Abandoned Fetus Suffers Harlequin Ichthyosis

Abandoned Fetus Suffers Harlequin Ichthyosis

Abandoned Fetus Suffers Harlequin Ichthyosis

Location is not known.

Harlequin Ichthyosis is a very rare genetic skin disorder, that causes thick plates of skin to form on newborn infants, the skin pulls and rips apart, leaving cracks. It can pull and distort facial features.

The tightness of the skin forces the eyelids and lips to turn inside out. It can restrict breathing and eating. The baby’s hands and feet will often be swollen and mobility will be limited.

Harlequin Ichthyosis is caused by a mutation in the gene that is responsible for transporting lipids, or fat, to the epidermis, or skin. It is inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern..

You would think that the poor thing would die shortly, but actually the plates split and peel off after several weeks and the result is a burn victim look alike, the treatment is lotion.

I’m guessing the mother of this baby panicked when she saw the condition of her baby and didn’t want to keep it. She won’t be getting any child support for this one..

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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    1. Yeah I hate this video, but tons of videos have children and babies in them with no one to comfort them. I don’t care if its my child or not, if I saw a baby like that I would scoop him up and hold him near and dear to my heart, in an attempt to comfort the poor little baby.. I mean yeah, the sociopath in me can see how it’s a spectacle.. But the pussy in me is just sad about the pain the innocent soul is going through like how scared he must be and how can they laugh at him.. just laying on the ground

          1. I would legit stomp it out of its misery. It’s disgusting and fuck I’d freak out if that little cunt came out of my wife’s vagina. I would stomp it

      1. Would it help u feel better knowing it’s some black devil pretending to be white for your tears. See niggers have no moral compass and will go to any length to make white people feel bad, this story is a perfect example of how evil they truly are.

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          2. Oh come on, they put the baby on a blanket. If they didn’t care, bub would have been rolling around on the grass. But otherwise , sad as fuck……

        1. Well that doesn’t make me feel much better lol, I mean there is never a reason that a baby should be in pain. But, I guess I can’t help all the babies of the world.. I got mine taken care of and that’s enough for me.

        2. You’re right. I smell like onions all the time. Regular deodorant has aluminum in it which is a cancer causing element because the human body can’t handle the excess all the time. I’m black, and I understand you’re use of the term “nigger”. Though it’s fueled with hate, I respect the hidden and underlying bounds by which it is not a racist term but a term that defines ignorance. Anyone can be ignorant.

          1. f.y.i. deodorant does not contain aluminum… antiperspirants do. however the
            American Cancer Society — cite problems with the studies that have made connections of aluminum and the reasoning behind the various claims it causes cancer.
            also antiperspirants use aluminum chloralhydrate or aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly. which can not readily enter the body minus through a possible cut.

            and who knows he might have been using one of the oxford english dictionary definitions where as it is Used by people who are not black as a relatively neutral (or occasionally positive) term, with no specifically hostile intent.

            wtf am i saying no way he was

      2. The worst criminals here are those who try to treat this baby and apply lotions in attempt to prolong it’s life for some fucking reason, instead of doing the only right thing – putting it’s out of it’s misery in the fastest, most painless and efficient way – euthanasia.

        I say we should legalize children euthanasia for cases like this one, when there’s no hope, only suffering.

          1. Umm… yes and no

            HI is associated with substantial (<50%) morbidity and mortality soon after birth. Survivors have a normal life expectancy but may develop severe skin disease with eye complications related to persistent ectropion, with delayed developmental milestones, motor and social skills.

            In the past, it was rare for a baby born with Harlequin ichthyosis to survive beyond a few days. But things are changing, largely due to improved intensive care for newborns and the use of oral retinoids.

            Today, those who survive infancy have a life expectancy extending into the teens and 20s. And the number of teens and adults living with Harlequin ichthyosis continues to rise.

          2. Oh okay that’s interesting, Im just saying it’s not like they can’t have a fulfilling life, I don’t know if I could kill my child if there was a possibility of of them being happy in life, I mean I am completely pro choice, but if you are trying to conceive and have a child with this disorder I would try my best to keep them happy, and not just.. Euthanize them…

          3. I’m with @luunatic on this one. I too was born a smelly black baby with Harlem Itchyitis and have survived a long time. Now I’m a middle class white guy with no social skills and my motorboat skills aren’t where they need to be either.
            Perhaps when I’m finished dredging my ball sack through @honkeykong ‘s oatmeal I’ll write a goddamn article about it.

          4. Well said. I feel absolutely horrible now as I see the error of my ways.
            And thanks for the offer, by proxy I’m guessing, to write for BG, but, I must decline. Not from lack of interest. I feel like I would be a swell writing contributor. Unfortunately, my level of sarcasm and absolute irreverence would be my quick demise.
            Regarding me “constantly bitching about things”. Maybe you shouldn’t get your rabbit pellets in a wad so easily.

