Aftermath of Medication Abortion in USA

Aftermath of Medication Abortion in USA

Aftermath of Medication Abortion in USA

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member who wished to remain anonymous:

This is a personal submission of my own Medication Abortion, from the USA. I’m sending this in for educational purposes because as a future maternal np, I’m disturbed by certain content you post that has complete misinformation about fetal development and how far along the fetus or embryo is.

I know this site is filthy and profane, but adding fuel to the fire of misinformation that makes people quick to judge abortion and think a fetus is farther along than it actually is is quite damaging.

That being said, I recently became pregnant while i was waiting to get my iud. Tragic as it was, it only got worse as the weeks went on and my health was deteriorating fast. If i had kept it, I would have had to be in the hospital for starvation and dehydration and possible hypoglycemic coma. They probably would have advised I terminate anyway.

I caught it quickly, and at the clinic where I voluntarily viewed the ultrasound they told me I was 6 weeks and 5 days along. At that point the fetus was about .25 inches long. I took the medication and had the natural miscarriage safely at home.

I did have large blood clots but was shocked when I actually saw the unruptured gestational sac slip out of me. If you look at the picture, you can see the fetus with the clear yolk attached to it, surrounded by the gestational sac.

Of course I felt bad, for this shouldn’t have happened as I was right about to get my iud.

I’m a believer in organic matter of this nature needing to be buried, so I buried it and marked it thoughtfully. This experience only made me more pro choice than I already am, as it opened my mind to sufferings and illnesses I wasn’t even aware pregnant women go through. It only makes me more angry that government tries to claim they know what’s best when only a woman and her doctor knows what’s best, and hell, you never know what someone may be going through. Pregnancy isn’t rainbows and butterflies like Hollywood.

Good for you, princess. Demanding all the special benefits without any kind of personal responsibility. Not only is your conduct Serial Killer level creepy, you even went out of your way to justify your stone-cold killer propensity. And I think I wouldn’t be not a bit far off if I said that you’re the type of monster who rides cock carousel, then complains that men are pigs who only want sex, claims “her body, her choice“, but will mutilate the penis of her son. And if you unilaterally chose to have a child, you would expect to be paid for your choice of hobbies. Amirite?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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389 thoughts on “Aftermath of Medication Abortion in USA”

          1. People had the choice to watch Alex Jones or not, obviously you didnt and to be honest i didnt either but why should people who didnt watch the show campaign to remove the choice to watch or not? Maybe you are a far left freak who thinks we need the few at the top to dictate how we run our lives and tell us what we can/cant watch, what we can/cant think and what we can/cant say?

    1. “Filthy and profane”? Well, I don’t think you can blame this site, perhaps the MOST important website extant. Being run by a man, a warrior, a hero, fearless, putting his own ass on the line many times from the dark forces that want bg shutdown. Mark didn’t create the hellish and profane acts shown here.

      Human beings did. We all need to know there are indeed demons loose,on this earth, and we are them.

      EVERY ONE of us is capable of heinous and violent acts. We need to know that.

      You may disagree with the comments here, but don’t blame this site for exposing the raw,truth about human beings.

      It’s not pretty.

      But every corner of the Internet is being censored, shadow banned, forced to conform with what our masters consider appropriate FOR US.

      See Alex jones. It’s happening to me, daily. And I’ll bet it’s happening to many members here..


      1. There are a lot of weak arguments and opinions expressed on this website, so I’m pleased the producer included metrics in her presentation:
        – Not worth two cents
        – Nor a pinch

        I can appreciate the fact that all of us assembled won’t have to spend a penny each to support the associated costs of raising yet another dumbass on the government dole.

          1. Ha! An’t that band great? I think I’ve posted like two of their videos along with my comments before, lol. Late 90’s, early 2000 was the shit.

            Fuck Alex Jones. Can’t say I ever liked him to begin with.

          2. Alex Jones had a platform of which a lot of people heard, and , instead of using that platform for good, he is a complete asshole, who basically makes fun and slams on whoever doesn’t believe his outlandish theories. BUT, the thing about conspiracy theories is that ultimately,some of them are true. He made a living off of treating people like shit. Sounds like he clearly took sides. The guy is a moron anyway. I never understood why people listen to that dick splash.

