Abscess Leaves Behind Hole on Butt Near Glory Hole

Abscess Leaves Behind Hole on Butt Near Glory Hole

Abscess Leaves Behind Hole on Butt Near Glory Hole

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @haircules, who sent us a picture of an hole on his butt left behind by an abscess:

I made an account especially for this so I hope this gets on here. I recently had unbearable pain on my butt around my glory hole. Turns out it is an abscess that had to be removed. Today I have to get it stitched up but before I do that bestgore gets exclusive look at it. Lol 🙂

Many thanks for the exclusive look at your butt, @haircules. I hope whatever procedure you have lined up turns out well and sorts out your butt problem.

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110 thoughts on “Abscess Leaves Behind Hole on Butt Near Glory Hole”

  1. I had that same thing happen to me when I had a cut near my buttocks and got infected. Needed surgery since the pus kept coming back. Lived well since then. Make sure they patch it up nice so when your about to drop a duece you keep the waste from touching that wound and avoiding future infection. Hope you get well.

    1. I had it 2 but it was at the top, needed surgery, they had to pack it with gauze for weeks. I sometimes get flare ups but they usually go on there own or antibiotics clears it up, right nightmare lol

        1. Im surprised they stitched yours up, they told me it’s best to heal from inside out? Think the district nurse enjoyed prodding at my butt haha. Do you still have pain/ restrictive movement etc? Took me about 6 months to heal completely.

          1. Lot of pain from the stitches but it’s healing really well my doctor said. He said if it was any other place he would have let it heal on its own but the location makes it susceptible to infection so better to stich it up

  2. Looks like the ‘ol pilonidal sinus strikes again. Caused by infected hair follicle most often in workers who sit down all day – bus drivers etc. Having a hairy arse doesn’t help………Healing must occur by secondary intention (encouraging the tissue to regrow from bottom of wound upwards) as you can’t pull the two sides together with sutures. It can take months to heal……..

    1. They did suture it. Got 4 stitches. Hurt like a motherfucker cause it’s not just a cut sewed up but a circle stitched together. But I’m pushing through it! Keeping it clean! Avoid further infections. Taking 1200mg antibiotics. I’ve never heard amy medication with 4 digits behind it btw. Lol

          1. @uli – I have no idea what you are talking about. Could you please explain these wall holes in the most intense detail so us sheltered God fearing folk know exactly what we are missing out on ??

  3. Dude, that’s fucking gross. Not the abscess but the disgusting body it’s attached to. You know, I got to ask. What is it with this site always posting pix/vids of men’s dicks and asses ( most of the time with some massive object buried in or extracted from the latter )? What I’m trying to say is, what’s with all the gay shit Mark.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            That is IT.
            Nems, to the core.
            WE know that they are Muppets and Puppets.
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            Didn’t have to mention the ‘others’
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            We’ll catch up over the weekend
            with the other thing, and pick up where we left off. Rather busy presently, and again today but I’ve cleared everything else
            for the next couple of days, after today so.
            Plus the weekends are mine, and that’s written in Stone(d).

  4. I think the image is Wholly Awesome that we see Medical images is always a big Teaching moment for me. Thanks Mark, I appreciate it. Watch out for Ingrown Hairs, they’ll do it to you nice.

  5. That honestly was the ugliest and most disgusting ass I’ve ever seen. I don’t know why men charge so much that we women have to be smooth without any fur, while you guys, look like a lot of primates. Keep in mind to always be clean too, it helps us not to be disgusted by you when we’re going to fuck.

  6. @haircules,
    Please take a Minute, or Two, lol, to read this info, as it Can/Will help you greatly in easing your pain & struggles with these Pilonidal-Abscess as i have gone through-it and the Surgeries have great tips for you in the meantime that you will love my good Man & Best-Gore Brother. 🙂

    I was also Unfortunate enough to have one of these super-painful & embarrassing in medical problems during my early twenties. It Is Called **A Pilonidal Cyst, or Abscess**
    Mine used to open-up for long periods of time, and leak this yellowish puss that had a stench that was overwhelming to say the least. But then i noticed that after i would go swimming in the Oceans Salt Water,,, like in (Cuba) for example, i always came back home 2 weeks later with it closed and completely gone.

