A Lot of Movement in Protruding Intestines

A Lot of Movement in Protruding Intestines

A Lot of Movement in Protruding Intestines

No backinfo. The video shows a man on a hospital bed with intestines protruding from his abdominal cavity. Something an average person doesn’t get to see very often, is how much movement within the intestines there is.

I don’t know how the guy earned his guts spillage. Perhaps a stab wound? That’s how you get gas, I guess?

Props to Best Gore member @lindalovelace for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I wonder if medical schools use best gore as a tutorial for students to experience some of the organs and wonders the human body can withstand. just to give them a brief of what’s in stored for them specially if they live in brazil or south side Chicago

    1. Fun(?) fact: During WW2, colleges/universities in Kyushu, Japan would recieve American/Allied POW’s that were captured for surgery/experimental practice. All while they were alive and without anesthesia. If i recall correctly, I’ve also heard somewhere that after the war, some of the Japanese dudes were pardoned by the Americans in exchange for all of their fucked up experiment-research findings.

      1. The unit was called Unit 731, I think. They conducted a number of horrific experiments on (mostly) Chinese civilians and captured soldiers. After the war the officer in charge was given a get out of jail free card by the American government in exchange for the data they’d gathered during their experiments. The stuff these bastards used to do to people make Dr. Mengele look like a midwife, it’s an appalling scandal the guy running the show walked away Scot free.

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  2. That’s amazing ! Never seen anything like it. I doubt it’s normal bowel action (peristalsis) as it’s too fast. You would shit your meal out within 5 mins of eating it. So I reckon it must be spasm of the smooth muscle.

    I’m sure somewhere in the background the staff are looking for that box of colostomy bags that came into stock last week……

  3. @VincitOmniaVeritas
    That is so fucking cool Mark, that i can watch-it all day man. And lets not forget that our living bodies, a living miracle by itself was created by 2 Big-Ass Rocks Hitting Together, and not by A Loving Intelligent Creator, Our God. 🙂

      1. @Mussolini’s Barber
        You Are A Good Man, and a great B G Brother. I Am honored to share the pages of Best-Gore with the likes of Intelligent, Awoken & Truly Honest Individuals as yourself. May God Bless-You 🙂

      1. @Kammen40
        Hey brother hope all is well. About Mark’s name yea i know,,, i answered in detail in your other comment to me about the same topic. I Even added a great recipe for You, & Yours to enjoy,,, But If you want to that is, lol?? 🙂

  4. I love it, makes me dream that in our bodies there’s a whole world of Norse mythology.. Maybe just maybe there exists some sort of reflection of the Jörmungandr in each of us, a huge sea serpent that grew so large that it was able to surround the earth and grasp its own tail..

  5. This can’t be normal? There must be something else going on? Worms? Parasites? I honestly don’t see this being natural inside the body.. I’m sure I would feel it with or without touching my stomach. That amount of movement would surely be detected.

  6. his stomach is moving like that cause hes nervous his gut are hanging out. Thats what your stomach does when you feel fear. Why people fart or shit their pants if they are really scared. Most of the time people are dead from bleeding out to much. Kind of interesting he is sitting there still alive.

  7. Wow .. that’s called ‘Peristalsis’. But it’s NOT something mhuman eyes are supposed to actually SEE! Peristalsis is the process of involuntary contraction and relaxation of the fibres in the gastrointestinal tract that works as a one-direction-only muscle to make the foods and liquids you put in your mouth come out your ass.
    Food and drink goes in the mouth, you chew it and swallow, and the ‘primary Peristalsis wave’ pushes it down, down, down into the oesophegus where it forms a ball (called a ‘bolus’), and then the bolus is pushed down into the stomach where the bolus is churned into a product called ‘chyme’. From the stomach, the chyme then heads for the illium (aka the the small intestine) where the involuntary contractions and relaxations of Peristalsis force it on through. This is where the nutrients our bodies require are absorbed through a process known as ‘chemical digestion’ via the walls of the small intestines – and that is the Peristalsis in action that you’re seeing here. From there the chyme passes through a kind of valve, and passes into the large intestinal tract which is where things really turn to shit. Any remaining moisture is absorbed into the system as it is pushed through many feet of tract, and finally reaches the rectal cavity. When it begins to fill and push against the anus, an alarm is triggered telling anyone with a brain that it’s time to go fill in a few more answers of that crossword puzzle.
    The human body is a truly amazing and fascinating organism … but occasionally it’s very cathartic to see it ripped, torn, shredded, squashed and/or slashed. It’s a very good reminder to be grateful for everything that we have – and that we are alive and here to enjoy it, as opposed to whingers who are never satisfied and don’t live every day to its fullest capacity.
    Can you magine those days when wars were fought with broadswords, half-bastards and battle-axes etc! Peristalsis would have been on show on a much more regular basis

  8. By the accent I’m pretty sure this is in Chile. They aren’t saying anything interesting tho but here’s the translation:
    “Male doctor: We need to [unintelligible]
    Female doctor: Give me that to clean because it’s gonna be complicated to wash in there”

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