        1. If abortion is murder, then a blow job is genocide. Millions of spermatozoa get swallowed by chicken heads and nobody says a damn word about all those millions of possible lives going down the throats of hookers and the like…give me a fuckin break.

      2. I have to agree with you 100 percent here. People are so quick to judge, when what they see goes against their (subjective) form of decency. In America, the 1st amendment was not created to protect popular speech. It’s there to protect what’s unpopular. Which is why it’s vital in a society and under a Constitution that is supposed to strive to be democratic. I admit myself that when I first saw this site I was a bit shocked and dismayed with some of the material. But over time I began to see the value of being as blunt as this site happens to be. It’s better to know just what people authentically think and believe in. Even if you don’t agree with them, or find it offensive. Also, if you take a step back, and not judge, you are able to appreciate those differing viewpoints so you can learn something.

        I don’t always agree with what Mark has to say. But the majority I do. And highlighting the ugliness in humans kinda tears the bandage off so we can see who we truly are as a species. A lot of it is ugly. And to act as though we don’t see it won’t make it disappear. Could even make certain situations worse.

        I never understood why the Canadian government went so hard after Mark. Except to stifle his free speech. And even though our two societies are closely linked by geography and values, there are some details that are different enough to make us unique. I doubt Mark would have had the same experience if he was based out of the US. But there have been people here who were persecuted for their expressions, which is wrong if those expressions are legal and supposed to be protected under the Constitution.

        The Alex Jones situation I feel is entirely different. It isn’t the government restricting his free speech. It’s private organizations. Private businesses that have the right to have whatever content on their platform they choose. Protecting free speech is not the responsibility of the free market. Those social media sites that banned his content have terms of use instructions. They felt that Alex Jones violated their terms of use repeatedly. He was also warned repeatedly, and he choose not to conform. The irony is that even Alex Jones own site has the same, almost word for word restrictions on content, and Alex violated his own rules. You don’t do that and get to cry about it afterwards when action is finally taken against you. He can build his own platform, and do whatever he wants.

    2. what’s so bad about abortion anyways, if you accidently got pregnant just abort. why contribute to the overpopulation this planet is going through, isn’t it bad enough that there are 7.6 billion people

      1. Because it opens the door to the slippery slope that is eugenics, and the ones that are the most responsible for the world overpupulation aren’t even affected by whites genetically selfpwning. So if I were to be for abortion, let’s implement it first in places that already do suffer from overpopulation.

        The one child rule of Han Chinese is clearly fucking their genetic makeup, and as a race, they are bound to have their population decimated to a bit more than a half in the next 50 years, since there’s a fucked up ratio of more males to females. And this is not only because of the one child policy, but their own genomes are predilecting more the XY over the XX. That’s some semiorganic genetic engineering.

        Irregardless, if you cheapen human life, then you cheapen conscious existence as well. And we know those are some of the biggest pillars of ethics we have, the worth of consciousness and humanity.

        1. Do you even understand what eugenics is, dimwit? It would be the most compassionate policy ever implemented, most of the human suffering and conflict would eventually be eliminated, not to mention the golden age of technology and science that would follow. So really, what is so dystopic about eugenics? Only what the social engineers have ingrained in your feeble minds, while THEY practice genetic selection and intensive molding of the elite class, because egalitarianism is delusional.


    3. Sick Fucking Cunt is off her Birth Control Medications,
      Or,,, She Took In La-Cock with no Condom Required,
      But Has No Problem Takes-In Baby Killer Meds instead ???
      Useless Evil Bitch Will Get Her Karma One Fine Day, lol.
      Judgement Day Cannot Cum Soon Enough For This Slut!

    1. Bad days ahead. A resurgent New Soviet Union, China and India pumping toxic gases like no tomorrow, western funded terrorism to fuel arms sales and facilitate a police state, water wars will be the new oil wars and death of the middle class.

    2. Didn’t even know it was lucky, bcuz it doesn’t have a working brain, actually far from it….never even knew it was alive! For all of the people who say that this is murder, what’s your memory of being in utero? I’ll fill you in. There are none!

