21 Year Old Rachel Whitear Died of Heroin Overdose, Parents Release Photos as Warning

21 Year Old Rachel Whitear Died of Heroin Overdose, Parents Release Photos as Warning

On May 10, 2000, then 21 year old British student Rachel Whitear overdosed on Heroin and died. Her parents decided to release the unflattering images of their daughter’s dead, discolored body to warn other young men and women of the dangers of the drug.

This is not a unique phenomenon. With the exception of Canada, where people and authorities dedicate their lives to blaming others for their own shortcomings, it is not unusual to come across parents who understand that if their child was met by a tragic and untimely end, nothing can bring them back. But the graphic nature of their death can be used as a deterrent to warn, raise awareness, educate or inspire others.

Seeing pictures like this does more to a teenager than bombing them with just another cliche spout about “drugs being bad“. When you can see what death by overdose looks like for yourself, the images are likely to stay with you forever. It is certainly plausible that had there been parents brave enough to release photos of their dead child before Rachel Whitear overdosed, she may not have died such horrible death.

Born in Ledbury, Herefordshire, Rachel Whitear died in a rented house in Exmouth, Devon. She lay dead in her room, undiscovered for 3 days, with a hypodermic syringe still in her hand. Because of the way she collapsed, instead of rushing to the lowest points of her body, the blood rushed toward her head and arms, causing the lividity (discoloration) in her upper body.

The day before her death, Rachel phoned her parents to say she was leaving her boyfriend and coming home.

Mick and Pauline Holcroft, parents of Rachel Whiteat say they want to “make people think” about the dangers of Heroin, and to challenge stereotypes about drug abusers:

If it can happen to her, it can happen to anyone.

It’s a time tested wisdom that a picture is worth a thousand words. Let these picture speak what no amount of words could possibly tell:

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  1. I just lost a good friend to H a few months ago and his mom found him with the needle still in his arm. I’ve lost so many old friends to this shit. And the ones who didn’t die ended up on the methadone program. That’s one drug I’m glad I never touched. I like my pot and booze to much to fuck with H.

      1. It is a waste. Its even a waste of our tax money to pay for the methadone so they don’t get sick. No one wins in the H game. Even the dealers pay in the end because all good things come to an end. Eventually.

          1. Agreed @Ewestomper..Methadone here is just another state sponsored addiction..I was fortunate enough to get clean from a 5-6 year binge that destroyed many things in my life..it’s all about wanting to get clean though,sadly way too many cunts aren’t interested in kicking it..lots talk the talk,but mostly just talk it..lost lots of friends to the drug along the way,in a fucked up way,I still miss heroin though..sadly it’s still safer than the E’s and Plant food pish that kids are dying by ingesting on a weekly basis here in the UK.

          2. Yeah @Val Hooligan , those so called legal highs and that plant food shit are pure crazy and fucked up . I wouldn’t touch that crap with a barge pole .

        1. True . Methadone is just a cheap alternative for our governments , which only really serves to prolong the addiction .

          There’s nothing good about this situation . Dealers are scum , but even they are pawns in the bigger grand scheme of things . They end up either in prison or looking over their shoulder constantly , or worse .

          Sorry to hear about your pal nybadguy .

          1. @Ewestomper..Aye! Just a lot of dangerous cheap chemical shite that’s produced in Eastern European hovels..teenagers up here are dropping like flies due to it as well..I’ve done some fucking stupid things in my life..but I’d draw the line at shoving plant foods up my nose.

        2. I’m on methadone. I have been for about two years, I couldn’t get off heroin with anything else ( suboxone, cold turkey, etc) but here where I live insurance and governments don’t pay for methadone- the clinics only accept cash….

          1. That seems like exploitation by the clinics @Socio , no different to a street dealer when all is said and done .

            Hope you beat that demon mate .

        3. Tax money does NOT pay for methadone. You are paying that bill out of your own pocket. I don’t know of a state that picks of the tab. It is NOT a government program, it is a private program, run by individuals that acquire licenses to run clinics. The state does however, have a say in the user taking their doses home. This is a nasty nasty drug, but used as an alternative to heroin but your then addicted to the heroin which is brutal to get off of. Don’t ask how I know.

          1. I know this thread is old, but my comment will be towards the new and the

            Actually – you are only PARTIALLY correct in your comment.
            Yes, the government regulated WHO can provide the prescription and regulates how many “take homes” a patient it’s aloud to have. There are “private clinics” but they are many who use insurances and-state and federal assistance (which is partially paid by the taxpayers)
            Also The MAJORITY of the VA facilities and hospital (Veterans administration hospitals) provide a METHADONE clinic for veterans. and if the veteran qualifies for benefits, the METHADONE is free.

            I agree some addicts abuse methadone, BUT on the other hand, METHADONE has saved millions of lives.