          1. Jesus-Christ Man,,, Stop Gawking At That Poor little Dude-ess, pick-him up, and run straight home to feed that little thing. I’m sure that he is hungry, and very dehydrated, no??
            Imagine the pain, the suffering, and the sheer hell that little guy/girl is already going through, without having be dumped, and left to roast in the hot, and humid tropical heat. Cause that humidity would make any itch get worse, by just baking in the tropical sun.

            I can understand that for some parents the sight, and the trouble, that taking care of a baby with such a nasty, and incurable disease, is just too much for them to bare. I Mean for me it would be a hell of a stressful time probably holding my baby, and crying all the time.

            I Mean the mental anguish itself, having to deal with a such a complicated medical condition/issue that will inevitably be a slow, and painful death sentence, is no laughing matter, as it can, and i’m sure has, in the past, driven many of good people and parents/people completely mad.

            Because if you do decide to keep *Your Baby* you will undoubtedly become quite attached to it, and even more so than your other children. And that is because while you are sitting on the couch with your little angel while you both look out the window, at your other kids happily playing. And your little baby for a couple of minutes stops crying as he see’s his big brothers, and sisters laughing and acting like little fools, like kids do.

            The pain, and the anguish that the poor little thing is going through every time you look into their little eyes,( after wiping their tears away) with every jerk that it does you know after a long cry, you kinda jerk with every breath?? Well just imagine at it looking outside, and wanting so bad to go out but the sun will hurt him, and wrapping it up in blankets would kill him from heat stroke so you can’t

            So just imagine Dad, or Mom Holding the little Guy/Girl/Baby up so it can be looking outside at his siblings at play, making him stop crying for a few minutes, while he does that jerking/crying type of thing instead. Now again,,, just imagine for one minute having to go through this every single minute of every day & night??? And that’s nothing one night as you get ready to take him out in his stroller for a 2 AM walk as it is the only time when it’s cool enough (especially in those Country’s) with the tropical heat and humidity.

            The Baby is quiet, sucking on his soother and looking around at everything,,, pointing at things like street lights, or all excited at the sight of a cat running across the street. Little things like that a walk at night makes him relatively pain free, or as close as the baby will come to be. 🙁 And then as you bend over to pick up his soother, and that’s when it hits you,,, you start to notice that he has some of your features, like seeing Mom, or Dads eyes,,, Mom or Dads nose, Or Even The Hair color geez,,, 🙁 🙁

            So you go through (as a good parent) living life completely exhausted mentally & physically, just knowing that you little dude/dudess who started to say a few words like the usual Mom/Dad, Dog, Cat, as he points them out while out on his nightly walk. After the baby is comfy enough being outside on a quiet, cool and breezy night he falls asleep.
            That’s when i’d sit down on a park bench, or the curb ob the street under a street light and cry quietly while watch see him/her pain free, and at rest, at last. And while he/she
            is gasping for breaths of air from all the almost nonstop daytime crying.

            And another day ( a gift from god) something to cherish forever never knowing when his/her little cries will quiet down for good. But for now it’s more little tears from the moment he awakens, to the time it goes to sleep, if it manages to get much sleep at all, besides his couple of hours in the middle of the night. 🙁 So as you (as expected) get more and more attached to your little angel, You Monthly Doctor Visits become something to be frowned upon. And i say this cause for myself he would be the messenger for the grim reaper (sort of speak) because it is always bad news,,, never good.

            Although you just hate going there because a few weeks back, you were informed by the Doctor that his condition was getting worse, and that his chances of living another 3 to 6 months, or the chances of even making it to her/his first birthday was a long shot. And as most of you are well aware of, this condition has absolutely no cure, and is fatal. A Couple of cases around the whole world had 2 live past their teens.

            But either-way it always leads to death, and in a large percentage it is (in most cases) withing the first few months to one year life, if extremely lucky. And although it is shitty hand being dealt to you, it is not the baby’s fault. Now if you could not handle it then drop the poor little kid off at a hospital, and let them give it the best possible care, with pain meds, and expensive creams to help soothe his always peeling, and bleeding cracking skin, all over it’s little body. 🙁

            Because for these parents, or (Single Mother) , or A Whoring “Hooker-Cunt” to have just dumped a poor baby in a blanket outside in the blistering heat probably ended-up sick themselves not knowing what ta do in a case like this. Unless it was done by either a (Single Mother) , or A Whoring “Hooker-Cunt” and the like did not give two fucks.

            God-Bless That Poor Living, Breathing, Little Kid who spend his days in Agony while these fucks gawk at it instead of picking him up, as i would, and bring him home with me, and quickly. And TRY TO STOP ME,,, TRY. 🙁 🙁 that Kid needs to be held gently, and loved.

      3. I agree with you Brandi.I feel sorry for that baby too and can’t stand all these fucking human flies standing and real fucking ones flying around the poor newborn.Normally I don’t give a shit but there is so much here that is so wrong.
        Also I am not sure if anyone in our sick little community here believes in GOD/DOG but this bastard simply does not exist.The “lovely” collection of videos on BG is the best proof.Nothing there when we kick the bucket.
        Ah yeah.I do really hope that the baby exhausted itself and fell asleep forever.