        1. Relativism is reality, dipshit. Also, how am I cheapening human existence? Are we on the endangered species list?!? FUCK NO! Also, you’re perfectly ok with asking people to actually kill themselves? WTF? Isn’t that cheapening life, to kill oneself? Fuck, sometimes I worry for our species.

          1. >Relativism is reality
            >Duh, I’m I on freefall, or is the world impacting itself against me at 9.8 m/s?

            Pfft, brainlet.

            Also, you don’t seem to understand between cheapening the value of human life and being in danger of extinction. Ever watched the movie Soylent Green? It states how dangerous it is to lower the worth of human life to satisfy a lesser end; in this case, rationalizing a dead *human* fetus simply as “mucus” so as to satisfying the lesser end of not growing the fuck up and accept motherhood.

            There’s a reason ethics are alongside science, otherwise we’d have perversions like Dr. Money’s experiments. And I wouldn’t worry about our species: you’re well on your way to genetic suicide, so that’ll clean the gene pool a little bit.

    1. I get this crusty booger up my right nostril that can’t be sneezed out, so I use the index finger to remove it and bury it with a good flick onto the lawn before my 2-mile jog.

      I breathe more easily and I’m helping my lawn grow. I couldn’t run half as confidently if I didn’t violate a code of etiquette.

      Who’s going to complain?

  1. Thanks for sharing but your playing with your unborn in a bag is really fucked up, says the one “I’m disturbed by certain content you post”

    You could have kept the fetus buried in your stink hole and let it “blossom” into a sapling

          1. Jew or any religion for all I care, good riddance. But technically everyone is born an atheist, but simple minds are easily attracted by these dumb religions.

          1. Did I hit a nerve by describing your lifestyle?

            By the way, I’m married with children and grandchildren.
            I don’t need, nor have I ever needed, the company of whores.

            Logical enough for you?

          2. “I imagine you get no more than most!”

            You’re right.
            I’ve never had pussy from a whore.

            Why don’t you go fuck yourself and tell me about it.

          1. Seems like sheltered life has honed your skills at VICTIM BLAMING! I didn’t want a pissing match with anyone … I simply pointed out there’s another perspective on unwanted pregnancy … So if your wife, daughter or granddaughter or your niece was raped, or worse, impregnated by a rapist would the same rules apply?
            People who jump on the band wagon pointing fingers & making accusations, condemning others whom they know nothing about are called “SHEEP”! They blindly follow the herd when they have no idea where they’re going or why … they just go through the motions but never think for themselves. There’ s ALWAYS two sides to a story. Reacting out of blind ignorance & hurting people is your goal: congratulations!

          2. @jadedbimbo

            Wrong again, princess.
            I’ve just dealt with snowflakes like you all my life that blame everyone and everything except themselves for their bad situation.

            So keep blaming men for rape when you should’ve kept your whore ass at home.

        1. Excellent call! … At the ripe old age of 13 by a man who had been on probation for 2 WEEKS !!!! In that same time frame he “attacked ” ( that’s the term in which I’ve always referred to this ) 2 other girls. For all of that he was out in 3 years … Didn’t even go to regular prison because he was “AT RISK” . He went to cushy pysch facility. A About 8 months after he was released, he took another girl … I acted as a witness for the Crown who was making the case to declare him a “Dangerous Sex Offender”.
          I’ve learned there’s some valid reasons why that life changing experience renders women who’ve been assaulted to be vulnerable to be hit by lightening twice ….

          1. She didn’t lose a baby. She intentionally murdered a baby. Even you know the difference.
            It’s only people like you who can preach peace and love and deranged faggotry of all sorts, then kill an unborn baby for the most selfish reasons imaginable. Here’s a thought. Go murder someone your own size.
            Fuck! There’s a huge pile of dead babies at the end of your fucking liberal rainbow.
            I know…blah, blah, blah. Somehow you people are just fine with that.

          2. Egocentric, selfish liberal lies aside, I can understand your personal acceptance of baby killing. It’s not as if you are ever gonna spew a Rhodes Scholar from your egg carton.
            Q: What’s in YOUR sausage wallet?
            A: A cut in half retard.