            There ARE people who can go cold TURKEY and go through withdrawal without major incidents or relapse. BUT there are others he cannot, PHYSICALLY and mentally. One of the biggest reasons for relapse is the pain of withdrawal. Also, the majority of opiate addicts who are-using, are using to feel “normal” and-the ability to function through out the day. Methadone is not only a medication for withdrawal but it helps the addict to focus on LIFE LONG SOBRIETY and identify any TRAUMA that may be assisting in their reasons to numb that trauma. (as long as they are not abusing it and participate in therapy and groups)
            When an addict and their doctors feels like the patient has better coping skills, that’s when it’s time to lower their dose at a pace that will NOT allow relapse or at least the length of their relapse is shortened.

            I am coming from experience. I want addicted to HEROINE but TO opiate pills prescribed by the military. When I decide I HAVE to get off the Vicodin, Norco, and morphine, I tried everything but METHADONE to help me off these FUCKIN pills. I didn’t want to try methadone, but at that point, i-had NO other option.

            NOW I have-(7) years of SOBRIETY and NO RELAPSE.

            I am thankful for methadone. Of it wasn’t for METHADONE, i would be dead or incarcerated.

      2. Wow , I too had a friend overdosed , we were working on building a new larger shead for this lady in the back yard .we stopped for the day ,i also paid him for the day ,That was the last i saw of him .a week later i drove over to his apartment ,along the way at a bus stop i recognized him somewhat slummed over ,sleeping ? Nope! He was out partying w/ friends overdosed in the car and died “his friends” dropped his body off at the bus stop and left .He was still warm with small amount of blood in his mouth it was a disturbing day for me , thank God i dont do drugs but i do drink a few .

          1. what an awful thing daniel – to find your friend like that. its a pity that the so called “friends” who left him there to die , where not his TRUE friends (as it seems you were) the guy may have stood a chance if these bastards made some attempt to help him as you did. RIP your friend – and condolence to you – and to his young family

    1. We lost a lot of people in the states because of this shit.
      The dealers were cutting it with Fyntnyl, a form of that crap that killed M. Jacckson.

      The cops here are shutting down the dealers and busting the meth labs and the shake and back labs daily.

      Homes are being broken into, people getting jumped and robbed, you’re afraid to even go out at night!

      1. Here in urban NY heroin is literally everywhere. We had H that was cut with fentanyl and alot of people oded from it. Fentanyl was my favorite I would buy a persons whole script each month of 15 100microgram gel patches and smoke them all in 3 days. Luckily i never overdosed on fentanyl or heroin but I know many people and friends who have and helped save one of my friends lives. Im currently not taking anything no subs, no methadone, no nothing. For the people on methadone i suggest getting off it asap unless you plan on being on it for life. They call it liquid handcuffs for a reason.

          1. @Dutchy

            dont get lost in heaven mate – they put locks on the gates and it becomes a prison.

            please accept this message with the best regards my friend

          1. Heroin detox is only a few days of physical withdrawals but methadone detox can be up to a few weeks or more of physical withdrawals depending on how much and how long you’ve been taking it. They say you can kick a heroin habit but you can’t kick a methadone habit.

        1. true that Elder.
          methadone withdrawal (despite what the leaflets tell you) is more awful, and (for me personally) lasted at least twice as long as heroin withdrawal – ands gets worse and longer every time.

          well done elder, youve done great.

          1. Thank you karmen40, you too. I know way too much about drugs than i should, i guess that can end up being beneficial in some situations. Im sorry to here about what happened to your girlfriend, I know people who have also found their girlfriends dead from heroin but your story is very horrific. May she find peace after death. Im gad to hear your doing good, i’ve slipped up a few times since rehab as well but managed to pull myself together also. It happens to the best of us, especially with this drug. Thats when an overdose is most likely to occur after having some clean time because you don’t have a tolerance anymore but you should always be cautious of an overdose(i’m sure your aware of all this), however you should just not do it in the first place. One thing for sure, it is 100% not worth it.

          1. Ya fentanyl is a lot stronger than heroin and about 100 times stronger than morphine. Thats why the doses come in micrograms instead of milligrams.

      2. It wasn’t Fentanyl that killed MIchael Jackson. He died of an overdose of an anesthesia. Can’t think of the name off hand, nickname is Milk though. Fentanyl is a strong Narcotic pain reliever used for cancer victims, Not saying he didn’t use it, but the overdose was from anesthesia.

      3. Jackson died from a Propofol overdose its a different drug to Fentynal not a “form”of. They are generally used together in an OT,Propofol is the sedation and Fentanyl is the Pain relief. Both could/can and do kill without proper monitoring.

    2. i stopped in ’98. so did my girlfriend elsa(so i thought)
      id got myself a little job in a factory that produced abrasives for heavy industry – nothing special, but it paid the billls-and more to the point gave me back the self respect id been missing. live was good – n getting better. we lived in a house elsa had bought when she was working in sales for a local magazine (before we met)
      she was using again while i was at work.(had my suspisions,but wasnt sure)

      one day i returned from work to a gorgeous smell of a roast dinner (i thought)

      i walked into the front room….. she had injected (she’ be doing in in her foot to hide it) and had goofed off, and fell head and shoulders into an open fire – she was basically “cooked” from her breasts up. inquest said she had been dead for 5 hrs before i found her – also said she likely died from the burns rather than the heroin.
      if i had taken a photo of what i saw in that room when i walked in – believe me – i would have been enough to put anyone off using.

      things hav stayed well for me since – i have lapsed a couple of times in the last15 years, but pulled myself together quickly, and not continued.

      there are a thousand things i could say to anyone who uses, or is considering using….. but i will say just one thing:-

      it REALLY isnt worth it.

