Aftermath of Several Abscessed Teeth Being Pulled Out

Aftermath of Several Abscessed Teeth Being Pulled Out

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @Plasmanta, who sent us his pic in response to the previous edition of Best Gore Members Rock featuring a teeth extraction pic from @Sentrifugi:

I’ve been a member for awhile now but I haven’t uploaded any material or posted much. I noticed a post today that included a bloody picture of a person’s mouth after a surgical operation to remove a couple teeth. That reminded me of my own debacle with my heavy handed dentist.

One morning around 2am I was woken up by severe pain in my jaw and basically my whole head. I knew right away that I had a few abscessed teeth and I had to go to my dentist asap. It eventually took me 3 days to get into the dentist due to it being the weekend.

I’m known for being a “tough guy” and being able to take pain, but I admit that I cried and went into multiple panic attacks due to the infection spreading deep into my lower jaw.

I was unable to find any pain relief whatsoever. I even made my own cocktail of opiates! I took enough morphine, hydromorphone, percs, and vikes to kill a horse yet nothing worked.

This may be a good time to add a major factor into why I was not getting pain relief. I’ve been on methadone for the past 9 years due to a massive opiate addiction. At one point in my life I was able to say that I tried almost every opiate containing drug known to man.

At one point of my life I poured every ounce of my life into drugs. I’ve used almost every type of drug but I really only liked a few types which were opiates and LSD/ DMT. I ended up hating opiates and loving LSD/DMT. I’ll always love psychedelics/ hallucinogens. They will leach out of my body and into the soil when I die….

Ok! Back to the original message! When I finally got to the dentist the side of my face was black and blue due to all of the pressure from the infection.

My dentist starred at me for a few seconds and walked out of the room to get his fathers opinion. I knew something was really wrong when he ran to his father for help. They came to the conclusion that I had a massive infection and my teeth had to come out immediately.

They tried numbing me up but it barely made a difference. It took about 30 minutes for them to pull my teeth out. Normally you are supposed to give the patient antibiotics and pain meds for a week before pulling abscessed teeth. Due to the tissues around your teeth being swollen it can be too hard to pull the teeth out.

It also creates unnecessary damage to the sockets and pain for the patient. In my case the dentist knew that the pain meds wouldn’t work for me and sending me home in pain for a week would be irrational. It was the most painful thing in my life. Maybe the picture can help you understand what I went through but if it doesn’t who cares? It’s bloody and gruesome! That has to count for something. Look hard, do you see the strawberry?

I’d love to see my story posted but if you don’t want to post it, I’ll still love ya.

Thanks a lot for your pics and the detailed story. We love detailed stories 🙂

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    1. Actually my breath was normal until he started to pull the teeth. My mouth turned into a cave, with 5 puss filled volcanoes, each volcano was the type that would have ended all life on earth. The very second the dentist pulled on a tooth I could feel the infection erupt and yes it fucking stunk like a 90 year old yeast infection was violated by a deformed alien-like organism from the Marianas trench.

        1. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge vents I’ve known about but i never heard about the Siberian ground farts lmao! I have a image in my mind of a drunk Russian (holding one of those huge lighters from the checkout lane of the dollar store) starting a chain explosion ultimately ended most life on earth. The question is, seeing that the fires would melt all of the ice would we see smoldering mammoth corpses? I really hope so.

      1. I’m fortunate enough to have never experienced colitis, so I’ll take your word for it. I’d rank it higher than childbirth though. At least it’s over within a few hours, toothache can last days/months.

  1. my father told me and my brothers if your going to use drugs take enough to kill you as you wont be worth 2 cents to anyone or your self but if the drugs dont kill you dont worry i will kill you myself. im no dentest so i have a basic understanding you got 2 removed they cut gums very often in rear teeth heck i ha 1 removed cut my gum and i needed 4 sutures. watch drugs they create problems in health an with the law, use introspection discover you and quit i cant say more than that life is only how you make it so embelish it or youll drown in addiction good luck.

    1. I had 5 removed that day. I should have noted that but for some reason i forgot to mention it.If you look at the stitches and the pools of blood you can see 5 blood filled cavities that the teeth were pulled out of. Your father sounds exactly like my father. While I have tried every street drug and most that are in your medicine cabinet I only abused opiates and LSD/ DMT. Most people would scream “METH MOUTH!!”, But in reality I have only used meth upto 4 times. My teeth were destroyed mainly because I did not take care of them. If you don’t brush your teeth this shit WILL happen!