          3. @sweetiecandy
            That’s a stretch. My arm scratings would never grow into another living arm independent of my body. My arm scratching would never speak it’s first word, take its first step, go to its first day of school etc…
            You baby killing fucks easily dismiss these things because responsibility of any kind gets in the way of your faggot parades, protest marches and indiscriminate, unprotected sex with jobless losers.
            I realize that nothing I say will change anything. So with that, I bid you fuck off.

      1. There’s clearly a double standard. Apparently many men think the onus of protection is totally the woman’s responsibility …
        I wonder if these fellows have ever taken the chance of accidentally impregnating a woman?!
        Have any of you ever “Gently persuaded ” a woman who says NO … or count how many times she says “No” before you coerce or pressure her to give in?
        What about the tricksters that tell you that they use protection but secretly the goal is to get pregnant?
        Do you ever think about these things?
        Let’s say you do get her pregnant & you hate everything about her? If she’ll clearly be a terrible mother ? Then what? Do you have what it takes to parent a happy, emotionally well child?

          1. @jadedbimbo

            Wrong again.
            I was raised with commonsense by parents that loved me, versus where your parents were letting you whore yourself out by letting you walk the streets when you were a teenager

            So don’t blame me for what your negligent parents should’ve done.


          2. You’re just one cliche’ after another … I predicted exactly such a response from you!
            Your comments & frequency of activity here reveal more about your own upbringing & family life more than you can possibly imagine.
            Your attitude reeks of anger, hate, ignorance & maladjustment .
            BTW … I was a “late bloomer” … didn’t reach puberty ’till I was 15

        1. You got the ignorance and maladjustment part wrong, but the anger and hatred comes from dealing with dumb fucks like you all my life.
          I’ll call a whore a whore and a reprobate a reprobate.
          It wasn’t my fault that your parents set you “free” to become a whore on society, but because I’m a man, I’m sure you’ll find some excuse. 🙄

          1. Well someone’s obviously scorned. Did that jaded bimbo throw enough questions in there? I’ll throw one in, how about when a whore pins a few holes threw a condom she supplies, just to collect a check, is that cool? There’s always two sides to the coin, don’t be so fuckin’ basic and one sided. You’ve got issues, deal with them… preferably not here, do us all a favor and go to a shrink.


  2. I applaud your effort to educate the people here but as you can see from the accompanying narrative it’s not been well received.
    It may be useful to suggest that this was spontaneous rather than therapeutic. Thus you could mitigate similar such knee jerk reactions … Consider that if your goal, (from one RN to another), is public health education & harm reduction (vs your thesis lol), you’ll reach more people by doing so.
    Don’t mean to sound cheeky but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from many years of emerg experience is that it doesn’t matter what you say – it’s how you say it! Otherwise wasted energy & the message is lost!
    What many people don’t realize is that intentionally terminating a pregnancy in many cases is NOT always selfish decision. Nor is it without emotional repercussions. All the best to you.

      1. Yeah… her intro she writes “as a future maternal np”… NP / Nurse Practitioner …. she’s going to specialize in maternity… which may be a stretch … I have my doubts though … Posting this could be considered professional misconduct. Her statements don’t seem like something an NP candidate would risk… Also I think she’s insinuating she’s diabetic but not in the style as would an RN. My guess she’s a health care aid or something similar just looking for attention.

          1. I don’t think privacy laws apply either because it’s personal.
            In Canada we have PIPEDA Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act rather than HIPAA. Regardless any RN governing authority has confidentiality built into it’s core values.
            I agree with you re terminology too lol .
            No matter the legality, from my perspective her conduct is questionable.
            Maybe some of her comments were designed as leading questions?

          2. Its actually not professional misconduct at all, sharing something like this. Just like when women who miscarry post graphic pictures of their dead fetuses online to garner support from other parents or would be parents. It helps the healing process, ive noticed, although a little disturbing. As far as i know, there is nothing wrong with posting your personal medical information, as it does not violate HIPAA. Then again im only a cna, i dont know as much as i could yet.