      RIP Elsa Fisher 1973- 1998

        1. @wicked mama & ewestomper. thanks for those comments – although i still find it difficult to accept..erm.. “compliments” regarding me stopping. i was something i should have known better than to start doing – and to be honest i was a horrible bastard while i was on skag – did some awful things to totally innocent people just to feed my selfish habit – and although i appreciate your kind words,… its hard for me to actually “feel” proud (although many tell me i should)
          its part or the mental legacy ive brought upon myself i suppose.
          BUT physically – i (only) have track-marks that have become permanent scars – only 8 “real” teeth left in my head, – i had a violent but short infection of hep A in about ’96..but NO hep C and NO HIV.
          im 43 now, and consider myself to have been EXTREMELY lucky …… luckier than most of my “friends” from my using days.
          & lets be honest… luckier than i deserve.

          there IS life after heroin addiction…and you know what? its a life that i appreciate a LOT more than i did before i started using the gear.

          i see a few comments on here by people in various stages of addiction and treatment. although im not the “preaching” type – i would like to say “keep trying…..you are as important,unique, complex and deserving as ANYONE else in our world…my thoughts are with you”

          1. I know exactly how you feel, its hard for me to accept it when people tell me their proud of me for getting clean etc. because i don’t feel proud, i’m just doing what i should have been doing all along and stopped doing something i should have never been doing in the first place. I guess they mean we should feel proud because not a lot of people are able to stop using heroin once they get started.

    3. Yea man, my son’s mother passed away from the dog food. The maid found her in the hotel room, I’m sure she looked like that chick. The petechiae set in, she’s been there for a minute….shit is cut with fentanyl now, that’s what’s killing them….shame….I’m a pothead….SMOKE WEED PEOPLE!!!

    4. My father died of heroin OD just months ago. He went on suboxon, methodone, all that good stuff.

      Ill tell you heroin some good shit but if you get addicted you will eventually start shooting. But this lady looks in much worse shape and whats wrong with her arms!

      1. sorry to hear that SeekingMore, – you are absolutrly right, just a matter of time till the user starts injecting. youve seen that 1st hand.

        as for you question about rachael whitear (girl in these pics). in the main pic she has been moved, if you look at the second smaller pic you will see how she was found – face down in faetal position…. i suspect after she died the blood settled in the lowest points (her face and arms in this case) which accounts for the dark discolouring of her arms (and face) that you mention

    5. +1 ive had 3 friends die of H overdose and plenty more fucked up by it. People… just stick to weed… please. This is not a joke. Im tired of watching lives be wasted by these fucked up hard drugs. Being high is the shit i do it every day but my drug of choice doesnt kill people.

  2. I still never understood why people even decide to try this drug out. It’s not like there isn’t enough information about how addiction and lethal heroin is, it appears many people just don’t give a damn.

    While some die, others get filthy rich distributing and selling heroin. Even those who grow the poppy fields in Afghanistan are poor as shit and are taken advantage of. It’s the monopoly of capitalism, where greed overshadows the misery it causes.
    If only more Americans knew that heroin was one of the real reasons their country invaded Afghanistan…

    1. What is crazy to me is people that get hooked and decide they want to get off of it go to the methadone clinic. But in reality there just going from street junk to government junk. Its just a synthetic form of H. Most of the the people that get on methadone sell it or take it with xanax to get high as shit.

      1. some true points nybadguy.

        the idea is that precribing methadone copes with the withdrawals – therefore stopping the addict committing crime, and reducing the risk factors of injecting (that is the official “line” in england anyway)
        but i repeat, that is the “idea” !

    2. After my daughter died, i just wanted something that would knock me out so i didn’t have to feel the pain any more. I didn’t care if I lived or died. Thankfully i have been clean a while now.

      The biggest problem i now have is that i have Peripheral Neuropathy and have a problem with the disks in my lower back, I’m in a LOT of pain, but because i was an addict my doctors will not give me much in the way of pain relief and have left me to suffer. Its really tempting to try and find a dealer because i know it will give me some relief, however it’s a slippery slope i don’t want to slide down again.

        1. Yes, there are cases of extreme anguish and pain where I do understand, to some extent, why many people resort to heroin. But then again, cannabis has healing effects, it is also an analgesic and has calming properties as well. I believe it is a much safer option.

          1. its funny PD,i enjoy a weed as long as things are going well in my life – any major traumas,and using cannabis completely freaks me outand has the total opposite to a “calming” effect.

            difrent strokes… and all that?