    Well,, wishful thinking that was at the time as it only stayed away, & closed for 2 to 3 weeks only 🙁
    it would close-up, and go away, but just for a short time. I Had to have 2 surgeries in order to have-it removed. The First Surgery worked butt, lol, only for 6 to 8 months, as i remember but came back nonetheless. So after the second surgery, they inserted a drainage tube in order to drain any more puss that was still deep inside, or the continued to be created until i finished-off tho courses of Heavy

    So After removing the drainage tube one month later as nothing had been coming-out of it anymore for one week, they let the hole close-up by itself, and that was the end of this pain in The Butt Time in my life. And here we are 30 + years later, and no problems whatsoever anymore. So depending if you live in the U.S. or not, this could be an expensive Surgery if you do not have medical coverage.

    So for now brother, i would consider that you spend about 1 hour once a week to flush-it, or rinse-it well with a salt water mix. So either go sit, or swim in the ocean once a week for an hour, or two and the difference that you will notice truly is remarkable. It will help you heat-it, if only on a temporary basis, unless you religiously do give it this salt-water sits bath once a week, then it could eventually completely cure it.

    And if you do not reside near salt water ocean/sea, them use some Himalayan Sea Salt that you will put a generous amount into 2 cups of water, and bring to a boil for a minute, or two “only” then once it’s Luke-Warm,, and mixed properly, take some paper towels like 3 of them, and keep folding them until you end-up with a one inch thick Pad That will end-up being about 2 inches by 3 inches.

    Then soak this pad in the salt water solution and squeeze it gently to let some of it drip out so you are not leaking all over the place. Then get an old, but tight pair of bikini type underwear as i do not wear boxers, and secondly they would be way too loose to work for this application. So put your salt-water pad on, (After shaving, and cleaning the area good first, and then put it directly on the would, remembering to fold, or crease-it in the shape of your butt first. Than get some Saran-Wrap, but only once the surrounding area is clean and put it all around to keep pad in place. And then right way,,, pull up those tight underwear to keep-it all snug.

    Brother you will be happy that i gave you this info as it helped me greatly, during my time waiting for the Surgery to come around, and finally get done. So Please let me know how it goes, and if you have any questions that you would like to ask me,,, i am here to help a B G Brother In Need Always. So Again,, if i can do ( anything) to help you out, during this troubling/Painful time, simply hit me up.
    Andre. 🙂

      1. @HonkeyKong
        Hey brother,,, nice to see you again. 🙂
        It probably would for sure. Any warm to hot salt & water solution would greatly reduce in the amounts of leakage produced by the boy, as it gets deep inside the whole and helps kill it temporarily.

        And as salt has always been a great fighter of infections, if somebody took one every night, and religiously i could see it completely disappear and never come back, as happened with an Older Lady That I know who haf it for 20 + years. But, i do not remember if she was using himalayan salt, or, Epson Salts. Eitherway it’s gone today for 3 years now! 🙂

    1. Oh wow, I didn’t even know this was a thing.
      Back in my 20’s I had a friend that wanted me to drive him to hospital &
      pick him back up later on. All he would tell me is he had to get something
      taken care of in that region. He would be more specific than to tell me it was like an ingrown hair & he needed surgery to remove it. I always thought he was lying about it & was maybe getting snipped or something & just didn’t want to say for whatever reason.
      *The More You Know* *ding*
      Several years ago I a similar thing but I could reach it.
      I kept thinking it was a bite or something that wouldn’t go away because I kept irritating it because of where it was. Finally, I made a point to scratch & fuk with it every day for a week or 2, till it was really painful & swollen. Then I took a hot shower, cleaned & scrubbed the hell out of it & soaked the area with alcohol. I grabbed my new razor blades, tweezers & large sewing needles I got & went to town.
      First a tiny cut then soaked with Lidocaine made for tooth aches, rinse & repeat. Got way down in there and pulled out a few hairs. Each one was at least 5-6 inches long, once they were straightened out. As I dug them out, holy hell, the smell. Think metallic decaying body in a hot closed room. Almost made me physically sick. When I was done, it looked just like this guys wound, only mine about 1/2 the diameter. The center was even deeper then the rest, from where I dug out the hairs. I cleaned it out with alcohol several times a day & kept it covered with sterile gauze the rest of the time. Healed in a few weeks. Now, the scar, looks like I got stabbed with an ice pick or something there. Not too bad though.

