Aftermath of Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Aftermath of Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @BrendaCowboys, who shared the pictures of her total knee replacement surgery.

In contrast with a partial knee replacement, which consists of only replacing the damaged joint tissue, a total knee replacement, as its name suggests, consists of replacing the entire joint.

Thanks a lot for the pics, @BrendaCowboys:

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  1. Joint replacements suck. I never had my fucked up left hip replaced due to the surgery and recovery being so brutal. Back in 2003 I spent 3 months in the hospital recovering and that was only after they placed a pin and 8 screws in it. Mark, can you repost the hip vid I sent in so the newbies/ youngsters on this site can make a comparison? I know the lazy fucktards won’t look for it in the search box. Thx.

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        1. Mark, I second that!! As a new member trying to share something I am treated worse then garbage. I will remember all of this when I want to send in something to share. It’s not worth all the crap so I’ll leave the pics to myself!!

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      1. Phebus, why don’t you apologise for the unnecessarily nasty remarks?
        We should be thankful that people share such things on here, and show a little respect and care for fellow members of Best Gore.

  3. My buddy, and my neighbor both had this surgery this summer, and both healed up very quickly, without any infections, or complications. The medical profession has mastered the art of knee replacement surgeries in recent years, and it shows, as many in the past had huge infections, and complications due to this procedure.

    1. These pics where from last March. I’m fully healed, never had any issues. Been walking since the night of my surgery. Thank you to all who kept it decent. To the other FUCKERS who wanted to talk shit bout nothing the have the whole story to. If you ever meet me in person please KISS MY FAT ASS!!!!

      1. @brendacowboys How long did you have physical therapy? I always felt so bad for orthopedic patients. Surgeries looked do painful. Plus, for your surgery, you have the CPM machine that bends and straightens your leg.
        So glad to hear you’re all better. I had back surgery this past April and would love to post the pics of my incision.

        1. I had physical theropy for 1 month. 2-3 times a month. I was supposed to use a walker for 1-2 months but I found it easier to walk without it. I just don’t understand all the hate & ugly comments people posted on here. I know for sure I will never post pics ever again.

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