All Seeing Eye

All Seeing Eye

All Seeing Eye

Hey SS, Brandi, Marco G? A vid of surgical intervention for to release wood and graphite from The All Seeing Eye. Thought I’d send it in because I thought some people might think it was rotten or cool. I wish I could forget the internet and go back to innocence.

No info but I’d say a Hindi got stab with pencil in eye by Muslim. My aunt got stabbed in the eye when she was in school from a nun and lost her eye, so the moral of the story is that, religions will take all your eyes if you’re not careful.


Props to Best Gore member @1purple8 for the video:

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      1. I am think that he means date nite
        he takes his wenis to a diner and watch it suck alfabit soup up its headhole then off to a romanic movie
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    1. HaHa .. Brilliant !

      PS – If you wanna learn more about how the dark side of Freemasonry/Baal worship exists in the modern world, here are 3 great films:
      The Wicker Man 1971 film
      (human sacrifices)
      Eyes Wide Shut 1999 Kubrick film
      (Inside a Freemason’s private party, Satanic Rites)
      Skulls 199os film
      (Based of the true ‘Bonesmen’ of the Skull n Bones Fraternity at Yale – both Bush presidents have been members of this Satanic Fraternity which involves bizarre rites of getting ‘branded’ on your ass for life, rites of wanking in coffins, and mock human sacrifice. The 3 letters on the wall of the club building – which has a secret hidden entrance coming from underneath the ground – is W-A-R )
      Isn’t that nice to have as a motto for 2 of our Presidents-in-the-making?
      Why W-A-R?
      Simple: because wars, ever since WW1 make alot of filthy rich powerful people, alot fucken richer.
      Grandfather Bush (Prescott Bush) made his billions how? By arranging war finance for Hitler of course!
      And the Rothschilds & Queen Liz always love to double their assets by a good old war (eg: Faulklands, Iraq)
      When the Bush family used the taxpayers army to invade Iraq, they changed the countries constitution so now Bush & his rich mates can OWN Iraq banks, as well as all the billion dollar contracts handed out for : bombings, rebuildings, supplies, food, weapons, etc. NOt to mention oil..

      1. You are absolutely right and the allies all got fucked . All had some contracts with Iraq that they lost to us pillaging ,same as in Libya.

        Australia sold live sheep and lots of wheat to Iraq which it lost to America . We also lost 500 million in Russian contracts to follow US adventurism. This was half the mining taxes that we were trying to out through!

        Queen Liz’s mum was a real Nazi bitch and a half! As was Liz’s limp-wristed uncle Edward. You have never seen a more miserable specimen of manhood . He was browbeaten by Wallis Simpson and dildo -fucked with his blessing.

        I have seen skulls and wickerman (and its nicolas cage remake) but not eyes wide shut. I must see it. Do they actually mention the word mason or any words most people know are associated with Masonism ?

        I have so much to read ! @robc will kill me as i still haven’t seen all his vid !

        1. Here’s what Illuminati Watch says:
          Kubrick’s unforeseen death a few months prior to the release of the film stoked conspiracy theories that the Illuminati took him out because he simply revealed too much this time.
          Warner Bros digitally altered several scenes post-production and claim that it was in order to get an R-rating, even though we’ve never seen the uncut version.
          So did Kubrick intend to convey a message of elite obsession with goddess worship through magical sexual orgies? I think so.
          The real pornography in this film is in its lingering depiction of the shameless, naked wealth of Manhattan, and of its obscene effect on society and the human soul.
          It does not mention ‘Freemasons’ by name, it concentrates on ‘Illuminati’ private parties.
          At the onset of the film, we see two tennis rackets that are uncovered. Alice (Nicole Kidman’s character) is standing between two sets of columns/pillars which some say are symbolic of Boaz and Jachin, the two pillars that were at the entrance to Solomon’s Temple (and in Freemason temples).
          And the drapes behind her are symbols for the pyramid; an esoteric Illuminati symbol.
          The villain in Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol has Boaz and Jachin tattooed on his legs; and the name of the villain is Mal’akh, which is a reformed version of the name of the ancient horned deity Moloch (or Molech) as well. Alice Harford is the female protagonist in this film, and it should be noted that her red hair is synonymous with the Scarlet Woman that Aleister Crowley identified as the the goddess of his religion, Thelema. The Scarlet Woman represents the female sexual impulse and liberated woman, which Alice Harford alludes to desiring to be in her true form later in the film. She is representative of female goddesses, and the occult just love to have symbolism revolving around the Triple Goddess (three forms of goddess; one of which is the Earth Mother, aka Scarlet Woman, aka Babalon). We’ll revisit this again when we meet Alice and Bill’s daughter… When we are introduced to Tom Cruise’s character (Dr. William some claim this is related to the ‘dollar bill’- filled with Illuminati symbolism), he has an equal yet opposing scene, note the shoes at bottom, same pillars, etc., but he’s in the dark (her scene had her in the light). This implies that she has been enlightened by the illuminated ones. This theme will pop up throughout as she gives us this hint of being in the know through the film.
          When you’re watching the film, note the size and beauty of the Harford apartment. It has been speculated that this proves Bill’s connection to these elite types who help support this standard of living.
          It’s all part of painting the scene of a world much disconnected from the other 99%ers. The comparisons are also drawn between the mysteriously well-to-do Harfords against the much better off Ziegler. Later you see the pinnacle of the elite (the Rothschilds) in the Somerton mansion which blows the other ones away.