  3. *Obligatory harsh words as required of the Bestgore audience, political fanatics and general tinfoilers* Wow, why don’t play a little more with your fetus in a plastic bag, why not experiment with it as well? It’s clearly not enough for you to deny it it’s life.
    You’re no God, you should die before your child!

    As to my own opinion; More power to you, no one truly gets the choice except you, and I mean that in both ways.
    Your body, your choice.

    For what it’s worth, I haven’t judged you either.

  4. Funny how men don’t get the same choice. If he doesn’t want to be a father, tough shit, he still has to pay for it, while the mother can just sit back and enjoy the free money. Equally, if a guy does want to be a Dad, the bitch can terminate regardless, because it’s “her body”. Never got that argument, so because it’s her body, why can’t they terminate at 8 months, it’s her body after all? Fucking bullshit.

    1. This is maybe the worst thing i have seen on here, close to the jordanian pilot burning and buried alive in the cage.. this women fucking freaks me out. how can you mess with that and put it in a little bag what the fuck love i get if you dont want a baby but what the fuck. how are you disturbed by anything on here after doing that.

      You should never sleep with anybody again. For humanitys sake.

      Note i dont see any baby anywhere just a bag full of spunk.

      1. This is also one of the worst thing I can read. because it is true. Truth hurts, and that’s true, men and women should be equal in this kind of decision. I don’t believe a man should be able to force a woman to abort (but he should be able to deny the son without paying for it), BUT a man should be able to force a woman not to abort. In which case he’d have to pay for all medical bills, with a compensation for being pregnant.

          1. im not even sure what it is in England… females have the say in a lot of things over here so they can probably legally knife a newborn baby to death because feminists have rights…

          2. @sweetiecandy

            girls want too much power in europe, they grow up to become the man in a relationship with a male, its wrong..

            girls in europe dont want to develop because thats the role they play, so they have this twisted thirst for control yet to remain as a sweet and innocent little girl..

            I dont want to live anywhere else but London, England.. lived here my whole life, but i have travelled quite a lot… so i know what im talking about.

          3. @mattjack666 And I live in Europe, then I know too what I’m talking about 🙂
            Women have the same right of male, the relationship have nothing to do with it, maybe you’ve been with transgender.
            In Europe there’s more equality 🙂
            (In England abortion can be done within 24 weeks, not 3 months 🙂 )

          4. @mattjack666 Feminist exist because sexit hate us 🙂
            We don’t want be better than men (even we are), we just want to have same right, same salaries and same respect.
            Feminist don’t hate men, feminist have te injustices 🙂
            Oua mi me sun ruta u belin de mia ste belinee shamescuse

          5. well there are plenty of fucking retard faggot males in europe so i can totally understand feminism… and the reason for a woman being the man in a relationship is because the male is a fucking faggot and doesnt want to be the man.. thats understandable. but its still wrong for ME to be in a relationship with a woman who plays the man… so i develop to be more of a man.

            however im no angel.. sometimes i just want a girlfriend to fuck and put my feet up on their back… sometimes i want a political woman in a relationship because they are reasonable and have a clue about men.. but girls who never grow up, they can fuck right off, nothing but an embarrssment to me… girl feminists who want the control in a relationship are just not worth it… either have a political brain and be reasonable or be a fucking sex slave….

          6. @ sweetiecandy. I hope you’re human. And toughen the fuck up is australian slang for “get over it” or just be tough. It’s a rough world sometimes you gotta be tough or you won’t survive. Perfect examples are of idiots in the videos on BG

          1. i would too, but im man enough to overpower the bitches feminism.. trust me i come from feminist female family number 1, undisputed champions of feminism are my nan, my mum and my sister…

            i cant have it.. i had to defeat them.

    2. imagine you have a huge tumor making you 30 lbs heavier growing and growing … I think it should be the womans decision… i mean it deforms your body etc…
      If you arent rich or if you didnt fuck a christian woman she will abort whatsoever… and if youre rich that few thousands of dollars wont kill you. If youre hot you would not need to pay for the baby. If the womans a psychopath and likes to cause you harm maybe then.
      Wouldnt you be an asshole if the woman doesnt want the child but you want it ? I mean shes the one going through the pain and lifelong body deformation, not you… asides from the fact that men make bad parents in comparison to women. I mean if men would decide than you could exploit her if shes hot the same like she would exploit you if you were rich.
      Besides if rules of equality would apply here, and you both would be in disagreement what should you do ? Take out half of an embryo ?

