking disease. At such a young age too. This girl is gonna be just fine though. The breast can be replaced, aesthetically anyway, and life will normalize. A young, healthy body is very resilient and heals quickly.
    I told my story here on BG once before so I won’t go into any lengthy detail, just the broad strokes.
    I never thought that breast cancer would be a part of my life until my fianc? was diagnosed with an aggressive type just a few months after we learned that she was pregnant.
    Aside from a double mastectomy, her treatments were meted out cautiously due to the pregnancy. Maybe too cautiously. Our son is 3 now, almost 4 and healthy but his mom is no longer here with us. She’s been gone since he was 2 so it’s just my son and I now.
    No real words of wisdom from me for Devin except maybe this…
    Surviving a deadly disease like breast cancer is evidence that you are supposed to be here and your life does have a purpose. Find your purpose and your place in the world live every day to that end.

    1. Hey nutsack,these story’s seem to give us a break from the shit talking and show the actual real humans and a glimpse into OUR lives.Peace my friend.
      P.S. doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop the shit talking though. haha

      1. @peachmuncher.
        The freedom to talk shit is what I love about Best Gore. The members and member comments is what sets BG apart from the other gore sites.
        The members that come here and talk shit, many times are merely saying what lots of others are thinking but didn’t want to say.
        And honestly, anybody who is genuinely hurt or offended by you or any other commenter is taking this way too seriously. That said, go fuck an oomper loomper you rude SOB! HaHa. Peace.

  19. You are fucking beautiful and don’t let anyone ever make you think otherwise. To go through what you’re going through at such a young age makes you incredibly strong and I can’t even begin to put myself in your shoes. I truly hope everything goes okay and you stay healthy and cancer free.

      1. The first time I made sick jokes about my girlfriends chemo/surgery,she replied with ‘thank fuck for that,I was getting pissed off with people walking round on eggshells and asking how I am’….true story.

        1. That is literally how I am about it!! Everyone was crying for me all the time and I make fun of myself for having one tit constantly. And when I do people act like they don’t know how to react to it. Like it makes THEM uncomfortable. like look this is a shitty situation but I still got a live for sarcasm trolling and laughing, even at myself

          1. Yeah,the crying really pissed her off,how it makes it about them and how upset THEY are.haha.sounds like your doing pretty good at mo.And BTW that big ole nip you have left,looks pretty damn suckable.xx

          2. There’s no use moping around something for too long, and crying ain’t going to solve anything. I mean others had worst and BG shows that most people lose hands, legs, feet, head, and life goes on.

  20. I don’t see nothing wrong with your breast. It looks beautiful and it’s not a lie. I pray for your health and that the menace be over with. Nothing says “life” than a pair of tits with battle scars. Don’t ever think less of yourself with that, it’s a sign that living is more valuable than aesthetics.

  21. You’ve faced some of the worst that life has to offer and you’ve persevered. This experience has tempered you with a perspective on life that few achieve at such a young age. Use it as a yardstick to measure just how far you’re capable of going. Most of the other drama inspiring life events will seem trivial, and pale in comparison to what you’ve already been through.

  22. @Devin, we all have to face our very own life challenges, this happens to be yours, although its unfortunate that you had to face it at such an early age, but all has its purpose, so its rather better face them soon than later. I could provide you with some astral insights to see what the future would bring, weither if you accept its outcome or not, its all up to you, because only you have that energy to face your very own challenge… but ill just tell you this, let the astrals allow you to, if you manage to defeat that challenge, and the worse has passed, be glad you’re living on this age, where reconstructive medical treatment is not only possible, its a reality. 🙂 Good luck on that fight.

      1. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once wrote that nothing is certain except change… that is true even in astral readings, except from the already occurring short term transitions and long ones. Although im still a beguinner at it (and just do it for a hobby), i can give it a try to pick up as much info as possible… although i make no promisses to understand some of the transitions correctly, but ill try to analyse the charts with the best of my knowledge. 😆 All i need to know is your exact birth date (hours and minutes included) and the closest location of birth. It would be the first time i do this for anyone else other than myself, so i hope you dont mind my “noobness”. 😀

          1. Ok this will be a long typing, and im gonna take about 2 days or so to write everything i was able to analise. But the first thing i saw was what today your main transition was Mercury to trine Pluto, this means you’re worried and interested to know it all, and according to AstroDienst definition of the transition:

            “This influence signifies a concern with the very deep issues in life. Today you are interested in what goes on underneath the surface of events and phenomena, and you are willing to dig until you find out. This energy can also turn inward, which is often very profitable. It may be beneficial to be alone so that others cannot distract you from your inward search. For this reason you are likely to be attracted to subjects that reveal the inner dimensions of the psyche, such as psychology or astrology. You may encounter someone today whose ideas have a great effect upon your mind. This is a good time for learning something new, because you can allow your beliefs to be transformed by what you learn. Also you will tend to have a strong effect on other people’s thinking today.”

            …so in a way, i suppose i was expected? 😆 This caught me by surprise btw… Ill write what else i found in an online shareable text document, so i wont clog BG with our stuff.

  23. Stay strong Devin, you’re so young and got one of the worst news already but you still have a fighting chance and just give it your all! because no matter the outcome your bravery strength and the will to live is a legacy you will spread to all who hear your story! XOXO

  24. Hello everyone this was my post. Thank you for all the support and prayers. And to all those who made vulgar comments about fucking me and my remaining breast still being beautiful… and I believe I read something about someone leaving cum droplets on my chest… just wanted to say all those comments made me smile and laugh. The “shit talking” made me laugh. You guys are awesome.

          1. Don?t worry girls, Brokeback once said that he only paints his cock black as a cunning disguise to allow him to walk around in public at night with it hanging out.

            He said that the disguise works perfectly and the only time he tends to draw attention is when he manages to open doors without using any hands.

          2. Women love it when I drive with no hands, steering only with my cock. They always get impressed when I do a u-turn or parallel park. Comes in handy when I’m eating a samich.

          1. With that very cute little body of yours I would enjoy throwing you around the bedroom.Its funny the mental picture you get of someone when you only see the words that they type,isn’t it?

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