          Kubrick tries to expose MK ULTRA mind programming into sex slaves. This idea of MONARCH programming has been postulated in musical acts such as Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.
          This programming exists (e.g. Cathy O’Brien) – the programming starts at a young age, which is what we witness with the prevalence of former Disney Mickey Mouse Club members who become stars such as Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. We see Alice grooming her daughter, Helena throughout the film to follow in her footsteps, which could arguably be to become the next sex slave or goddess.
          We see the name Babalon, which refers to the Scarlet Woman (which we’ll see shape shifting here in a few minutes…). We also see Baphomet, which we know as the occult image of the goat and identified with the Church of Satan.
          Her name is after Helena Blavatsky, the occultist and founder of Theosophical Society that influenced Adolf Hitler (her concept of superiority of Aryan races and Atlantis in development of human history in The Secret Doctrine) and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’s author L. Frank Baum.
          The Wizard of Oz film featured the song Over the Rainbow sang by Judy Garland (note that the song Over the Rainbow was featured in other Illuminati-esque events such as Lady Gaga performing on Good Morning America and also the Sandy Hook shooting memorial which links to the record label of “Sandy Hook Records” that Judy Garland was on at one time; and all of that ties to the fact that Oz equals ’77’ in occult symbolism which is the publication of Aleister Crowley ‘Liber Oz’ or ‘Book 77’). These themes involving rainbows will be recurring in the film…
          After the Harfords leave their house they attend a party at their friend (and patient of Bill’s), Victor’s house.
          As they walk in we see the checkered pattern on the floor that is typical of Freemasonry temples.
          “Ziegler” is a German surname meaning ‘brick-maker’. There is also a Jewish University in Los Angeles that ordains Rabbis under this same title.
          Kubrick wasn’t known for inconsistencies in his filming so we’ve got to assume this is purposefully placed. During the first dance scene (Kidman and Cruise together), the band pauses for a break. She says she must go to the bathroom and you’ll notice an older man with white hair is walking with a girl with a dark red cape on (red might signify the Crowley Whore of Babylon; more occult beliefs previously mentioned). Right as they pass through a doorway (portal?…) she turns into an entirely different woman.
          There’s an eight pointed star inside of an eight pointed star at the house. This appears all over this first party house of Ziegler’s, and we will see it again later in the film at Milich’s Rainbow Costume store.
          Also-check out the blue Forget-Me-Nots in Sander’s lapel; they are symbolism from Freemasons and Nazis .
          Some theorists believe this is a tie to Freemasonry and the Kabbalah, which the checkered floor and surname support.

  1. “Y’know the thing about an extremist, he’s got… lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be livin’… until he sticks a pencil in ya!”

          1. Take the plunge into a few good years and eternal hell. Love is a fading smile, with all i can “see” it spins and shakes. Crash into me, may I feel your velvet moist cloth one more time.

    1. What’s up Dre? Speaking of the “all seeing eye”, check this out. This guy’s flow leaves A LOT to be desired, but at least he’s trying. The “Real ID” goes into effect in 2020, in the U.S. after all, 20 20 vision is the “eye-deal vision”. Ha!

      1. Ideal Vision,? Lol, brother, ha, ha, ha, well said!

        What’s-Up?? I’ve been doing Alright, I Guess, And I Say i guess cause me fucking hands brother,,,Those poor crippled & fucked-up 6 Surgery
        Hands/Arms O-Mine, are taking one Fuck of A Beating from trimming so much weed man lol. I Have so far trimmed like 5 Pounds Of Bud So Far, and only about 2/3 rds. done. But hey,,, that the life of a seasoned grower, and the price you pay for about one Month every fall.

        And Yourself Bud how have You Been My Good B G Bro?? All good me hopes. 🙂

        1. I’m good, fine sir. If your hands hurt from trimming weed, then I can’t feel too bad for you. It’s a good hurt, like when your dick hurts from too much sex. Trust me, I’ve done a lot of complaining about that in my day and it falls on deaf ears. 🙂

          1. On deaf ear brother?? lol, lol. Glad to hear that you are doing well my good man, & B G Brother. 🙂 And as you say i complain,,, but i shouldn’t complain, cause it has been one of my best growing years. 🙂

  2. That was indeed a very Very Cool Video.
    I Love surgical procedures, and surgeries, as they are just too cool as it could happen to anyone, and any day. But at first,,, i thought that they were going to pull a type of worm, or Bot-Fly Larvae outta that eye, lol.

  3. Might have been a pencil fight between 2 shit skins or it might have just been some dumb shit skin Hindi bitch who got break checked by a Muslim shit skin bitch while applying her camel shit eyeliner.

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