  5. I believe this is the gores fucking thing ever I have seen to date on this website….I am totally disturbed that a woman would want to have a abortion and then play with it and show the world how proud she is.. FUCK CUNT WHORE SLUT.. SEW YOUR FUCKING CLIT UP….. STOP PLAYING WITH THAT NASTY ASS SHIT FUCKING JUST GROSS MAKES ME WANNA PUKE ON MY DICK AND BEAT ONE OUT!!! FUCKING CUNT!!

          1. There’s that liberal bullshit we all know and love.
            Kill babies-good. Hurt your precious feelings-bad.
            Your phony naive persona is wearing thin on this topic.

          2. awe did i hurt your feelings? Poor little baby and what else is called European people oh that’s right BRITISH!!! JUST SHUT UP AND DO NOT RESPOND AND ALLS GOOD!!! FUCKING BRITISH CUNT!!

          1. So what are you? We’re not going to hunt you down…well…
            Anyways, no one thinks you’re real because you put on a bullshit sorrow front. The world is ugly and nasty. We make light of it here instead of turning a blind eye like the rest of the sheeple. C’mon girl, wtf are you trying to accomplish? You want us all shitting rainbows?

        1. I dont believe she was playing with it, it looks like she was moving it around so you could get a better view of the fetus, or whatever that tiny thing is. Barely looks like anything. As for it being in a bag, any kind of organ or piece of a human would dry out really fast so i could see why she stuck it in water.

          1. You are not normal..Your integrity is very low and this is not a site for sorrow and sympathy..This is a web site to watch stupid people do stupid things that cost them their lives and others.. This SHIT is REAL!! Honestly I think you shoudl just watch the video’s and leave no comments you really do not seem to know what is going on.. Are you retarted do you live in asst. living? What is wrong with you? you seem to play a dumb bitch on here and not know what is going on.. leave or watch and DO NOT COMMENT !!! JUST GO ON YOUR MARY WAY AFTER EACH VIDEO AND ALL WILL BE FINE.. The more you act stupid the more these roomies are going to destroy you.. FAIR WARNING!!!! you were WARNED MORE THEN ONCE WATCH AND SEE SWEET
            (PUKE) CANDY…
            Illegalsmile55 that was to funny still ROTFLMMFAO at the comment GREAT ONE!!

    1. I’m new here and yet I’m already amazed how many people just ignore the Gore warning from a website called “bestgore” and start freaking out in the comment section when one of the softest things you can see in here comes into their eyes.

      Why… Not just close the website if you’re so easily shocked? Even I am not sure of my limits, I scroll really safely and if I ever see something too disturbing I will just leave that website and blame myself.

  6. I kind of find myself agreeing with George Carlin on this one,

    “They’re all in favor of the unborn. They will do anything for the unborn. But once you’re born, you’re on your own. Pro-life conservatives are obsessed with the fetus from conception to nine months. After that, they don’t want to know about you. They don’t want to hear from you. No nothing. No neonatal care, no day care, no head start, no school lunch, no food stamps, no welfare, no nothing. If you’re preborn, you’re fine; if you’re preschool, you’re fucked.”

    Libtard shit aside, as he was obviously a liberal; a classical one mind you and not the snowflake 68 genders helicopter identifying modern day kind, he does have a point.

    Why care about the unborn when evidently not many of us seem to give a fuck about the living?.

    I am not talking just about Bestgore here but society in general.

    Individual life in our societies only garners well-wishers and becomes important to the masses when it comes accompanied by wealth and fame and everybody else becomes just another oxygen stealing flesh bag outside of our own personal family/friendship bubble.

    The unborn however takes on a life not of its own. It becomes everything the living is not to us for some strange reason.