      1. Even if you take care of your teeth there’s no guarantee your teeth will last beyond middle age. The entire right top teeth of my mouth are rotting because my sinus is too close to the roots of my teeth. So I have to have all of those teeth extracted in the next few months. I was never a meth head so it can’t be said I did this to myself. Middle age sucks.

  2. I’m with you on this one my friend, I’ve had abscesses before and the pain is on another level and like you pain relief didn’t touch me because of opiate addiction. I’ve also had pancreatitis 3 times because of heavy drinking, now that pain will even beat an abscess hands down, I would scream like a baby for a couple of days each time I had it, I even went unconscious once from the pain.

    1. @FredHawley ya I understand that pain too,kind that just knocks your body out like a light cause pain is so intense,however I have found that getting black out drunk can be helpful if you can’t go to a dentist,lol..I myself refuse to go due to deep rooted fear of dentistry,when I was a kid growing up on an army base a dentist there yanked out two abscessed teeth no pain relief or numb shot, it made me pass out after screaming bloody murder…so fuck dentists …i hope ole dudes healed up well

  3. Your tongue looks like it’s trying to escape.
    Just kidd’n…hey if you think you are bad into the opiates I’ve seen mosquitos drop dead seconds after biting me…right after their little eyes roll back in their sockets.

    1. It also felt like 10000 menstrual cycles. The best way to prevent abscessed teeth is to keep your mouth bacteria free. Brush them! Use mouthwash, etc etc. Don’t use drugs! Keep your vitamin D intake high. Weak bones = bad teeth. Dont hang around people that will kick you in the face and knock your teeth out while you’re not looking. I’m not sure if you should floss or use those plastic disposable dental pics.. A ton of dentists are now saying that flossing is bad and the dental picks are horrible. Why? I’m not sure. I can only guess that they do unnecessary damage to your teeth and gums. Just use common sense basically. Once you become an addict you will lose all common sense. So don’t use drugs mmmkay?

  4. Nothing much to smell in here except for foul scents …..Fuck ya you let the innards of your oral cavity turn a total wreck . I would be much pleased to know if you have gone in for the newest new dental implants and what’s with your opiate addiction .
    I hope you aren’t doing it no more buddy .
    Have you been past your vices or still stuck in there ??
    By the way …..Thanks for sharing …It takes guts and glory to open up with the downward spirals and be vocal in on here .

    1. I started having trouble with my teeth around the age of 15 after being sucker kicked in the face while I was sitting on a bench. 12 of my teeth were shattered and I had 2 knocked out. They became infected within a few hours and started to hurt really bad. This was the second or third time I had trouble with the novocaine. He used 4 or 5 syringes but I wouldn’t numb up. So he put the needle inside of each broken tooth and pushed it deep into the main nerve. I wanted to kill him… it hurt so bad….soooooo bad! At first I didn’t think that would work but I was completely numb in 5 minutes. He eventually did 12 root canals in one day. He told me i needed surgery to fix my teeth. He said they were way too damaged for him to fix them at his office…… a few days later I went to the hospital for surgery. He put my ass to sleep this time thankfully. It took him 4 hours to fix everything. When i finally left my head was shaking severely from the trauma he put me through. I was exhausted. About 15 years later I had all of my teeth ripped out. I have pics of it but I can’t find them. It’s worse than this one.

      I don’t use opiates anymore except for the methadone. I don’t get high from it at all, it basically keeps me from becoming dope sick. It blocks the high from opiates also. The amount of opiates I would have to use to get high would be lethal. I’m trying to get off of methadone but it is almost impossible. Forgive me if this reply was too long. Once I start writing I can’t stop myself.

      1. Its not impossible to get off the ‘done, you just have to do it. I jumped off at 120mgs. Yeah, I hated life for about 7 or 8 months afterward, and yeah, I regretted it and almost went to a different clinic because it’s pretty unbearable for a while. Somehow tho, even thru all that detox delerium one initially has immediately after withdrawal sets in, I made it. I DID IT. And if I can do it, anybody can do it. Those clinics don’t give a damn about you. And you’re lying to yourself by even calling it sobriety. The clinic is your dope man, and you’re only importAnt as long as u pay them. I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed when u said u don’t use opiates anymore except for the methadone–that’s the king daddy of em all. Incredible.
        Oh, and I am in school and will shortly have my EFRDA (expanded functions registered dental assiatant). The ‘done will Fuck your teeth up totally, but I guess it’s a bit late for you to worry about it if they’re all gone.
        Get off that shit. Its the devil, man. It doesn’t matter if you jump off at 100 or 10, it still will suck for a while no matter what. But there is NOTHING like not being a slave to that place and that shit.

