Aborted Human Foetuses Discarded in Omsk Landfill

Aborted Human Foetuses Discarded in Omsk Landfill

Hospital waste including aborted human foetuses, and possible still-births and miscarriages were discovered, at a land-fill site, by a local Omsk resident, Malugin Michael. The material was dumped in the standard yellow heavy duty plastic sacks marked ‘Package for the collection and disposal of human waste’.

The site was, apparently, littered with used syringes, needles, test tubes, surgical gloves, infusion tubing suggesting that the land-fill was a regular dumping ground for this type of material and labeling indicated that the hospital waste originated from a number of hospitals. Typically, the waste was an inviting treat for scavenging dogs and birds.

The Omsk police dispute that any crime has been committed and the dumping has been blamed on ‘inexperienced’ driver for the company ‘Institute of Ecological Problems’; how ironic, who should have delivered the material to a different location for disposal which, for human and hospital waste is normally high temperature incineration. The company claimed that the driver had only been working with them for one week and that this was insufficient to ‘explain the technical process’ and their incinerator ‘wasn’t working’ on that particular day.

A great excuse; pick up hospital waste from hospitals at locations A, B and C and take it to the disposal company at location D; or divert and dump in in a land-fill and get paid by the hospitals for collection and don’t have to pay for the correct disposal process.

Also, a great way to kick-off a zoonosis i.e. an infectious disease that is transmitted between different species; a good example would be avian influenza, ebola etc. Taylor et al. (2001 Risk factors for human disease emergence Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 356(1411):983-9) found that, of 1415 pathogens known to infect humans, 61% were zoonotic.

The presence of used syringes and needles is also a excellent way to transmit other pathogens such as HIV and hepatitis especially type C, amongst others.

The close-up of the foetus with the detached leg is suggestive of a late termination when the foetus has to be dismembered within the uterus during the termination process by crushing or cutting; in order to prevent a ‘live termination’, foetocide is performed before the procedure by cutting the umbilicus thereby depriving it of oxygen or injecting potassium chloride into the heart or sufentanil 5 µg followed by potassium chloride 2 g into an umbilical vein under ultrasound guidance. Vacuum aspiration can be used in early terminations; up to 12 weeks, and in approximately 50% of terminations between 12 and 19 weeks, and may be needed to empty the cranial cavity in later terminations.

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      1. SrbijaBgd

        You have to differentiate between deliberate termination of pregnancy and natural TOP or ‘miscarriage’.

        Up to 50% of all conceptions result in miscarriage, often before the woman realises she is pregnant ‘late period’.

        Chromosomal abnormalities are present in approximately 50% of miscarriages in the first trimester (13 weeks) and these are usually abnormalities incompatible with continued gestation or live birth; more common if there is a family history of birth defect, multiple miscarriages or older parents.

        15% of pregnancies will miscarry in the next 13 weeks; typically due to uterine or cervical malformations

        1% of pregnancies will be lost due to iatrogenic intervention e.g. amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling where the medical team is looking to confirm that the foetus is normal and does not have a genetic disorder.

        The other risk factors for miscarriage are multiple; age, smoking, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, thyroid disease, infection especially rubella or chlamydia etc.

        Deliberate TOP is sadly, exactly that and you then have to go and look at the reasons behind it; availability of birth control measures, failure of birth control measure, social reasons, rape victims, medical reasons including death-in-utero which places the woman at very high risk of sepsis and death etc.

        Finally, consider the medical teams that are carrying out the TOP; it’s not exactly on the top of their ‘I really want to do list’.

        If you want some serious hallucinations then I can recommend live delivery of an anencephalic foetus at 3 am; trust me on this, you would not ever forget it.

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      1. Thanks YourNextExGirl

        We aim to keep BG alive and completely functional, as well as working on some background activities.

        I’m just getting the hang of the posting process; watch out for the next posts which should include videos; there are some really interesting/nasty ones from Rabaa Square.

        Also, check my comments on the recent ‘beheading’ video.

        nasty x

      1. @CityGirlismine Yep, and animals. At least with most beheadings and such things the “victim” knows what they’re getting into and what is a possibility and they still take that risk. But helpless/defenseless kids and animals get to me. And thank you, pretty girl! 😉

  1. On the scale of societal priority life and nature comes many places below profit.

    In essence what we have here is an example of the plain and simple greed of mankind and the underlining fallacy of profit. The greedy man will sacrifice the future for the present and in doing so will create a world where profit would be meaningless for money is worthless to those who live in a wasteland, survival then will be dependant on violent struggle and not how many zeros you have in a virtual bank account.

    Extreme capitalism has played a part in this sorry episode, in order to maximise company profit margins it is required that operational services be given to the lowest bidder, the lowest bidder of course is the one who promises to do all the work for a very low price which of course they can do but at a very reduced and shoddy service, these third party companies also employ cheap workers who themselves will give a reduced and shoddy service and thus the end result is that you end up paying more for less and shit like this happens.

    Why do some human beings need to stand above others to feel good about themselves, why do they need to enslave and rule, why do they need to create currency based markets and deprive the many of the ownership of that currency, the ego gives us the power to create but we mostly use it to destroy.

    Humanity, what a waste.

    1. Empty Soul

      A very powerful post.

      It’s, ultimately, about profit margins, greed and shitting on everybody lower down the food chain.

      If you get caught with your fingers in the till, the back-up plan, is blame someone else; nobody takes responsibility unless you are a minnow in the big pond of circling sharks.

      Potential of harm to others; so what?

      Ethics; fuck that.

      Kick-backs; cool.

      Bribery and corruption; simply part of the business plan.


          1. I hear dead babies are a delicacy in some countries…perhaps they should have used their heads and shipped them to asia or something to make a buck. By the way nasty when I log into here it says “Howdy BurningJ” is that because I’m from Texas? haha

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      1. You’ve got a good eye for detail! I had just woken up when I wrote that. Long day. Kept falling asleep on and off on the couch after I got home, and finally forced myself up. When I saw this post…the venom just flowed out.

    1. by law it should be burned to keep any infection from getting out into the public hense the yellow bags ” medical waste ” bags also come in red for more hazardous materal . prob what we see burning in that one picture , burn before they catch it …

  3. nastypersuasions you and Dr C should get together, now that would make for an awesome BG 🙂

    I personally don’t agree with abortions unless it’s a life and death situation as there are many other options available that do not include the killing of a child.

  4. ABORTION: An excellent way to decrease the population of white people.
    BIRTH CONTROL: An excellent way to lower the population of white people
    FEMINISM: An excellent way to lower the population of white people.
    WAR: An excellent way to lower the population of white people.

  5. We went to the abortion clinic just the other day
    We were all really hungery so we had to say
    Feed us, feed us, feed us, feed us.
    Hey, one if you don’t care.
    Feed us a fetus, feed us a fetus.
    I want mine medium rare…
    Just kidding. Noone likes their fetus medium rare.

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