    If one cannot feel anything for a fully formed random stranger it does strike odd to feel great sympathy, sorrow and pain for a stranger’s unruptured gestational sac.

    I do appreciate the other argument though, that the man who got the woman pregnant should have a say in the abortion plans or indeed the continued life of the baby.

    At the point of insemination and pregnancy the baby is no longer just ‘a part of the woman’ and becomes a part of the man as well so the father should definitely be given a say on the matter.

    If both mother and father want and agree to termination I say fair play to them. I am certainly not going to feign an emotional attachment to a complete and utter stranger’s freshly fertilised eggs or her unruptured gestational sac.

    I say both parents but there should also be exceptions as well. For example, if a white woman got raped by a nigger she should be allowed to single-handedly abort. In fact, fuck it. If she got pregnant by a nigger even willingly she should be forced to abort lol.

    Anyhow, that’s my drunken perspective.

    Now onto the next bottle. To infinity and beyond.

    1. god dam! you have my drunken ass pondering some deep existential shit! My first thought after reading her mumbo jumbo was ” what a fucking whore bag” but now i think she might be a saint!

      1. I think Maury Povich was on hand as well to compare photos of all 15 guys to a photo of the dead fetus.
        The winner gets a gold shovel to break ground on the sacred grave under a shit covered bird bath in the whores scrubby back yard.

  7. According to Gloria Steinem, abortion is the basis for democracy. So, if we don’t kill babies, we don’t have any semblance of democracy.

    Also, I don’t understand why she aborted. She was facing imminent death?

      1. No, there is such a thing as non diabetic hypoglycemia, i learned about it in my health class. She stated she would have needed to be hospitalized, and its already bad enough if you arent taking in
        any water or food while a fetus is constantly feeding off of you, but if you are hypoglycemic it is extremely dangerous, you could die. Just a thought, every pregnancy is different.

  8. “This shouldn’t have happened as I was right about to get my iud”. Really? You shouldn’t have told a man that it was o.k. to cum inside you, and that man should have been smart enough not to fall for whatever bullshit reason you gave him as to why it was safe to do so. “I know my cycle”, or ” I’m on birth control”. Women tell me this shit all the time. For some reason they always want me to cum inside them. I absolutely refuse.

    1. we have a new credit card machine at work and you stick your card in and it beeps yet the screen says “remove card, wait! for completion” everyone is left confused by contradictory instruction so several times a day I find myself blurting out pull it out now! and I just cringe afterward. I am no tramp but ug . no matter how I word it. it’s just really wrong. the struggle is real

        1. MUTUAL responsibility would reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. For those who are strongly ProLife both parties need to ensure adequate preventative measures are taken!
          On the flip side our society enables single parenthood with financial incentives to have one maladjusted child after another …
          Abortion is sometimes the lessor evil … In many cases the baby is born into a deplorable situation … a short & excruciatingly painful life filled with endless suffering. I do agree that if abortion were not so easily available it would stop dead in their tracks the one’s that use it as a method of contraception … that is not how it was intended to be used … there’s are times though when terminating a pregnancy may be the most HUMANE choice.
          Two things I’ve told my sons is :1. NEVER take the chance of having to make such a choice! 2. NEVER believe a casual contact who claims to be “safe”!

        2. @dan-a-conda I had toswing back by to say THANK YOU for writing this! you made entire situation so funny now! really was causing me incredible angst yet now instead of mentally rehearsing “you may remove your card now” I just sport twisted giant grin. lmao really needed this!
          there is actually one person I would say this to, he hasn’t been in but if he shows up and I get balls to say it I will definitely update!thanks again

    2. I mean. If a woman I don’t know wants me to cum inside, my biggest worry will be the risk to catch a deadly STD. Why would I care if she has a baby, as long as I’m not in a country that force fathers to pay for a baby they don’t want? She can get an abortion, I couldn’t care any less.

          1. I found this site with a video on you tube
            I just want to know what happen in the world, but I don’t want to be mean for the people who suffer, it’s wrong because this things could happen to me too…

        1. Ok, you are obviously young, and don’t have a true grasp of human psychology. Nothing wrong with that. It takes time. This is actually a great place to learn more about it. Hate comes from fear. Mostly the fear of one’s own self. That’s as far as I’m going to go with it at the moment.