        1. Yeah, I wish I believed in God because than everything would be happy all the time.. But there can’t be, hell is on Earth so it would make sense that heavan is here on Earth as well.. just have to find it.. Hopefully the poor thing didn’t suffer for too long.

          1. It’s all in your head. Life has no meaning of its own, the hell or heaven you speak of are either losing your sense of self or transcending, at death, respectively.

            It’s all in how much you believe yourself responsible for the life you’re into. Make a paradise or a dystopia out of the clay in your mind.

    2. You know what I was looking at, that person feet kind of look like he has the disorder too, apparently that’s what they look like after the plates fall off, and you get it from your parents so maybe that’s his dad and he wasn’t abandoned.. maybe he just belongs to a horrible family lol.

      They need to lubricate that kids eyeballs before they dry up..

        1. Haha bull crap! I’m the one who did the research and wrote the article, you really do have to lubricate the eyes if the tightness pulls the lids inside out.

          They can’t blink..

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            Thank you for your time writing posts, it is appreciated.

          3. Awe thanks @illegalsmile55 it’s fun so I don’t mind. It gives me a chance to attempt cracking jokes and learn some new things too!

            Ohh!! Okay, hmm…. I wonder what language that’s is.. and yes I am a crazy little b haha.

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          1. I used to watch heaps of those Extraordinary People docs haha I saw one with two sisters who both had it. The parents had a kid who was born with it and were like “hey fuck it let’s chance having another… oh whoops”

  1. Poor baby I can’t imagine not loving my baby because he or she had this disease. This baby need lots of love and the scank that abandoned this helpless innocent baby should never have another child.
    Children are from God and should be loved no matter what.

    1. I always thought that children are product of having sex,not from God.
      It also bugs me to read that there are still believers here.C’mon guys how many of you do believe in a higher being?I am awaiting honest answers and explenations.

  2. Reminds me of a story in China.
    A woman gave birth to a baby that had an extreme hair-growth disorder.
    Its whole eyes were light-green & it had pale-green skin.
    Hairs all over its body. The hair on its head stretched for miles which bound up like a nest.
    It died during labour.

      1. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.
        Also in Asia a woman had hair-growth deformity in Her throat & mouth.
        She was able to manage it for a long time by continuous trimming.
        But the hair also grew downwards into Her stomach eventually turning round & round forming a nest.
        Her eyes were that of an alien movie being literally fluorescent green.
        She died from the condition when the hair filled her stomach right up.

  3. Not a “fetus”. A gravely ill newborn. Even if born in the west with treatment in an advanced NICU this is the most severe form of HI and the child would not have survived for long. So sad. At least someone could have comforted the baby in her last hours.

    1. The most severe form of HI isn’t survivable. Babies born in this condition in developed nations are given palliative care, not simply dumped to suffer far more than they would otherwise. This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen on BG.

  4. Well, its Mother might not have loved it.. But the Flys certainly did.!
    Who can blame the Mother for running the fuck away.?
    It’s already bad enough that the stupid young Village bicycle is worried about having a baby to look after & then this scabby little monster pops out…
    NOPE.. UH-HU… I’M OFF.. SEE YA..

    1. @Last of a dying breed
      That would be the most humaine thing to do for that poor kid. Just to hear him cry, and reach out his little arms for someone to hold is heartbreaking to say the least. Having many kids, and grandkids of my own, i cannever watch these without my eyes getting all watery, and my throat just choking-up. Either pick him up, and bring him/her to a hospital, or like you said send him off for the Big Do Do. 🙁

      Look past that scarry looking little shell of a little baby, and listen to it’s cries, it trully is heartwrenching. So Yea,,, fentanyl/heroin would do the trick, except we’llforget about the shotgun in the mouth like Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain did. A True Legend Who Died way too early cause f that Heroin. 🙁

  5. This looks very much like India. Also am sure the mother wouldn’t know the name of this disorder. She would rather be thinking it’s a devil’s child & the entire village/society will want to get rid of it by stoning or by leaving the village with both parents. The folk there are very orthodox in their thoughts & don’t understand science or want to embrace it.

  6. This is why I believe abortion should be legal. Fuck the pro-lifers if this is what they desperately want to save. We should be allowed to abort inferior fetuses especially babies that you know will have deformities or disabilities, and ESPECIALLY mixed race babies! Those mixed abomination babies need to be aborted and either tossed in a fire or fucking fed to wild animals, or even given to the Chinese so they can turn it into Kung Pow Fetus and eat it!

  7. Being a mother to a son that’s turning four this year seeing babies, especially like this is painful to watch. Someone could have comforted the child, or put it out of its misery at least. The amount of suffering that the poor thing had to endure must have been agonizing.

  8. We all feel bad for this poor baby because we (civilised white countrys) have compassion and its a normal human being feeling.

    In Africa they will never understand the meaning of this word even if you try to explain to them with some signs, screams, sounds, noises and the rain dance.

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