          2. PD, I haven’t tried Heroine but I’ve had more than my fair share of pot in the short life I have lived.

            Since the last two months I’ve quit smoking it, which has been a difficult feat considering my best friend/flatmates smoke it habitually but at same time it isn’t – because I basically hate it.

            I don’t have anything against the drug – it should be legalised, but i ALWAYS have the same reaction to it.

            As Bob Marley said, the herb reveals you to yourself, and I agree with that.

            Sober I am confident and sure of my opinions and image, but once I’m high I’m so insecure it pains me to write down.

            My only answer is that I’m running away from something that has troubled me since my childhood, of not feeling adequate in the eyes of my father who is a high profile lawyer.

            That in short is why I have never liked pot yet I have smoked it for the past four years, and that meets the requirements of insanity.

            In saying this I’m finally starting to rebuild the alpha male persona that inhabited me in primary school, although I will never be a cocky bastard ever again.

            The sad thing is I’m surrounded by the most ‘popular’ friends group in my year at university, yet I am so alone.

            I’m sorry if this is incoherent – I’m fucked off my face but it helps writing this down.

          3. @Kiwi. Cannabis means “two headed dog”. It let’s me see things from multiple perspectives, and that can bring uncertainty as to what my true opinion or self may be. I guess I’m not really afraid of being a non entity anymore.. I’m secure in my perspective, not necessarily my actions.. We all change, and we can control who we become if we’re cognizant of our changes. Cheers man, thanks for sharing your perspective. You’re not alone on bestgore..

          4. i think bestgore did new record with replies.
            But i would recommend everyone above to watch real life docementaly Black Metal Veins

          5. @ kiwi “As Bob Marley said, the herb reveals you to yourself, and I agree with that.

            Sober I am confident and sure of my opinions and image, but once I?m high I?m so insecure it pains me to write down.”

            So you are saying that herb is bad because it hinders your ability to sport your faux mask?

      1. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your child. I couldn’t even image what that must feel like. I have 4 kids. So I could see how you would want to numb the pain from something so tragic.

      2. That must have been a very trying period in your life @LuLu . So sorry for your loss , which must be very difficult to come to terms with .I hope you have felt better with time .

        Please don’t be tempted to ease your pain by using again . As you well know , the relief won’t last for long . Keep strong girl .

        1. I’ve tried Cannabis, and it does ease my pain a bit, but because i have physical problems from the neuropathy, i need to use crutches and when i smoke weed my legs are guaranteed not to work so then i need help getting to the toilet etc (although I frequently have problems anyway if my arms decide to go weak and i can’t use my crutches).

          It wouldn’t be so bad if i could get hold of some cannabis resin but people only sell skunk etc and that’s no good for me.

          Got to go for physio on my back next week. Hopefully that will solve some of problems i’ve got and help with the pain.

          1. Hang in there girl! I admire you for not using drugs for your pain, not many people can be that strong.
            My nephew is on the Methadone program. To me it seems like trading one addiction for another. His friend went up the highway to go buy drugs and somehow injected himself in the truck on the way back down. He crossed the median and killed a man and himself in a head on collision. The syringe was still hanging out of his arm.

      3. sorry about your daughter lulu.
        i know people (through groups i attend) with the same nerve probs. the doctors in the UK have been very liberal (of late) in prescribing gabapentin and pre-gab’ for Peripheral Neuropathy….. but as you probably know, these tablets (certainly in england) are becoming a problem causing drug in their own right. i know of addiction – and recently a death in my part of the city through pre-gab’ use.
        i hope, lulu, that you are finding people or groups of people where you can talk about how you feel? – its true love, that most of the time there are no “answers” or solutions to those stinking thoughts… but (for me) just dumping my shit and having a good moan (and cry) with empathetic people…well, it does help me – and when it doesnt, i always think “it was worth a try, and better than using the hour scoring”?
        been years for me lulu – but i know how you feel love.
        Still, sometimes the yearning is so strong – every cell of my body seems to scream at me for heroin. But that is when all the shit i did and went through comes in handy..,well,the memory of it anyway. NEVER forget those shit times while using lulu – they can be a useful thing when the craving is at its worse.
        you know lulu, that you could find a dealer (or a user who would score for you, for a share) in absolutely no time flat.
        the fact that you ARENT doing, tells me that you know where that small, easy slip would lead, AND tells me that you have a huge pair of balls, girl 😉 !
        keep a tight grip on them – and keep doing the right thing.
        and also – keep at those doctors, you deserve some effective treatment, just as much as ANYONE does.
        chin up, lulu. best wishes

  3. I remember this story at the time . That girl slipped down that very slippery slope in no time .

    Heroin knows no bounds , has no regard for rich or poor . Anyone can become just another statistic when this evil substance is involved .

    It was indeed a brave decision by her parents to release those images of their daughters demise . Hopefully , it served as a deterrent .

    1. I agree man. Maby if more parents did this it would save more kids from thinking of even picking the shit up. Or make someone who uses to stop before they end up just like there daughter.