          1. My hate definitely doesn’t come from fear.
            I have children and love them dearly.
            But I also know there are child molesters and pedophiles, and I hate them.

            No fear.

          2. @sweetiecandy just listen to the advice when you can, other wise people will have a go at you and rip you a new one. Now that you explained how you found BG it makes sense. You’re a curious little lost soul. We’re all lost in some way. You’re the backwards ass cabbage patch kid. Sweet then sour. You do you though girl, or boy.

          1. Damn it sweetie! Now you are ruining my rep. Just kidding. Half of what goes on in the comment section, blowing off steam, or just having fun. Just roll with it. Or don’t. I actually like you just the way you are. Now fuck off! * winking smiley face*

          2. oh please! lmfao with the pixie schtick this chick ain’t real. who is it? reminds me of that hello kitty freak wearing the Christmas suit in July. next we’ll hear it’s a virgin. fucking nonsense. into guns and makeup too little girl?

          3. It has already claimed it’s a virgin. 😛
            I know now that it is not who it claims to be, @desp has good intuition about members lying about who they are. Hey, maybe it’s our old buddy back for more fun?

          1. You are too damn calm and innocent for this site, damn. As a fellow believer in empathy, i appreciate your unbiased opinion on this, truly extremely lacking on this site. I came to this site out of curiosity so i knew what certain deaths looked like. Now im stuck here lol

  9. Unbelievable… You want to be a “maternal NP”? Seriously? Do you live in the USA? They are called certified nurse midwives (CNM). Advance Practice Registered Nurses require at least a master of science in nursing. You are a disgrace to your future profession, your family, and humanity.
    You fucking sick bitch. If you want to murder your kids, you can do it legally. However, it doesn’t make it right. The fact that you can fucking play with your aborted child in a ziplock bag just shows how fucked up you really are.
    Fuck you. I hope you become sterile and are haunted by this choice to sacrifice a human life for your vanity and convenience.
    And if you want to argue about your “potential health issues” during pregnancy… fuck off.
    You should have thought of that shit before you let some dude bust a nut in you. Bitch

    1. Here in Canada, a midwife & NP aren’t one & the same … An NP has far more education & practical experience … An NP can practice as a Midwife, but a Midwife can’t practice as an NP.
      But regardless, I think we’ve been DUPED haha … On second look at the photo, I can safely say THAT IS NOT A 6wk EMBRYO ….. in fact there’s NO EMBRYO IS VISIBLE IN THE PICTURE!!!!
      Aside from the absence of an embryo there’s other clues that this is suspect. Even if she washed away the blood & clots, there’d still be evidence of it …Furthermore why is the person outside ( note the grass in the background) …. there’s debris on the mucoid glob & what kind nurse would fish that out of the toilet sans gloves?! (actually my first thought was that’s a dude’s hand )
      I think we’ve been had!

      1. When she said “I caught it quickly” and ” ….voluntarily viewed the ultrasound” (?!) , that was my first clue. I agree about the man hands.
        The embryo all mammals look alike at the very beginning. It could be anything.

        Why, she’s outside to bury the little larvae. Duh. 🙂

  10. That doesn’t look like a genuine Zip Lock.
    Surprised she buried it, most likely NOT in a proper approved burial site.
    Some poor stray animal will find and feast on it, then have a tough time passing the plastic.. if it can.
    Although, she didn’t have it freeze dried and bronzed, like a pair of shoes to display above the fireplace.

  11. Educational purposes? Stick to butt-fuckin’ you twat waffle. A human raised by you would be hopelessly fucked up anyway. You did this one a favor by aborting it, thus insuring it never came into conscious contact with you.

    1. Wow, I’ve never seen a person contradict himself so bad, even religious pricks.

      “I believe pro-life a fuckers because thy abort, so I’m happy thy abort because babies are never raised by them”

    1. I mean, what does a photo with no context tell? it tells whatever you intrpret of it, which is th opposite of education.

      Thre are contradictions in this post yes, but certainly not the need to explain.

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