      FYI: Don’t get any ideas & DO NOT DO THIS to yourself. This is one of those things, one looks back on & thinks, WTF? was I thinking!? I know how lucky I was that it didn’t get infected & lead to much more serious problems.

      1. @Kamikazebunny
        Well Said Brother.
        Yes A Real Pain In The Ass It Truly Was. And i say this cause just like your friend,,, when i would get a little sharp pain, i would a few seconds later feel-it stat to leak. And no matter where i was, or what i was doing, i had to stop immediately and head for the nearest bathroom in order to clean it, and press on it to extract the rest of it. And then,,, i had to make a makeshift Tampon to put on before heading back out for awhile.

        So i can see where your friend was coming from poor guy, always having to make excuses as to why he had to leave and come back in a bit. It Truly Sucks. And everyone who has, who have had one in the past (like myself) know the hel that they are going thru. So i hope that the pointers/tips that i have written in my above post can help some of you.

      2. I can’t even imagine getting close to doing something like this. Mine hurt like a motherfucker even with the lightest feather touch. Let alone fucking with it so much. Mine went from 0-100 in one night. Had to get it operated in two days cause by then the pain was unbearable!

    2. Hey that’s my butt in the picture! Thanks for the advice I’ll definitely follow it post healing. I just got this crater stitched up three days ago. Damn painful. I have a bit of fluid coming out but it’s not as much as you described and doesn’t smell that bad considering it came out of my body. I guess that’s a good sign. But i really learned to respect being able to sit after this haha..

      1. @Bhavin
        Yes,,, it’s nice to actually be able to sit up straight instead of always having to sit off to one side, and having to use the arm on the chair in order to help to support your weight off of your wound, that would otherwise hurt as fuck every time that’s you’d try sitting up without the support/aid of an armchair.

        When you say post healing, i assume that this is your first, and only surgery that you have ever gone thru in order to try and rid yourself of this This Bad-Boy, or Pain-In-The-Ass
        Pilonidal-Abscess??And if so, i am surprised that they did not skip that last bottom stitch and insert in it’s place a drainage tube, for any left over infection fluids to completely drain out, and drain out completely.

        Cause during my first two Surgeries they had not done so and what happened was that it built back up inside me, and sure enough it came back again within only a few months like 3 or four months afterwards. 🙁 What A Fucking *BUMMER* It Was, & Literally Dude. So after changing Surgeons the third time around he was utterly Appalled that the other Surgeon din dot insert a drainage tube which is/was even back then Standard practice.

        And sure enough when they removed my stitched 2 weeks later, and took the tube out, that by then had no fluids coming-out of it, as it had completely stopped flowing and here we are a few decades later still doing fine. I Hope that you continue to recover well my Good B G Bro. 🙂
        And as for the tips that a gave you i hope that they come in handy, and to good during your healing process by keeping the area clean, and dry after using a good warm water, and salt solution to gently wash, and disinfect the area.

        Take care, and Godspeed,
        During You Healing Process
        My Good Man,,,
        Andre. 🙂

      1. it says that I have a healthy disgust for looking at Another man’s ass. I am perfectly fine with this but let’s talk about you. How many wanks did you have to this picture? I’m guessing about 5 before your balls shriveled up.

          1. Ooooh snap. I mistook you for me again? Please forgive me. It happens at least 3 times a day and that’s WITH the tablets. Wait did You just pull Out the old “I know you are but what am I?” routine? You ham. I haven’t had my wank yet. I was dry after copiously humping my pillow and fantasizing about the desiccated twat of Angela Lansbury.

  7. girl at work kept talking about a “boil” on her ass. Fucking disgusting. She would whince then grab her “kit” and disappear into the bathroom

    Who shares shit like that?

    This guy is alright. No one knows who he is

    1. There’s a few here who share WAY too much….long boring renditions of their life that most are not interested in; reminds of a somewhat functioning junkie I know…you bring up a subject and the next thing you know, he’s rattling on about something not even closely related to the subject that began the convo.
      How’s the breathing today? I hope you feel better. 🙂

  8. Hey OP here!
    Update : It brings me a lot of relief to know a lot of people got it too. I went through the same procedure. A lot of gauze stuffed in for 10 days and then got stitched up on Thursday. Hurts like a motherfucker but pushing through it! As soon as the dressing is opened I’ll take a picture and show you guys 🙂

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