  4. It’s easy for me I have no friends so I have no drugs influences I also find beer and alcohol disgusting I still don’t get why people use drugs,some say they did it because they have problems but I think That’s a lie

      1. Sorry that sound rude almost everyone here use drugs I didn’t meant to say liars lol but my parents are very strict about drugs,I guess they don’t want me to get more crazy,they only giveme a pill to calm me down when I start shaking or when I’m just staring

        1. It’s experimentation hanabi . My friends and I went through the UK rave scene , we did loads of acid and E and what not . Without doubt it opened our minds in many ways but I wouldn’t want my own kids to do the same , so you are doing the right thing in staying away from these substances .

          1. @hanabi. I know we never engagedin a conversion. But I just want to say that I think your a pretty cool chick. Just be thankful your parents are strict. You probablyhate it now but

        2. That’s not rude. I don’t make excuses for drinking and smoking weed. I enjoy it. It helps me escape sometimes, but what’s so bad about that? When I smoke pot, it actually can help me focus my mind. It’s been proven that thc activates an otherwise dormant receptor in our brains that helps us filter out information that may be irrelevant to our consciousness.. I don’t know much about this really, but for someone like me, I like to be able to forget alot of the bullshit that goes on around me, and just focus on my own mind and mental well being.

          1. I guess you’re right,if you find a benefit on weed I think it’s ok ,just don’t get stoned like the guy in the other post 🙂

          2. @killosopher. Same here man. After a long hard work day I like to kick back in the man cave and smoke a joint and have a few cold beers. Pot opens the mind and relaxes me takes away my daily stress. It also make me focus on whatever I’m doing. In a way I can figure things out better high and come up with some great ideas also. I tend to forget the great ideas once I fall asleep thoe haha.

        3. i recon its hard for you to understand hanabi – but your parents are doing the right thing to protect their child. one day, you will really thank them.
          personally, i dont think people particularly lie about the reasons they START drugs….. but when they are asked for the reasons that they wont STOP, a lot will lie.
          its the nature of “denial” hanabi…its the nature of addiction

      1. I’ve always thought you were alright @hanabi. People might find your posts a bit insensitive but I usually find them funny.

        I’m glad that you’re finally getting accepted here.

        1. I know I’m harsh almost all the time but I like to be that way lol,now that I read all of your experiences with drugs I’m glad I didn’t use them,it’s not funny when you’re out of control,thanks everyone for sharing 🙂

    1. You’re too pretty to do that garbage, but you may be addicted to hair bleach. lol

      My brother went to prison for selling this shit. He’s still in there, and I think he should stay for a few more years.

      1. I’ve known some good kids that have died from this garbage. I’ve also known some scumbags that succumbed to it as well, but it’s the good kids that really hurt you. Senseless and preventable, but hey, maybe they enjoyed their sweet release into the ether..

  5. Pretty much all drugs destroy peoples lives after they get addicted. They have a way of consuming a person. Most of the time without them even realising it.
    If you thinking of getting started….

    Take it from me… Don’t!!

        1. That’s most likely because they are slow in the head. It’s true though, I smoked some powerful wax everyday for a few days, and I could tell that I wasn’t really functioning as efficiently as normal. The wax and oil is now a night time indulgence.

      1. Everyone seems to think pot is totally safe . It is not . Yes it has beneficial effects for sufferers of certain deseases , but I have witnessed how debilitating it can be when a person smokes constantly . It can turn them into a paranoid wreck .

        1. I’ve heard of people like that @ewestomper,but they usually swore it off after that. I couldn’t imagine not having pot, it works wonders, and can help prevent degenerative brain diseases, and cure cancer. Look for Rick Simpson. Haven’t been keeping up, but as of 2004, he had 28 individuals that were willing to testify in court, that Rick cured them of cancer that doctors told them was terminal.

          1. If that’s right @kill , that’s great . I realise it has many medicinal good points . I smoked plenty of resin back in the day , but I only very occasionally have a joint nowadays , and when I smoke skunk and the weed that’s around today , I feel totally fucked on a couple of tokes !
            I suppose users become accustomed to it like any other drug .

        2. I’ve been smoking pot since I was 13. I’m in my 30s now. I’ve never encountered any problems but then again I don’t abuse it. A joint a day keeps the stress away. It helps my back pain and cluster headaches.

          1. Good deal guys. God forbid anybody here gets cancer, but it will most likely happen, and if it’s caught early, concentrated cannabis oil could be a very safe way to save your life. Just sayin’, I know that’s what I would do, and if that doesn’t work it’s time for chemo.

          2. man…you get those cluster headaches too nybadguy?
            when you had your first one – did you think (like i did) that you were having a brain hemorage/tumor and dying?!!

            fuck me mate – ive felt you pain…literally.
            they gave me sumatriptan, i take them – but they dont do much good. just darkness & silence till the aches subside is all i can hope for mate…

        3. That’s what started to happen to me and I had to give it up! Unfortunately I started on coke and the rest was history. I’ve only recently faced up to how bad it got. And the crazy thing is whenever i do have a couple drags on a spliff I realise just how mad I’ve been. Along with a big dose of paranoia. Drugs on a whole are bad news and it’s better to just steer clear completely, especially if you don’t have the strength to use them recreationally now and then. For me I’m afraid… I just have to stop forever.