      2. Old post I know but it resonates with me. I got clean in 99’ after a raid on my home, needless to say it’s what it took to get off the bag ! I stayed clean for 6 years until I let my Dr. prescribe methadone for pain issues IE 10mg daily (not much at all) but it’s 2020 now and I’m going to the clinic at 80mg daily, so basically 14 years of maintenance and I don’t like the ball and chain AT ALL ! So as far as the teeth go, yeah- I had all my uppers pulled and half my lowers due to long term opioid use, I guess there’s something in opioids that remove necessary vitamins and minerals that keep our teeth healthy and strong (according to dentist at the UW Dentistry)….. I hope you’re doing good my friend, it’s a life long battle as you well know.

    1. Nobody wakes up one morning being a junkie , ironically I never resented being called a junkie, it kind of goes with the territory (if the shoe fits wear it) lol. As far as becoming dependent on opioids there is an old saying I don’t hear anymore IE “the trick bag” ! It’s basically a phrase that refers to the utter deception of opioid use, nobody that takes Percocet, Vicodin , Etc thinks for one minute they will become a “junkie”, they believe they are immune to a drug that mankind has been dealing with for thousands of perhaps hundreds of thousands of years ! Everyone has their own vices/demons to battle, i challenge you to try some opium laced weed, maybe some long term pain killer use ! Let’s see if you can avoid the curse of opium addiction and see how long you make it.

  5. I admit I have not had a very torturous life, but oh my god, the pain from an abscessed tooth can be just unbearable! Pain in the throat, neck, head, jaw. Just awful! Had lots of trouble with wisdom teeth when I was younger and bloody NHS dentist told me he ‘had to prescribe a course of antibiotics three times’ before extraction, ended up paying out of my own pocket to have them removed privately and it was the best money I ever spent. Would not hesitate to get a tooth pulled immediately in the future rather that endure that kind of pain!
    Can only imagine how painful this shit was! Hats off, bro. Have you had any reconstructive action or are you fully toothless now?

    1. I have the worst insurance you can acquire but I am thankful that I have it. When it comes to paying for dentistry work out of pocket it can be more expensive than open heart surgery. At the moment I am toothless…. I have dentures but allow me to entertain you for a few minutes if you feel like reading.

      After I had those 5 abscessed teeth removed I told my dentist that I wanted the rest of my teeth ripped out. It wasn’t a question of if I would have abscessed teeth again, it was a question of when I would have abscessed teeth again. I was supposed to come back in a month but within a week the other side of my mouth became infected…. So I went back to the dentist again and during this visit he figured he would make molds of my upper and lower mouth for dentures. He sent me home with a stronger antibiotic and told me to come back in a week. On my way back to the dentist i was thinking about how bad my life was going to suck with dentures….. When I entered the room there were 2 nurses and the father and son dentists. I saw my dentures chillin on his little work area and I actually felt like i had a few seconds of life left. I only thought that I was going to have a few teeth extracted until I saw my dentures….. At that time i knew he was planning on extracting the rest of my teeth. I can’t express how I felt but it was dark,…. really dark. My dentist was now the grim reaper and he traded his scythe in for pliers. The first shot of novocaine was in the top of my mouth. It made my eyes water because it hurt so bad. By the time he was done in had about 10 shots of novocaine. He started pulling but it still hurt. He looked so confused because of how much novocaine he used yet I wasnt completely numb. He gave me another shot and waited 15 minutes. He started pulling again and I still felt pain. He gave me two shots in my neck. Within 2 minutes I couldn’t hold my head up lol. My neck was numb but i could still feel sharp pains. Long story short i was never 100% numb. For some reason me and novocaine dont get along. It took about 90 minutes for them to extract 13 teeth. This is where it gets really fucked up…. After he finished stitching me up he grabbed my dentures and put fixodent inside of them. Since i couldn’t move my neck or mouth he had to put the dentures in and push my jaw shut. He put cotton in and said, “OK you’re done come back in 2 weeks.” He gave me a piece of paper that was a do and don’t list. He also told me not to remove my dentures for a week. I couldn’t even drive for about 2 hours after it. I couldn’t hold my head up for more than a few seconds and i was dizzy. So I sat in my car for 2 hours until I started to feel the novocaine wear off. I also started to feel pain coming on. Within a few hours I felt like absolute shit! The pain was terrible I was extremely uncomfortable with 2 huge pieces of plastic in my mouth pushing on my gums. I took some fentanyl and topped it off with a few benzos. I finally fell asleep…. I’ve talked to a lot of people who said that my dentist should have never pulled that many teeth in one day nor should he have put fixodent to glue my dentures in on my gums which were torn apart to remove teeth. This is where it gets a bit gross. By the next morning I was in a very bad place mentally. I was in misery because of my dumb ass dentist. My gums started to swell up bad and I could literally taste the infection leaking out of my sockets! I was not going back to my dentist aka the butcher…. I made the decision that the dentures had to come out immediately. Here’s a question, how do you remove dentures that are glued to the stitches that are tied into your gums which are swollen, extremly painful, butchered, jabbed, stabbed, and now infected? I was in so much pain I couldn’t even move my tongue. I psyched myself up and started to pull them out. When they released from my gums I saw and felt infection pour out of my mouth. On top of that, after they released from my gums they immediately stuck to the stitches ….. I couldn’t cut my stitches because I would probably get dry sockets. It took an hour or so to get them out. I had a massive infection brewing because of how the dentures were constantly irritating my damaged gums. I’ll try to shorten my reply now…. I’m sure you are getting tired of reading it. So, my gums swelled up so bad that my stitches cut into my gums. Remember when I said that my dentist took molds of my gums? Well, he took the molds when my gums were swollen and it fucked up my dentures. My swelling went down and my dentures basically fell out because they were so loose. I went back to the dentist for a fitting, but he couldn’t fit them because he fucked them up so bad…… I told him to fuck off and that he was an amateur. I said that he would be served in a few months lol, I refused to go back again! He’s a amateur pos dentist. Dr. Gretz of Scottdale Pennsylvania. Don’t ever go to him. Anyways, I’m currently in the process of financing implants. They are a little expensive….. Hope you had fun reading my horror story lol. I As of now I’m healthy. I’m happy it is all over.