          1. Yea if you have that addictive personally stay away from any drug. I’ve done a lot of coke in my teen years and had a great time. I’ve did it a few times as an adult and all it did was make me drink till the sun came up. Getting out of bed the next day is impossible. Nose dripping like a kitchen sink. Sneezing and a huge ass headache. And then the regret ofdoing the coke. well at least I get that way. Yea bro cluster headaches are fucking brutal. There’s been plenty times I’ve had a gun in my hand crying like a bitch ready to off my self. If it wasent for me having kids. I honestlywouwouldn’t be here now.

          2. I’m the same way- total addictive personality. I have been an IV drug user since I was 16 ( started with coke/ crack, then shard, then heroin or speedball) I’m on methadone now, and it helps with the cravings a lot…. I still jones every one in a while but it only gets real bad occasionally.

        1. Yeah, I’ve got an addictive personality too. When i gave up the heroin i started drinking everyday and became an alcoholic, really needed something in my life to replace the gear. Ended up drinking 6 litres of cider a day and once or twice a week drinking a couple of bottles of vodka per day.

          That’s how i’ve now got peripheral neuropathy.

          My GP insisted that i go to A&E as i was finally getting a symptom (my legs were feeling numb). So i got admitted into hospital able to walk and in no pain. Did my detox off the drink and then got discharged in tons of pain and virtually unable to walk.

          The alcohol had been masking the symptoms for so long that they didn’t catch it in time and now it’s permanent.

          At least now though, alcohol doesn’t bother me any more. I can have a drink at Christmas and New Year and then not be bothered about it for the rest of the year. Even when i do drink i usually get fed up after a couple of cans or glasses of whatever.

  6. Cant feel bad for a druggie. If it were my child I would be devastated of course, but drugs kill kids. Ive been around people who shun the mention of drugs and their kids are tweekers, and people who were born to crackheads that are now thriving in college. Its all about awareness and self control. Neither is taught to the youth of America.

      1. Ive been sucking this big white cock for 6 years. I guess that great parental lesson would be monogamy in your relationship while getting off on fucking each other and putting it on the web. Has anyone ever overdosed on love? I think not.

    1. Millions who become dependent on opiates get that way in the hospital due to serious illness, injury & or disease.

      This can and does happen to anybody / nobody is somehow immune from becoming dependent on a substance.

      Drug addiction is a “brain disease” not a “character flaw” as you try to make it sound.

      If you had Crohn’s disease for example and required multiple back to back surgeries as a result spanning almost a year I guarantee you and anybody else would be highly dependent on opiates just to feel normal.

      Moral of the story? Don’t “assume” anything about anyone it only makes you ignorant.

  7. heroin’s a gamble, and i’m not much of a gambler.

    thanks to the members for sharing their personal experiences. it opens up the community. that’s what i think we’ve been missing a lot lately; that sense of Community.

    1. I agree. I like hearing about members lives. It really brings you together and makes you feel part of something.

      I feel able to come here and tell everyone things i haven’t told many people and i don’t get judged, just get peoples support.

      Its a shame so many regulars that were like this have left, like Brokeback, Juicy and Lady Wicked.

      I think if we just talked about the gore it wouldn’t be as friendly a place to come.

    1. A heavy heroin habit is definitely expensive… But That doesn’t mean she looked down on anyone else- I never did- how could I? I became a dancer and an escort to pay for my several hundred dollar a day habit. I bought in large quantities and was very literally passed out with a needle still in my arm much of the time…. I had been a functioning IV drug addict since I was 16, but when I was 20 I was too out of it too function… I dropped out of college and my sorority, just a few credit hours short of being a senior with a 3.7 GPA, lost my fianc?, and so on… I eventually went to rehab and got clean ( I’m 23 and on methadone now) and got back in college and now spend all my time being a mother to my 5 year old son…. People can change- to some extent- sometimes….

      1. @Socio. My respects. I too, have been on a methadone maintenance program for almost 20 yrs. I’m a highly functioning, employed, married for ovr 25 yrs., (also ex dope fiend) who pays a mortgage on a beautiful home in the hills of Hollywood & unless you judgemental BG fans have walke a very long mile in our shoes, DON’T JUDGE. Most of you don’t even know what your talking about so keep an open mind instead of a judgemental /closed one.

        1. Well done @Socio. That’s really something to be proud of. I’m still on Methadone, 40mls a day that i pick up once a fortnight and have been for 8 years. I’m lucky that my doctors aren’t forcing me to reduce. Especially when i found out that people in the US are getting prescribed Methadone for Peripheral neuropathy.

          Their also getting prescribed fentanyl as well, but as i’ve said on an earlier post, my Drs won’t prescribe me anything with Opiates in it.

          One doctor was so stupid though and said, because i’m on Methadone i won’t get any effect off opiates which i know is absolute bollocks as my mate gave me some codeine when i had really bad tooth ache and it was the only thing that did work.

          1. just why is it that some of these drs outright LIE to their patients?
            do they think they are doing us a favour? or maybe they think it helps our trust in them?


          2. Strangely, this thread has possibly saved my useless life for another day. I have been using buprenorphine for nearly 9 years and it’s my personal, secretive hell that I have tried to get out of a few times. I have thought about the easy way out but I’m not quite ready yet. I’m still young. I can handle the runny nose, lethargy, constant yawning, depression etc…what I can’t handle is the damn twitchy legs that stop me from sleeping for days on end. I dare not let my family or employer know about this as I stay in a small community full of narrow minds. I never thought this would be me, that this would be my path.

      2. @ Colonel Hans Landa- I know this is an older post, so I don’t know if you will ever read this message- if you do read this, please know that you are not alone- I was quite alone in my situation as well- the only other IV heroin ( or any other drug IV ) we’re kicked out and moved away or were locked up, or the like… Very few people knew about my drug use- until I went to rehab, and those who did who exclusively other drug users- the first time I detoxes it was with my ex fianc? so I made it- barely, but was using again just a couple of days later.. I was too weak to do it alone, and ended up in the hospital for drug related reasons twice- for a week each time- and told no one but my dealer because I was so ashamed, yeah, pathetic right? When I finally gave in and went to rehab ( a pretty good one, I met a few famous and famousish people, not that I keep up with that shit) everyone was surprised- but I’m sure they kind of knew and were just in denial. Anyway, just remember that it may be hard, but you need to go to a detox/ rehab facility and after that cut ties with that world completely- no matter how hard it is- it may also help to have at least one person who can help ” monitor” you no matter how much it sucks- I know you don’t believe me right now, but it can get better. Best of luck to you mate.

  8. I just don’t get it honestly. As a person who enjoys getting high sometimes, I will never stick a needle in my arm. If you have to inject yourself with something to have fun, you got problems.

          1. I like the lyrics of that song,but I love the t.A.T.u cover of “how soon is now”btw I have never heard a animal cry cause I’m quick lol

  9. Condolences to all bestgore members who have lost a loved one to this insidious disease. It is a truly awful thing. I knew a guy who od’d, they found him with the needle still in his arm as well. His junkie buddies that were with him at the time could not be bothered to call help for him but they did however rob him of his jacket and money. Your very first hit could be your last. Usually it does not work out that way though. It will destroy you eventually but first you will lose your family then your friends eventually to perhaps die alone undiscovered for days or to becoming a victim of crime. There are no happy endings. You will make the people who love you the most, come to despise you. You will lose your dignity and humanity. A slower more agonizing death would be hard to find. If you care for anyone in this world do not break their hearts by destroying yourself like this.

    1. Actually, the last time I smoked it went terribly wrong. Little did I know the weed was laced with LSD. I was tripping mothafuckin ballz. I’ve never smoked since. Be careful about where/who you get it from….

      1. I’ve gotten shit laced before but that was back in the day about 20 years ago. I think now a days people don’t bother because now a days the THC is so potent with the new strains of cannabis that’s grown. Plus I think a lot of people don’t know how to relax when there really high. Once there heart starts racing there brain starts thinking negative thoughts. I smoked with some paranoid people before and I think its funny how they get. O man what’s in this shit I think its laced I can’t breath my heart is beating to fast. Fuck its hot I’m thirsty etc… My pops is the perfect example he asked me if I put crack in the bowl once because he was so paranoid from the weed haha. Fuckin guy had me rolling on the ground in tears with laughter. My mother warned me that he gets retarded when he smokes unjust had to find out for myself.

  10. I think its a testament to strength and courage of her parents to pubish these photo’s. People react to tragedies like this in different ways, her parents chose to cope with it by trying to find something positive in it. Going out to schools and to the public to share the story in the hope they could make a difference to someone else and spare other parents what they went through.

    1. we have “emergency response” vehicles in england – i smaller car type ambulance. the paramedics in these vehicles all carry the nalaxone injecting kits(opiate/opoid antagonist) for OD situations

  11. Pictures are hard. But death from Heroin is a lucky death.. you go “sleep” .
    I dont give many about those pics. 😉
    Live without drugs are boring.
    But..ok.. ist hard to controll it. I use Speed.. not often.. but just for fun.
    I never trust Social Media.. for that everything is badly what the economy not promotes.

    (and stop cry about my english or i write German!!)

    1. I never will use this!!
      but we cant Change her minds, when they will use it.. they do 🙂
      i watching on many US-Drug Inc Dokus.
      and for Herion user i can say.. never trust this stuff !! the next Heroin can be stronger then the last. Only.. thats the reason for the “Golden-Shoot”.
      Do/try new Stuff it slowly!!!

      and.. no one helps when all People say “drugs are bad” ..thats not a “good” explain.
      Stay “normal” ..”tolerant”.. “unprejudiced”

  12. Something is wrong at this scene, the body was moved postmortem as shown by the upward facing lividity, yet the position and posture are obviously not for investigation nor for documentary photography.