      1. I did have fun reading your story, as morbid as that sounds! lol Scary that there are such fucking butchers out there who actually charge for this kind of misery and malpractice! I’m currently trying to finance some adult braces myself which will sting me for around £4,000 (which I could have gotten for free when I was in my teens but I was ‘too cool for school’) I totally went into the wrong line of business, I tell ya.
        Glad to hear that you’re currently healthy and I hope everything goes smoothly from here on in!

  6. That is what you get for being a meth mouth fucking loser that will never be worth anything to society but a speed-bump when you croak out in front of a moving truck.

    This world will be a MUCH better place without worthless losers like you.

    And the ‘gore’ that you thought you posted is pathetic. I took a shit on your mom’s chest this morning and made better gore.

    1. @Smidt Jack LMAO what’s ironic is you’re the biggest loser here HA HA HA HA ! Studies have been conducted with drug users and non drug users, drug users posses a much higher IQ (on average) than your “Normals” FACT !
      So trust me kiddo your rant falls on deaf ears, you are the only one here that’s obviously dealing with an extremely low self esteem and even lower sense of self worth !
      Tsk Tsk ignorance abounds……..

  7. I don’t want to imagine how much that hurt. I’m lucky that opiates still work on me, I tough out what I can. I can’t take anything methadone because the side affects wipe me out and it doesn’t help with the pain.
    Thanks for sharing, nice and bloody.

  8. I was on methadone for about 8 years, finally got off of it last year. The dry mouth it causes is so bad for your teeth, I think I’d end up in the same situation eventually if I was still on it but so far the worse I’ve needed is a root canal. The years of getting fucked up and passing out without cleaning my teeth didn’t help either haha. It is really difficult to get off that shit but I promise it is possible so never give up hope! Eat lots of fibre while you’re on it because it fucks with your digestive system too, mine still hasn’t recovered completely.

  9. Pulling teeth… Always HATED THAT WITH A VENGEANCE
    I wouldn’t mind when i’m so doped up and go to tralala land.
    Here you get shots straght into the gums, seriously i can take a LOT!
    But these practices are just barbaric…

  10. I have been a nurse for years and I have never heard of a dentist removing abscess tooth ever. I have had one removed and he spread the infection through my whole mouth and thought I was going to die. my mouth would only open big enough for a straw. The dentist got in
    big trouble for it.

    1. Well, he generally prescribes clindimyacin and flagyll to clear up the infection before draining a periapical abscess. Then a root canal is usually the preferred route, if the tooth can be salvaged. If not, an extraction is quite necessary.

  11. next time pick your dentist wisely ..i too had to loose one tooth because of a stupid cheap incompetent dentist ..lesson learnt…i only go to the best dentists in town now with good reputation and i take good care of my teeth and what i eat
    on a side note , you seem to have oral you know that?

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