  13. SO – what a great thread this has been? who would have thought? a subject like herion addiction/ death would have drawn NO hate comments….. only empathy, interest and understanding from ALL involved in the comments/replys on this story.
    i guess its true what they say “everyone knows someone”?
    Myself and a lot of other members in this thread took a fairly big risk revealing so much about the..erm…”private” sides of their lives. And personally, im glad i did. I really feel that ive got to know the members here on a much “deeper” level.
    Turns out (us) gore-lovers are a really great and caring bunch…who would have thunk it?

    thanks again guys – you really are a great bunch of people – ive only been commenting here for past 3 months – but im really looking forward to the rest of my time getting to know you guys (as much as we can on the interenet anyway!)

    regards and thanks to all, Karmen

  14. The pictures won’t waiver an opiate addict one bit. Nearly 25yrs of being on wrong side of the needle and the last 4yrs being caught in the legal dealer’s grasp called methadone maintenance and as most I care not if I die(and have 3 times). Until you fully get into the throws it is almost impossible to grasp just how your mind becomes diseased and you cease to think about nothing but SMACK or whatever your doc is. I myself would rather go to sleep than suffer with cancer that slowly rots you. Go check out the video of a US soldier guarding the poppy fields in Afghan being interviewed. This is what they brainwash those guys into believing “This is how they make their money……we will deal with the trafficking later!!!!” REALLY!!? Did they deal with ole Rachel here? #1 most profitable trade in the world from all angles….Illegal,legal scripts,pharmacies,over the counter, bi-polar,depression,sniffles,sore ass,dick can’t get hard,rehabs,methadone clinics,can’t shit,can’t sleep and even privatized prisons ALL there to take your money because once you start they got you! What most don’t realize is that damn near everybody is on drugs of some type. Elderly take buckets of shit that is creating more problems. My fucking dogs take drugs! The younger generation is all but fucked as the college degree no longer helps. So now its no big deal for young girls to do porn and make “easy” money. So no pictures are NOT a deterrent. Its just getting worse by the day. No longer can kids be taught and shown any sense of values because their parents don’t have the skills themselves. Its by design to get everybody 100% reliant on the government to take care of them. It ALWAYS comes down to just one thing……..$$The Almighty Dollar$$………..sorry for the rant

    1. No need to be sorry. You hit the nail right on the head. But I must disagree w/ the bi-polar part. I’ve been manic-depressive most of my life and there is no way I could go without those meds. Well, I could go without them, and have, but I know I would hurt someone and living would be miserable, so I choose to stay on my meds. Other than that, you’re right on. And I’m always amazed that this country is full to the brim of gutless sheep who don’t have a thought of their own.

  15. I had a nephew who was a heroin addict. Died at 37. I smoked pot in my younger days and even now, but I was always way too scared to try any of those drugs (pot is not a drug, its a plant that grows in the ground). I just wonder what a person is thinking when they decide to try heroin, cocaine, meth, etc. This girls parents are courageous to do this. They don’t want another parent to go thru the depth of pain they have gone thru. Lord help them.

  16. When I was really heavily addicted to painkillers four years ago I used to hope every time I shot up that I’d finally die. I never had the balls to bang 20 bags but I always did just enough so that I wasn’t sure if I’d wake up. I can’t believe what I put the people around me through by doing this and letting them find me but I’m so happy that I never went all the way or fucked up the dose and died because making my mom see me like this is just too horrible for words. I’d never wish that on my family. I’m so grateful that I’m off heroin.

  17. Also, everyone here who isn’t an addict and is commenting and being even the slightest bit judgmental has NO IDEA what the reality of addiction is like. I cannot explain the mental and physical pain in words. There’s no way to really convey what addiction is to someone who is not an addict and, as such, they should keep their thoughts to themselves.

  18. I live in Southeast Pennsylvania (about an hour from Philadelphia), and heroin has been a huge epidemic in this area for years, more so than in other places because of the abundance of cheaper and purer heroin in the city. Teenagers not even old enough to drive have overdosed and died in their bedrooms. The ones that don’t overdose and die, they go to upscale suburban neighborhoods and break into vehicles and steal things like portable GPS’s and stereo systems. They also break into houses. It is very sad and very infuriating at the same time. Maybe if these pictures were shown to high school students they would think twice before doing heroin.

  19. To me, my major wake up call to quit drinking and pills was reading on Jeffrey Dahmer. His life prior to start killing animals and then humans was a parallel with mine: shit childhood, crap dad, busy mother, bad friends, damaged head, and being incredibly smart and charming to the point of fault. The fact that he needed to drink to kill made me wonder just how one can be warped by a substance.

    How can you transform into something you fear and hate and by the point you become that, you hate your former nobler self, or worse, you simply forget who you were. The man loved aquaculture and taking care of fish like I do.

    Not gonna say I magically quit and everything. It took a long time to do it. But it was the start of my journey towards becoming a better person, since I owed at least that to my family and society.

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